Nissan LEAF Reduced CO2 Emissions By 214 Million Kilograms


Fun fact of the day:

“The Nissan LEAF has helped reduce C02 emissions by more than 241,000,000 kg globally.”

Given that there’s now more than 115,000 Nissan LEAF on roads worldwide, we can conclude that, on average, each LEAF helped reduce CO2 emissions by 2,096 kilograms or 4,620 pounds.

That’s approximately 1,300 pounds more than the Nissan LEAF’s curb weight.

115,000-Plus LEAFs On The Road Now

115,000-Plus LEAFs On The Road Now

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Great, go Nissan go. Hope i can buy my second Leaf in 2017 with 48 kWh…or Tesla. But i think Nissan has best longtime quality, until now i had zero problems.

Hopefully they’ll put this on Fox news!

Article source?

Btw, this reminds me I should get going on the dramatic finale of my EV-global-warming series 🙂


I wonder how this was calculated. If you do it the “obvious” way, and take the CO2 not emitted because of reduced gasoline consumption and subtract the CO2 (based on average carbon intensity, i.e. kg CO2/kWh), then you’ll underestimate the carbon savings, possibly by a lot. A sizable portion of EV drivers are charging their cars today with very low to zero emissions electrons, either because they’ve installed solar panels or because (like me) they’ve signed up for an electricity provider that delivers 100% green electricity. (In NY State we have far more choice of where to get our electricity than where to get our broadband or TV programming. Go figure.)

Good question
No source is absolutely carbon free if you factor the mining, extraction, transport, area use or whatever is applicable to a particular source.
Here in Québec 97% of electricity is hydro, and that make it a very renewable source but there is some kind of nuisance associated with it anyway, just a lot less than other’s.

I like that number. 214 MILLION kilograms! That’s like, 214 BILLION grams! And we can keep up that game forever by using smaller and smaller units to produce bigger and bigger numbers to make Nissan look better and better until someone realizes that measuring these things in Moles is kind of silly.

That’s only 214 THOUSAND tonnes. Or roughly two days of output from America’s number 10 most productive coal power plant.

Clearly of course, we need more electric cars! Also, it wouldn’t hurt to replace some of those coal power plants, either.

That’s a very interesting comparison you made with the coal plant; do you have a reference for that figure?