Nissan LEAF & Renault ZOE Neck-And-Neck In 2015 Sales Race In Western Europe

JUL 29 2015 BY MARK KANE 15

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE is on a strong sales rise in Europe.

After June’s surge to some 2,380 sales in West Europe, ZOE almost took first place for the year from the Nissan LEAF.

Difference after six months is just around 200 cars (at a level of over 8,000), so ZOE could be this year’s best selling pure-electric car in Europe.

This year, sales of ZOE are on pace to be much higher than the over 11,000 sold in 2014.

“Halfway through the current year, Nissan’s LEAF has scooped the coveted title of top-selling electric car in Western Europe by the narrowest of margins, beating Renault’s fast gaining ZOE in a photo finish into the runner-up slot with a winning sales margin of just 200 units, according to AID’s exclusively compiled figures”

“Whereas ZOE’s newly gained home advantage propelled its June sales in Western Europe to a chart-topping 2,380 units – of which 1,482 were registered in France – same month West European sales of its Japanese LEAF half-brother reached just 1,460 units.

Given recent developments in ZOE’s French domestic backyard, the question is not so much if, but by how much today’s hot-charging ZOE will outsell LEAF in Western Europe this year.

Other than that, the intriguing question now remains as to what exactly is the root cause of ZOE’s markedly sharper competitive edge on home turf during recent months?

The really big question, however, is whether this is just a momentary blip sparked by a potent but time limited shot in the arm or the start of a truly historical long-term trend.”

Source: EagleAID

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15 Comments on "Nissan LEAF & Renault ZOE Neck-And-Neck In 2015 Sales Race In Western Europe"

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Obviously. European Brand. Much more Renault dealers. Updated Zoe available now. Update for Leaf pending.

Plus: battery can be bought with the car now in many countries (UK, Norway…), Zoe got a 5000 Euro rebate in Germany lately and with it’s chameleon 3-phase-charger it can be filled at home in just one hour.

But I guess the 30kWh Leaf will turn the tide again.

Leaf really needs the update. And ZOE should be buyable with battery.

Numbers are Not correct. Offici numbers Zoe June was 2498 (With LCV).
8529 YTD 2015.
But LEAF is ober 8.633

Sry., mean over.
And a insideevs be able to count. Eagle AID do nothing different. But like in past, Looks like they have a bad Student for this Job ;-).

Hmm. Looks?

With Zoe You can go out to pick up some girls 😉

Leaf? Scarry 😛

Yeah, but with Leaf you will reach your destination, with Zoe it is possible that engine fails, but perhaps this is also a adavtange waiting for revery service…

“with Zoe it is possible that engine fails” what an idiotic opinion pete ! stop with this stupid cliché french cars are cheap and bad and the others are better.
the new peugeot 308 car of the year in europe is better than the VW GOLF !

It is maybe not well knowed but Mercedes is also using Renault motors in the A-Class, B-Class and even in the C-Class…

But there is some truth here, because in the first generation electric motors built by continental, the failure rate is rather high.
I don’t have the failure rate numbers, but the new R240 is now built directly by Reanult, is supposed to be cheaper, lighter and also more reliable.

“Mercedes is also using Renault motors in the A-Class, B-Class and even in the C-Class…”

If you haven’t noticed, this is an EV forum.


There is no engine 😛

Just electric motor.

there’s no french cars in USA than you can’t judge it

The reason for the sky-rocketing sales are well knowed: the gouvernment aids for electric cars have been raised and the charging infrastructure have improved a lot.
The design of the Zoe is also much more appealing to the european taste.

Good to the Zoe reaching its sales potential.

Renault was doing some very agressive pricing on leases in June as well, both my brother and I leased one for less than 200 usd a month with 12500 km/year battery included. Very competitive with the typical small ICE cars the French typically buy as 2nd cars…