Nissan LEAF Runs Out Of Charge – Breakdown Recovery To The Rescue – Video


Out Of Charge LEAF Gets Rescued

Out Of Charge LEAF Gets Rescued

RAC breakdown service to the rescue:

Nissan LEAF break down recovery tested in real life thanks to a higher than normal mileage day with next to no time to get it on charge.

My Journey was:

Home – Lydney – Work – Home – Lydney – Home – on charge for most I could – 35 mins – Gloucester – Home – well almost!

States the video description from  Ian Sampson’s YouTube channel (here) where he blogs about daily life with the Nissan LEAF.

Despite RAC having a mobile electric vehicle charging unit, this rescue is conducted in a more typical fashion.  Tow the vehicle home so that it can be charged up.

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I’ve ran out of gas (kinda on purpose, 2004 Prius) to see what would happen. Still sucks but it’s something that could happen to anyone.

What happened?

Not much, got towed to the gas station, filled up and it started right away…

I see Kramer pushing the sales guy to see how far this thing will go…

Running out of energy … just like forgetting to eat lunch, or forgetting to set the alarm clock at night. Blame the alarm clock all you want, but unless the owner takes responsibility to set it properly, it will operate as designed.

In the case of the alarm clock, it will remain silent unless an wake time is added. In the case of a vehicle it will remain stationary unless energy is added. Doh!

My alarm clock goes off promptly every morning for an hour and wakes up the neighbor upstairs, yet I sleep through it. I blame the neighbor for not reciprocating the cacophony and galloping in heels or something.

Doh indeed 🙂

This is just one of 65 videos that Ian has posted documenting his experiences as a new LEAF owner over the last nine months. In this time both his parents, his sister-in-law and co-workers have joined him in becoming LEAF owners.

Ian’s Video Channel, on the adventures of a Rural Leaf Owner:

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The one time I’ve run out of charge it was at the top of a hill 3 miles up from a QC. If I had kept going when the turtle appeared I would have crested the hill and started making energy back. Instead, I got off at an exit at the top of the hill and at the stoplight at the end of the ramp it said ‘no more’.

Moral of the story is: budget in a hill “amplitude” of about 1.5kwhr when going through hilly country. Also, if you’re about to crest a hill in turtle, go for it! Worst thing that happens is the wrecker has to get you in the breakdown lane.

So, this just proves that i3 REx was a perfect solution to this….

For the price of the REX, you can let you tow many many times.

It is NOT always about the cost… Waiting for the tow and inconvience of getting towed is sometimes worthy of lots of money…

Beside, what do you think the diesel tow truck emission level is compared with REx?

I enjoyed looking at the 230 volt electric single-phase service, as well as the old and the new Landis & Gyr meters, although the stardard form factor is different in the states from elsewhere. Also, a form 1 meter in Britian compared to form 2 in the states, since for our houses we have to measure only one voltage, but 2 currents, over 99% of the time.

Interesting that the “wall unit” is considered mandatory in Britain, and the ‘charger brick’ is optional, whereas its the inverse in the States.