Nissan LEAF NISMO GT-R Mashup


Ever wonder what a Nissan NISMO GT-R would look like if it were mashed into a Nissan LEAF?

Well, wonder no more as NISMO USA has released an image showing that exact Mashup and we must say it looks tight.

“If you combine any NISMO model with any 2014 Nissan model, you get a MASHUP.”

“What do you think of the LEAF + GT-R?”

The response to the LEAF + GT-R was overwhelmingly positive on the NISMO USA Facebook page, so positive that NISMO USA issued this response:

“The LEAF+ GT-R #MASHUP is only a digital rendering so far. But thanks for your feedback. A NISMO hot hatch would be fun, wouldn’t it!”

Follow the link below for more on the NISMO Mashups.

NISMO USA Facebook

It's NISMO Mashup Time

It’s NISMO Mashup Time

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8 Comments on "Nissan LEAF NISMO GT-R Mashup"

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That is one sweet ride

People would buy this car off the lot and not even know it didn’t use gas until the next time they needed “some gas”.

That is a hit.

Too bad the back half looks like a Leaf.

Completely disagree that it is a bad thing as it should be recognizable as the NISMO version of the LEAF, but there are some big differences in how the back half looks due to ride hide and loosing 2 doors. I like it a lot. To each their own though.

I love the look of this!

Install a 150 mile battery and you can sell all you build.

Put a motor in it that has double, triple, or quadruple the power in it!

I want one! Pretty please?