Nissan Sells 43,000 LEAF In Europe In 2018: 70% To Previous ICE Owners

SEP 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 30

Most of the Nissan LEAF customers in Europe are new to EVs

Nissan rightfully enjoys the fact that, a year since the unveiling of the second-generation LEAF in September 2017, it’s the fastest-selling electric vehicle in Europe.

In the first eight months of 2018, Nissan sold in Europe 43,000 LEAFs and nearly 70% of those went to drivers who previously owned conventional models. Three-quarters of new LEAF customers have chosen ProPILOT feature for assisted driving.

“Designed to make a sustainable lifestyle attainable, the Nissan LEAF has captured the head and heart of Europe’s motorists, with nearly 70% of LEAF owners changing from internal combustion engines to electric mobility for the first time. Across Europe, 43,000 LEAFs were sold in the first eight months of 2018, making it the best-selling EV across the continent.”

Gareth Dunsmore, Electric Vehicle Director, Nissan Europe, said:

“The new LEAF is an important step towards Nissan’s vision for an intelligent, fully integrated electric vehicle experience.

“The fact the LEAF has resonated so strongly with both motorists and critics against a backdrop of increasing EV adoption and an ever-growing list of competitors shows just how talented it is. Looking ahead, we’re confident that LEAF’s reputation as a leader in the EV market will continue to grow.”

The new LEAF grabbed tons of awards in Europe too:





MAAF Trophy Compact Vehicle category

MAAF Automobile & Environment Awards


Best car in the category Electric Vehicle / plug in hybrid

L’Automobile et l’Entreprise


Electric Award



Infomotori Web Award 2018 (IWA)


Best Fleet Electric Car



Green Vehicle of the year

Menadzer Floty


MotoAs of Interia in Eco category



Premio Diariomotor al Mayor Impulso Eléctrico


Mejor Coche Eléctrico (Best Electric Vehicle)

Ecomotor Awards by


Miljöbästa Bil 2018 (Environment Best Car 2018)

Gröna Bilister


Innovation in Electric Vehicles

Carbuyer & Alphr ‘Car Tech’ Awards


Best Small Family Car

Next Green Car Awards 2017


Best Electric Car

What Car? Awards


Gold Electric Car Award

2018 Driver Power


Technology Award

Auto Express


Game Changer

2018 Autocar Awards


Best Electric Car

Diesel & Eco Car Awards 2018

LEAF sales will improve for March, but how much?
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3 months, 6000 km driven and enjoying to the fullest. Only problem will be if family outgrows it…

Good job Nissan

It’s limping along in the U.S. and probably will continue to do so.
With no ATM, they will continue to fall behind the cutting edge of ev development,

I don’t think ATM is directly the reason they are behind (although indirectly because it limits fast charging), people just don’t want that kind of EV. Make it look a little nicer, slap Tesla name on it, give it super charging and 220 mile range and it would sell well. Oh, wait, that is the Model 3 version coming next year.

The only issue with the current Leaf in America is the pricing. Although it does already undercut the Bolt, the higher trims do come close. But we’ll see what happens when the 2019s with more range become available.

People said the same thing about the Cadillac ELR, and they were wrong then, too. Reducing the price of the ELR would never have made it more appealing – it needed more performance.

Likewise, the problem with the Leaf is its *value*. You’d have to cut its price by 1/3 to make it a similar value proposition to the Model 3. And if you do score a great deal on a Leaf, it’s because the dealer is desperate to unload it.

A 200 mile + range ATM 2019 Leaf debuting in the US, is approximately two years behind the Chevy Bolt launch. Its no wonder why the 2018 Leaf “Limping Along”, in the US, is justified by wary EV consumers.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Leaf has been outselling the Bolt EV the last couple of months even though the 2019 MY Bolt EV is selling against the 2018 MY Leaf. The Bolt EV has plenty of short comings compared to Leaf. The Leaf could be better but the Bolt EV is far from living up to expectations.

Bolt and Leaf would be pretty much be tied in 2018 sales numbers (Jan-Aug), here in the US, if not for Leaf having very little inventory in January, at the outset of the 2018 launch.

and yet, the bolt is a major loser in sales.

Actually, they were doing fine until Model 3 hit the market. Then sales plummeted.
My gut says that when M3 starts selling in Europe, that Leaf sales will plummet again.

The Leaf is filling a vacuum in Europe, one which is already filled in the US by the Model 3. If the Model 3 was readily available in Europe, the Leaf would be DOA.

Today the LEAF and TM3 aren’t in the same price league and this won’t change until the $35K USD version is released in Q1/Q2 2019. Until then LEAF has an open field as its sales numbers confirm.

“open field” – you must be joking.

Nissan can’t give Leafs away in the US – sales are stuck in the 1200/month range, while Tesla can’t build enough fixed-price $60k Model 3s. If the $35k Model 3 ever appears, Leaf sales will drop to zero.

People *are* cross-shopping Leafs and Model 3s, despite the price disparity. A Model 3’s looks, range, performance, and battery degradation far outclass the Leaf, making the Model 3 a much better value. Price isn’t everything.

Even the Bolt has plateaued, and it is arguably a better-engineered car than the Leaf.

Still you can’t say a $35k car shopper can go to $50k just like that. Not buying the cross shopping argument.

@Murreysville EV. Nissan NA sells ALL the Leafs they can build and have long waiting lists.
Don’t confuse “supply constrained” for “demand constrained”.

What? The current average sales price of a Model 3 buys you two Nissan Leaf.

Agreed! I think that Nissan is specifically targeting Japan and EU, while producing a token amount for the US. The reason is the Tesla 3 AND the tax credit expiration. Nissan knows that Tesla is producing and delivering everything they can in the US (while ignoring the EU) for the next 6 mo or so. Thus, they would need to directly compete with the 3 (and who wouldn’t want a Tesla over a Nissan?). In contrast, Nissan is close, but below the 200,000 unit US limit, and therefore will benefit by slow walking sales until AFTER the 60 KWh 2019 model is available. I predict that Nissan will really ramp up production & marketing for 2019, maybe even introduce a 2nd or 3rd EV (hint CUV, SUV, or van). Until then, we won’t really know what they are really capable of.

The important point of this post is that an EV is compelling more people to dump their LICE cars.
Celebrate that.

Don’t mind if I do 😉

Sold or delivered?

Delivered is the only thing IEVs really tracks. For us, sold = delivered. We don’t deal with deposits, pre-orders, production, etc.

Can we get an article ranking the top selling evs worldwide and their ytd numbers?

43k Europe, 18k Japan & 9k in.the US.

It would have to best Worlds best selling EV this year to August.

Great cars. The 30kWh model we have is much better than our 24kWh models. I am sure the 40kWh represents another improvement. what amazes me about our LEAFS is the quality of the cars. Much better than our previous favorites — Prius, CRV, Camrys, J30s, and Corrollas. Much more reliable and better built. If your looking for an EV be sure to get a model with twice the range of your daily driving, then you have plenty of room for AC, heat, or extra errands and you can keep the battery in the sweet 20-80% Goldi-Locks zone so it will last 2x to 3x the warranty period. They will love those New LEAFS. Best Datsun or Nissan ever made. Yeah, More great news, I heard the Tesla Model 3 waiting list is now 0 days 0k waiting. You can order your Model 3 today and get it immediately. Excellent news. It just keeps getting better. I will be glad when the last fossil fuel burning motor is put to rest and the last oil well is permanently sealed and grouted. Have you done your NDEW yet? This year seemed different. Everybody said they are going to buy an EV they… Read more »
Unfortunately, it’s no surprise to me to see a couple of comments in that someone is slamming the Leaf….again. I applaud user G2 for stating that the big picture here is not what model is selling better or is better than another. It’ s the fact that EV sales are increasing and especially to the new consumer-base of those never owning an EV before! This is the fact that we should be shouting from the rooftops as EV supporters and adoption promoters! When I attended the Fully Charged Live Event in the UK this past spring (if you don’t know what it was then google it), they were hoping to get a small percentage of attendees coming out that did not already own an EV. After all, that was the main reason for them to hold this event was to position EVs to another consumer group. The organizers thought the vast majority of the attendees for a first-time show/conference of this kind in the world, would primarily appeal to people like myself who are EV enthusiasts. However, what they got was the complete opposite. Over 60% of the people who went out to learn more about EVs and the ecosystems… Read more »

@ Mark Kane

“In the first eight months of 2018, Nissan sold in Europe 43,000 LEAFs ….”

Are you sure about that?

It seems extremely high.

Because in your previous article (regarding sales in July) you mentioned:
“Nissan LEAF – 4,024 and 22,026 YTD”.

I don’t think that more than 20,000 Nissan Leafs were delivered in Europe in August 2018.

Please check your data and calculate it again.


No awards in Germany? How come that doesn’t surprise me…

Hmm. Where are they hiding. Living in Belgium and only seen 2 second gen leafs so far 😮.
Even at a local dealer non spotted so far.

Excellent news 200,000 less fossil fuel burners on the roads in Europe this year, or more.