Nissan LEAF On Track For Over 12,000 Sales In Japan This Year

NOV 29 2013 BY MARK KANE 5

2013 Nissan LEAF

2013 Nissan LEAF

Last month, Nissan sold 1,257 LEAFs in Japan, which perhaps doesn’t sound like a record, but compared to the low October 2012 number of 662 units, this represents a substantial¬† improvement.

Through the first 10 months of 2013, LEAF sales have been growing at a steady rate in Japan, already reaching 10,480 units – more than in the whole of 2011 (10,310).

In 2012, a total of 11,115 LEAFs were sold in Japan.

But is this growth rate high? Not especially, considering that the quick charging infrastructure is much larger than a year or two years ago and that the LEAF prices have come down.

At this rate, Nissan will not change the world any time soon and will probably need another price drop to spark LEAF sales in Japan to even higher levels.

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What interesting is the I Mev electric car is cutting it’s price across the board by $9,000 in Japan which is very interesting in itself. What this could be showing is that maybe it takes a long time for people to warm up to EV’s or maybe another massive price cut or electric car range rising to double sales. The reason why I say this is that in Japan people who do own cars most likely only own one main car unlike in the US where they can have two or three of them do to the cost of parking and other things.

More competition too.. like the Outlander phev.

The economy & changes in vehicle taxes is effecting all auto sales in Japan. Sales of the LEAF is up in 2013 over 2012, unlike most vehicle models in Japan (down 10-20%). Many automakers are adding more smaller (kei) cars in anticipation of further taxes next year.

Expect that in next couple of weeks (of November) we’ll hear from Nissan:
– over 90,000 LEAFs sold globally
– over 40,000 LEAFs sold in U.S.
– in October Nissan stated over 30,000 LEAFs sold in Japan

For November in Norway, the LEAF was the number #1 seller capturing over 5% of passenger vehicle market. EVs as a segment made up 7.2% of new vehicle sales.

“At this rate, Nissan will not change the world any time soon”. Yeah, it will probably take a few more years, but at least progress has been progressively positive. What are the chances Nissan will have sold 150,000 or 180,000 LEAFs by this time next year?

I agree with your forecast for 2013.

As of the end of October, Nissan had reported global sales of over 87,000 units, of which almost 38,000 were sold in the US, about 32,000 in Japan and almost 16,000 in Europe. At the current sales rate, three years after it’s market launch, the Leaf will close 2013 with about 95,000 units sold worldwide.

The 100K milestone will probably be reached in January or February 2014, one year after reaching the 50K mark.

Another factor in Japan is the loss of generating capacity due to reactor shutdowns, I hear their grid is stretched to the limit. Perhaps this makes EVs less atractive and power more expensive. Going forward this may get sorted out and sales may pick up even more.