Nissan LEAF Now On Sale In South Korea

JAN 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 5

Nissan LEAF Now On Sale In South Korea

Nissan LEAF Now On Sale In South Korea

Nissan finally began sales of the LEAF in Jeju, Korea, which besides being in close proximity to Japan, was waiting for the LEAF for some four years.

The first batch was delivered in late December 2014 together with the launch of new quick chargers.

According to a Korean website, thespecification of the car is no different than in other markets.

“The delivery kick-off event was held on December 23, 2014, in conjunction with a ceremony to donate quick chargers to the Jeju government, contributing to the expansion of EV infrastructure in Korea.“Nissan has been working with the Korean government very closely by sharing our know-how in EV technology and deployment. I am confident that this launch will further contribute to the early settlement of the EV market in Korea,” said Takehiko Kikuchi, president of Nissan Korea Co., Ltd.”

Nissan LEAF is now available in 39 markets, while cumulative sales have exceeded 152,000.

For those who would like to check out the EV market development in Korea, there will be major event in March:

“Nissan will participate in the 2nd 2015 International EV Expo (IEVE 2015) which will be held at the Jeju International Convention Center starting March 6.”

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CounterStrike Cat

You must go around the world first, before you can enter the neighbour country.


It wasn’t available there until now?

Well, the Korean consumers might be even more loyal to domestic brands than Japan (and Germany).

Robb Stark

Does S Korea still ban BEVs on highways/freeways?


As of Dec 14 2014:
“Adoption of electric vehicles as mode of transport has been relatively slow for Seoul. While lack of charging stations is a concern, the delay is mainly attributable to local laws that prohibit electric vehicles from entering roads with speed limits higher than 60 kilometres per hour.

That makes up nearly 335 kilometres of beltways and highways in a city where traffic congestion is a habitual issue. Government regulators remain adamant about lifting this ban, claiming that safety standards and performance output of electric vehicles are not up to par with high-speed road conditions, making them prone to car accidents.”
Silly, and since when is 60kkmh high speed?
Take the Tesla, a top end example.
Safety 5 star ratings.
Fast as lightning, not up to par. True, much better than that. It seems in S. Korea the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Incentives galore coupled with a ban on driving it on the highways. Almost inconceivable.


How ridiculous. My LEAF performs better on the motorway than my previous two litre petrol Hyundai Coupe. The LEAF is electronically limited to 100 mph but it has no trouble getting there. To preserve range 60-70mph is a better speed but there’s no safety issues with doing that.