Nissan LEAF Sales Drop Down In U.S. In April


Globally, sales of the new 2018 Nissan LEAF have been through the roof.

In fact, the new LEAF has been so hot that Nissan can’t keep up with demand in several European countries, but that didn’t stop the new LEAF from setting a single-month sales record for any plug-in ever in Europe in March.

Nissan says the new LEAF was selling at a rate of one every 12 minutes in Europe, but until just recently we’ve seen very little impact here in the U.S.

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Well, that started to change in March, with an uptick to 1,500 LEAFs sold, but now April sales are out and we must admit that we’re more than a bit disappointed.

For April 2018, Nissan LEAF sales hit just 1,171 units in the U.S. This marks the second time (the first time was in March) LEAF sales have exceeded 1,000 units in a single month in the U.S. since September 2017, but the figure is still quite a bit lower than we expected.

Numbers are sure to increase from here on out and we’re led to believe it’s a supply issue and not demand related.

So, fingers crossed that next month brings improved sales figure for the LEAF in the U.S.

2018 Nissan LEAF
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That’s weird because I thought Tesla was the only auto company ever to struggle to ramp production of a vehicle.

Nope, we’ve seen that Toyota is too. 51,000 of the Prime for worldwide distribution last year was quite a challenge, especially with the special glass and carbon-fiber production. It’s not quick. In fact, here in the Midwest we’re still waiting for ordinary delivery to dealers. For the entire state of Minnesota, I also saw 34 Prime available.

So, no surprise at all that there’s limited inventory for Leaf. We’ll likely see Nissan struggle to keep up with the strong demand throughout the year.

My local dealer in Iowa was having trouble selling one of their Prime’s last year.

A first-time product just prior to the cold season at the end of model year is challenging anyway. Under those circumstances, it was basically impossible. In fact, that’s why Toyota withheld middle-of-the-country distribution until the 2018 became readily available.

Toyota wouldn’t allocate any Primes last year to Washington state dealers. You can buy them now however.

I was able to test drive one in Burien last November, no problem (no wait either). They told me there were not a lot being allocated, but there were a few at least.

I was not expecting any number lower than 1,500.

I’m very surprised.

Any clarification?

Jean-François Morissette

Yup, why would there be a supply problem?

Having spoken to a Chevy dealer, because March 31st ended on a Sunday, April 1st was actually considered the “end of quarter” day for GM.

I have not spoken to a Leaf dealer about this but it is possible they do something similar.

If so, there would be 4 less selling days in April than in March. Average daily sales for the leaf in April was ~50. So March had at least a 200 unit head start over April to begin with.

Quite simple. Too many electric car choices, too few buyers. Then the incentives to buy one keeps decreasing.
Don’t forget the older electric cars that now compete against new car sales.

Note the $3000 discount Nissan has already started offerign onthis fur major utility customers. Who isn’t it targeted for?

Look, we found the anti-EV troll!

Too many choices, really? The major problem is that their are not enough choices in hot segments of SUVs/CUVs and non at all in trucks.

Go suck on your “clean diesel and put all your savings into shorting Tesla or the “Big Three” stocks so you can lose your ass even more then your disturbed mind.

LOok!! We found a disgrace to his (or her?) own nickname. 🙂 ROTFLOL.

Now let me relish the thought of you going up in flames upon reading a comment that casts your rosy dreams in doubt.

The Tesla or EV fanboys around here are really bad. Anything construed to be negative in the way of their EV fantasy, illicit’s the general “troll” accusation.

They want to be surrounded by ‘Yes’ men.

How dare we have people with insight or constructive criticism!

So you agree that there are too many choices? lol …and you say we live in a dream world.

We do have alot of choices. EV buyers are a small bunch not including tesla since they buying into tech and brand

Keep shorting and loosing your money clown!

no he does have a point. Its Tesla or nothing. Plus mainstream buyer want trucks and SUV

This is actually a good news, because free charging SUCKS!!! I hope they sell even fewer Leaf in coming months. I recently waited for a new Leaf at DCFC with 85% already, and the driver was sitting in his car with tapered to hell Leaf just to get free charge. And he’s a local who lives few blocks away!

That should read 95%. Cannot edit comment?

Maybe you’ll stop posting the same thing over and over one day very soon.

Not the same thing. This was my very first encounter with new Leaf. Even before I saw one driving down the road, I had to wait for tapered to hell at DCFC. Makes me wonder if some Leaf drivers spend more time at DCFC than actually driving.

Same complaint as before

I broke down and upgraded my 2017 Leaf for a 2018 with ProPilot and everything, mostly because my local dealers are so desperate to move the new Leafs that they were willing to cut the price by $6000 for a purchase. I’d bought the 2017 Leaf late last year at a steep discount, and they gave me back everything I’d paid for it so far. I’m in Seattle, where we have a 10% sales tax exemption on electric vehicles that expires in one month, so if they can’t move the cars now it’ll be impossible once the price jumps over $3000!

Yup, I think the Leaf has hit once again at the glass ceiling of the world’s most spoiled and capricious customer base: US auto buyers.
People here buy cars as a vanity project, not as a practical (and pretty hefty) household expense.
Fortunately, elsewhere in the world people realize that a 150-mile version of a BEV with the longest track record and plenty of lessons learned, at an affordable price, is a pretty friggin’ good deal. Especially if you want to get on board with the new technology sooner rather than later (whether for environmental or other motives).

It’s good that Nissan will expand the Leaf to more Latin American countries. Will provide a broader demand base for its US factory. They should have probably started that years ago.

Spot on, Assaf, well-said!

Did you lease and if so what kind of a monthly payment did you end up with

Nissan changed the way they treat the federal tax credit for leasing sometime in the last six months, so I would have only gotten about half the tax credit if I leased. I financed instead since Nissan offers 0% interest, so with no money down even for the licensing or fees I’ll pay $416/month. But, I still get the federal tax credit.

That would be about $250 after credits in CA so congrats on your awesome deal! 60 months, right?

No they did not.

That’s just what the dealer told you.

Poor choice in buying – the 2018 Leaf has issues with rapid chargers. This is because the batteries are not even cooled with a fan! Tesla, Ford, GM and others use a liquid based cooling system. Also so many higher ranged cars will be available by 2020 thus making a 150 mile range tough to re-sell. That is also most likely why Nissan has lousy lease prices. That being said if I could lease one for $325 I would jump on it!

You don’t get a 10.1% sales tax exemption. The exemption is for the state portion of the sales tax and not the local sales tax. Plus you have to buy the car to get the full amount.

You are incorrect.

Buy or Lease all the sales tax is on the table.

Which trim did you get

Does anyone know what the supply situation is, or is that just guessing?

Supply is incredible

Leaf inventory was still very low at the start of the month. On 4/1/2018, 2085 were on dealer lots. But by the end of the month, 3,123 were on dealer lots. So going into May, Inventories are looking much better.

Well, I’m very surprised, I believed the Leaf would outsell the Bolt EV in April (it still might once the GM quarterly numbers come in). I don’t believe poor supply is an issue because inventories of the Leaf have been pretty strong all of April. Inventories of the Leaf SL with ProPilot are pretty low which could indicate that people are only buying the higher end Leafs.

Yes, LEAF inventories are astounding, as we would expect. Sad sales didn’t mirror that. And, I agree that we won’t know actual Bolt and Volt sales for several months. However, our estimates are based on plenty of accurate data and multiple sources. But, who knows right?

” Leaf would outsell the Bolt EV in April ”
That could still be true, we don’t know. There ought to be a reason GM started hiding their monthly sales data like Tesla. Is Mary Barra being influenced by the scammy analyst named Adam Jonas? He has recently moved his camp from Tesla to GM.

I doubt production is the problem. Model 3 is eating into their sales. I see plenty of old Leaf’s in Southern CA but haven’t seen any of the new. Tesla really pushed alot of Model 3’s in CA the past month, Model 3’s are just as common as Model X’s now.

You could argue that Model 3 has been eating into Bolt sales, or that Bolt is eating into 2018 Leaf but I cannot see this argument between the Model 3 and the 2018 Leaf.
The Model 3 was supposedly launched long ago, and whoever wants an under-$40k version will still have to wait for at least another year if they’re not on the waiting list yet.
Besides the timing mismatch, ~$30k 150-mile Leaf is not in the same category as a $50k 300-mile Model 3, except for both being BEVs.

No, American car buyers are just Meh-ing at the Leaf, because it’s not sexy. And also the political times are likely taking their toll to some extent. So much poison in the air, I suspect that in some regions dealers are afraid to even mention the EVs they have in stock.

what the inventory of the leaf in California

3120 Nissan Leaf 2018 in the whole US on 1042 in California, it seems.
In comparison, 2605 Bolt EV listed in whole US.

That seems low with the sales drop in April. Several dealers on SE PA sold no leafs in April and another sold just 1. And at the 3 dealers that sold none they started April with 2 and all now have 3.

I think the 150 miles range is not wowing people. It’s not that much cheaper than the Bolt, but it has 1/4 less range. If it had beat the 200 mile EVs to market it might have looked differently, but it’s too obvious that you’re basically buying an already outdated car.

If Nissan has also held back on passing on the federal tax credit in the lease then I could see that also being part if the problem. Almost everyone wants to lease these due to battery depredation as well as the aforementioned less than cutting edge battery capacity.

Nissan is relentlessly advertising Leafs on TV. Odd that they would do that if they didn’t have the supply to sell.

That’s the first EV ad I’ve ever seen in my country.

Yelp during the NBA playoffs

While it may be the supply – the problem is also the lease price.

Nearly $400 a month for SV. Compare to $200 a month for last year’s – we are looking at doubling of price.

They were really expensive earlier this year here in the UK when I inquired about a lease deal, the cheapest I could personally get the base model was £2759 / $3743 down & 36 months at £415 / $565/month. too hot for my pocket.

I bought a 2018 Leaf last weekend, and part of the reason I bought it instead of leasing this time around is that Nissan no longer passes on the entire $7500 federal tax credit as lease cash. Instead they were only giving $3150 lease cash, which made it a much worse deal compared to 0% financing.

Maybe they give the lousy lease price because they know it will be worth much less in 3 years. As even they will have a 300 mile range car.

So actually more expensive than the Bolt.

I do see the new LEAF around, but not nearly as many as the new Bolt.

Dealers have inventory but I guess people who knows about LEAF are either waiting for the liquid cooled 200+ miles version or moved on to Bolt or Model 3 already (at least in the US market where the competition and choices are plenty in the similar price range).

Until they fix the Battery Issues , Sales will Keep on Dropping…

Right. It certainly does not help. Also as I predicted.

Maybe the word is out about the 40 kWh degradation concerns and the high-speed charging issues?

As noted before, maybe all those “reservations” were just vapor? By responding to an e-mail, Nissan counted me as a ‘reservation’.

I expected sales to be down a little this month, but not this much. I don’t believe it’s a supply issue. Overall, for all vehicles, Nissan sales were down a whopping 28% this month. Other automakers also had problems in April, but not as big as Nissan.

As far as the Leaf goes, there is just not much to get excited about with it. People are moving quickly from Autos to SUVs. For the niche EV market, buyers are pretty savvy, and I would not be surprised if the battery issues hurt sales some. People would still lease despite the battery issues, but I don’t think there are good lease deals for the Leaf.

Maybe for May

April lease deals sucked

Working a Lease Deal for May.

There is lots of wiggle room

The 30 kWh packs had more range reduction than the 24 kWh.

Send them to Canada please! I just put a deposit on a 2018 Leaf and will have to wait 2 or 3 months. If reliable public charging was available in my service area I’d quite happily keep my 2016 30kwh SL. It’s been great car.

As a Canadian, I feel like I was lucky to get mine in Feb (I reserved it last Sept).

Amazing car, though. With the acceleration, ProPilot, ePedal, and general EV awesomeness, the only car under $100k I’d rather drive is a Tesla.

It’s worth the wait 🙂

In my area, SE PA, inventory of the Leaf SV went from 145 in early April to 206 right now. 3 dealers that i have looked at sold no Leafs during April and another sold 1.