Nissan LEAF, Renault ZOE and Tesla Model S Lead European BEV Sales In March

APR 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

All-electric car sales in Western Europe have a strong new leader as Nissan LEAF sales went through the roof in Norway.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

The results among BEVs in March, according to the EagleAID, are:

  • Nissan LEAF – 5,790 (up 61%)
  • Renault ZOE – 3,930 (up 7%)
  • Tesla Model S – 2,710 (up 20%)

LEAF took some one fifth of all BEV sales in Western Europe and, together with Renault  ZOE and Tesla Model S, the trio probably captured 40-50% of the BEV segment in terms of sales.

Read Also – Despite Tesla increased sales in March, overall the Q1 was slower than last year.

Despite Tesla’s increased sales in March, overall Q1 was still slower than last year.

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12 Comments on "Nissan LEAF, Renault ZOE and Tesla Model S Lead European BEV Sales In March"

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I know I really shouldn’t say this but: Nyah nyah nyah all you Leaf trolls!

Another Euro point of view
European Tesla sales for much of 2018 will not mean much as we do not know exactly how taking human resources out of Model S & X assembly lines in favor of Model 3 is affecting Model S & X production. So Q1 2018 small (5% if I remember well) decrease in sales as compared to Q1 2017 cannot be for sure attributed to slowing demand. Also, BEVs and PHEVs are still so “immature” markets that any slight changes in legislation (incentives) can destroy or make a market. I saw few days ago a video where a french fleet manager declared that very recently there was no stock left regarding PHEVs in Europe as car makers temporarily slowed production. Reason ? Most of those cars were bought for tax reasons according to their very low CO2 emissions and with the new WLTP regulation those PHEVS would suddenly have different CO2 values that could jeopardize the tax incentive. Car makers having not enough visibility on this process, they prefer drastically slow down production out of caution. I have no clue if true but I find it likely and an additional sign that any burgeoning EV/PHEV sales increase still needs to be… Read more »

Wow, these Europe numbers alone tie the Leaf’s all-time record for global monthly sales (I believe it was set December 2014). Add Japan and the US on top of that, and we may have a new all-time monthly sales record for any EV outside of China.

Excellent job Renault/Nissan on selling 320,000 Nissan Leafs. I believe the Gen-1 Leaf sold 290,000 units and ever since the Leaf-2 came, the sales were accelerating rapidly.

They should position Zoe also as a global small car to increase its sales. I guess they sell this model in China.

No Renault Zoe s not sold in China.

It’s actually somewhat encouraging that Zoe sales were still up, even with the Leaf making such a huge entry into the standings.

Pretty sure that makes in excess of 10,000 for March worldwide for the Leaf.

According to Youtubers 99% of the buyers has cancelled due to the so called “Rapidgate”

Tesla Model 3 is outselling Model S in USA already I have a feeling that the people writing this article had no ability to measure Model 3 sales, that model was #1 in the USA January & February.

Model 3 sales are US-only at the moment, with Canadian deliveries starting soon. No official deliveries are expected for Europe until 2019.

Great News for all manufacturers. As the batteries for all EVs get bigger and bigger the charges will stay in the LION “Sweet Spot” (30-70% charge) more often which will result in longer battery longevity for everyone. I try to keep my old 2012 LEAF with the lizard replacement in the 20-80 useful range and I seem to be getting excellent longevity.

I will be glad when 9 out 10 cars sold are BEVs and the tenth one is a H2 Fuel Cell.

Great news for all brands. Especially glad to see Honda and Toyota sales going up. When every EV manufacturer is selling a million a month then we can left off on the accelerators. The LEAF is a great car, they will be very pleased with their purchases. We love our 3 LEAFS. We only charge at home really and our family of three saves up to $600 a month USD. Could’t be happier. My friends love their Volts and ELRs too. I was impressed with the Bolt, you cannot go wrong there either. If you’ve been waiting a long time for your Model 3, I remember waiting for almost 2 years to get my first LEAF, you will be a happy camper when it arrives. There is a better way without gasoline and gas pump handle infections. Oh yeah, if you are waiting a long time for a particular EV, there are a lot of great used ones out there now, so you can still drive an EV while waiting. I didn’t have that luxury 8 years ago.