Nissan LEAF Nismo Acceleration Test – Video

NOV 16 2014 BY JAY COLE 13

The Nissan LEAF Nismo is a performance version of the LEAF – which unfortunately is only available in Japan at the moment.

The Nismo package brings mostly a new, more aggressive aero package (that we kinda like), but also a reprogrammed/sport tuned VCM (Vehicle Control Module).

Cost for a full conversion?  About $10,000

Behold:  The Nismo-Spec VCM - But Does It Actually Do Anything?

Behold: The Nismo-Spec VCM – But Does It Actually Do Anything?

The question is, “Is the carbon fibred, skirted-up, chipped Nismo LEAF any faster?”  Watch the video and find out.  Our own test of the ‘standard’ US-spec LEAF returned a time of 10.4 seconds to 60 mph (96.5 kmh).

Nissan LEAF Nismo Spec (in Japan of course)

Nissan LEAF Nismo Spec (in Japan of course)

Well Gosh, How Cool Is This Logo?  Why Can't We Have This Outside Japan?

Well Gosh, How Cool Is The Logo On The Nismo LEAF? Why Can’t We Have This Outside Japan?

Hat tip to offib!

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The cool thing about the video is how quiet it is! But I imagine that many people would want to pay $$10k for a slightly peppier Leaf.

Just let the Leaf excel on what it’s meant for- a great city commuter car.

You want peppier for $10k? Get an i3!

I’d rather they put $10k of extra batteries int the Leaf giving us a $42 to $47k car with 200 miles of AER.

I’d buy that despite its hideous exterior.

(Yes I know there are challenges in putting $10k batteries in the Leaf… Just opining on what mod I’d prefer for the Leaf)

I CANNOT a imagine

If I recall properly, the chip costs a few hundred dollars. The wheels, the body kit, the properly improved suspension costs well into the thousands in true boy racer fashion.

Did you try that little trick with the normal LEAF, Jay?

The one where you boot it in Neutral and move into Drive. Just to see how well it can do.

I’m not a fan of the Nismo LEAF. Give me the Aero Style package any day. It’s much more aesthetically pleasing.

I agree… It’s slightly less fugly.

Just put an all wheel drive with the same power in the back, with the proper battery size to accomodate it, and you would have a much better acceleration, regen, traction and with astute control of overlapping asymetric power band, like de Tesla D, a muuuuuch better range.
Or put a more potent traction motor.
I’ll pass on Nismo.

What the Nissan LEAF need is a bigger battery. Better acceleration? Higher top speed? “Meh” I say.

Agree! You want a Nissan race car? Get a Z car. You want an EV performance car, trade your house in on a Tesla. Nissan EVs are not there yet and may never get there.

First I was all like “wow, that is peppier to 40!” But then I was all like, that’s km/h! 100km/h in 9.6s is what my normal LEAF does, so, giant MEH.

9.6 sec is about as fast as a Prius. If that is fast, then the bar is pretty low.

So, 0-100kph in 9.6 seconds. That’s only about .3 seconds quicker than my 2012 LEAF. Put an average Japanese driver in place my average fat American ass, and that will probably shave .3 seconds off. Surprise- you just spent $10,000 on a taped-on ground effects kit!


anyone here old enough to remember the Plymouth RoadRunner Superbird?

Pasted-on Front-aero is dead on, now they only need the two-story rear wing and they can homologate it for NASCAR..

I like Djoni’s idea for a hotted up Leaf, need IT architect-level programming but could be lotsa’ fun!

Someday, All BEV will have two motor/gens.
(read an acceleration motor and a Teeny maintain-speed motor).