Nissan LEAF Outsells Pulsar ICE In UK By 2 To 1

AUG 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 8

LEAF crushed the Pulsar, its closest ICE counterpart within the Nissan brand in the UK.

Extracting plug-in car sales results for the British market is not easy, but finally we got some insights on the second-generation Nissan LEAF.

LEAF noted roughly 4,100 sales in the first seven months of 2018, which is almost half of total 8,322 all-electric car sales for the period in the UK. Not bad taking into consideration that LEAF deliveries began in volume in March.

On the other hand, the Nissan Pulsar – the rather close conventional counterpart to the LEAF – found only 2,100 sales in the first seven months.

Outselling Pulsar 2:1, despite the fact that the LEAF is roughly twice as expensive, is something that should encourage Nissan to invest more in EVs, especially since the LEAF is also the best-selling plug-in in Europe.

Nissan Pulsar (ICE)

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8 Comments on "Nissan LEAF Outsells Pulsar ICE In UK By 2 To 1"

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Loved our old Almera but it had to go after 15 years faithful service. We now have a 30kwh Leaf and it’s brilliant, hope the Nissan executive who signed off the Pulsar is quietly retired as quickly as possible. Why would anybody buy old technology? Who buys records, tapes, CDs, typewriters, steam trains, Kodak cameras, black and white TVs, Nokia’s?
We have lots of motor museums in the UK, I hope we all will be able to visit the Pulsar there very soon with all the other Victorian technology heat engined machines.

EU Pulsar production terminated in July. So I guess there is some kind of ramp down effect.

The article is somewhat misleading and needs to include the fact that Nissan announced in January 2018 it was phasing out the sale of Pulsar’s in the UK this year. This alone would influence peoples decision to buy the model regardless of availability.

That’s interesting, the medium sized hatchback Almera also didn’t sell in huge numbers that’s why Nissan took the risk and launched the Qashqai, now imagine if they did the same with a Qashqai EV. Nissan please listen!!!!!!
It’s difficult when trying to get friends to go EV they just don’t like any designs that are available. Obviously not a problem if you can afford a Tesla or the new Jaaaag.

They are but it will be 2020 🙁

Great cars, they will love them. I will be glad when every EV manufacturers is selling 10,000 EV units every month. EVs are better cars. We are past 120,000kms on our first LEAF now, best car we ever owned. We have three now.

If the UK users keep the cars between 20-80% charge most of the time using the built in charge timers they can easily see over 500,000 kms battery life. Great car. That is actually applicable for most all EVs. 20-80% is the “Sweet Spot” for LION batteries.

The outstanding reliability helps sales too. When word spreads how reliable the cars are sales will continue to increase.