Nissan LEAF Holds More Banana Boxes Than Jaguar I-PACE: Video

JAN 1 2019 BY MARK KANE 19

Simply amazing space.

According to Bjørn Nyland’s latest banana box test of the Nissan LEAF, the second generation model is way more useful with cargo space way better than the average EV.

LEAF stored 7 banana boxes (21 with folded seats), which is 2 more (3 more with folded seats) than the previous generation and more than Jaguar I-PACE (6/20 boxes), which aspires to be almost an SUV. The only non-Tesla passenger car better than the LEAF is Kia e-Niro (8/22 boxes).


  • Nissan e-NV200: 50/50
  • Model X 5 seater: 10+1/28
  • Model S pre-facelift: 8+2/24
  • Model X 6 seater: 9+1/23
  • Kia e-Niro: 8/22
  • Model S facelift: 8/22
  • Nissan Leaf 2018: 7/21
  • Kia Soul EV: 6/21
  • Jaguar I-pace: 6/20
  • Hyundai Ioniq: 6/18
  • Nissan Leaf 2013: 5/18
  • Opel Ampera-e: 5/17
  • VW e-Golf: 5/16
  • Hyundai Kona: 5/16
  • VW e-up: 4/14
  • BMW i3: 4/14

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19 Comments on "Nissan LEAF Holds More Banana Boxes Than Jaguar I-PACE: Video"

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Must have been a quiet news day 😉

Lots of people are still on holiday from Christmas. Almost as bad as that fake Volvo on top of a Model S…

You might be surprised to know this is the most interersting article on here in about the last year – to those of us with dogs and cameras and a desire to put them all in the same car and actually go beyond the end of our driveway.

Until they truly fix the battery issues its a non starter.

I have a 2018 Leaf. I do the odd 200 mile round trip and use a 50 KW charger 3/4 of way to destination (45 min break) and same one on way back.
Unless you drive 100s miles a week, the battery issue is a non issue. Amazing vehicle and I will never go back to ICE.

@GudieveNing I did that kind of trip once and will never do it again.
Not because of Leaf battery.
Each charging station has 2 bays (Northern California).
They are always full. Usually Bolts. They refuse to stop at 80% and will keep changing to full. What a total waste of time. Just look at the angry comments on PlugShare.

Did the same trip with a Tesla. Stopped at a SuperCharger. Had plenty of added range in the time it took me to pee.

Lack of thermal management is where my Leaf falls down especially in not even a cold climate and being that your Leaf has the same battery chemistry (Gen 2) as mine it will suffer the same cool weather issues, nearly double charge times and 15 plus range loss, stupid thing is the battery does have a built in heater but only goes on at -4 degrees and is not adjustable.
My next electric will be Hyundai.

Until Carlos Ghosn is released and no longer being treated like a war prisoner they’d be lucky to have any business.

I don’t think that people are choosing Leaf over Jaguar based on banana boxes, you know? This is ridiculous.

You’re right, but it’s a good example of how a not very big car can wisely use space.

But when the trunk is empty I guess one could say: Yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today.

How many banana boxes fit in a Ferrari; if few, why does anyone by a Ferrari?

By the way, time to introduce banana box index: Divide the price with number of banana boxes. to example: Leaf: $35 k/7 =5k Model X 6 seater: $90k/ 9 = 10k . Who buys Model X why?

Because it goes like Bananas.

And when you get your service bill you go Bananas to.

I’ve always said a Leaf is just a CUV with smaller wheels.

But everyone wants to know how many large people fit inside the LEAF Bjorn.

Yes slow news day…however I can attest that I put 8 15-inch tires with rims in the back of my 2018 Nissan Leaf. Just with the back seats folded down and not putting anything in the front passenger seat. There is lots of room in the Leaf.

What is with the big phobia over removable or tumble forward seats?
It would be a remarkable increase in usable cargo space.

Funny and informative. Thanks for the info. Be sure to select the EV that best meets your range requirements (twice your daily commute) and carries the required number of BBxs.