Nissan LEAF & Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sales In Japan Up In March


The two best selling plug-in models in Japan – the Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, noted slight increases in sales in March by 2% and 8% respectively.

Nissan LEAF, with 1,231 units sold, outsold the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, which this time had 796 sales.

YTD numbers although in both cases are lower than in 2014 – in case of Outlander PHEV, sales are down 40%.

Well, the positive is that EVs in Japan shouldn’t hit any bumps in April like in 2014 after Japan increased the consumption tax.

Mitsubishi Plug-In Car Sales in Japan – March 2015

Mitsubishi Plug-In Car Sales in Japan – March 2015

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They must be production constrained with that Outlander PHEV. They certainly could be selling thousands more of them in the USA.

Mitsu in no hurry to rush to the US, where

– their brand image is lowest compared to all other markets,
– SUV competition is toughest and SUV margins are lowest
– gas prices are effectively subsidized and the perceived attitude of typical SUV drivers is not precisely plug-in friendly

Meanwhile they are the #1 selling plug-in in Europe YTD.

Maybe I am in the minority, but I would buy one today if they were available. Heck, I think I would buy 2 of them. We are about to become a 6 member family. would be nice to have 2 vehicles to carry the family in.

I don’t think you can correctly characterize US gas prices as subsidized in comparison to EVs. Approximately 18% of the current pump price goes to state and federal taxes. Evs are highly subsidized in sales price as well as there is no tax on EV fuel to pay for roads or the other infrastructure they use. There is a lot I like about EVs but the fact is they are very heavily subsidized when other vehicles stand on their own. We have yet to see if any EVs sale once the subsidies disappear.

U.S. Gas prices are highly subsidized… from tax credits for exploration… free trade zones and agreements on transporting fuels… supporting the insanity that is the middle east… ( you think we would give a rats if those guys didn’t have texas tea?) Come on… and all this gets us military buildups, conflicts etc, then you burn the stuff and get global warming, acid rain, asthma and air pollution. Subsidized… yeah.

EVs… subsidized as to the costs of the battery. If we can get most folks to drive one in the next 20 years… we can easily extricate ourselves from most all the above. I currently drive one of 2 solar powered LEAFs that my family and I share. The subsidies make far more more sense as the results are worthwhile if they convert a large percentage of the driving population away from stupid, smelly, overly complex ICE cars.

I think you’re confusing a tax break for a subsidy. Net taxes paid by US oil companies is one of the largest of any industry. The government likes to vilify big oil profits but the government actually takes a bigger cut than the oil companies profit. I have one Leaf and solar but I admit I’m on the government dole. My coworkers with their SUVs note that they’re supporting my habit. I thank them for their contributions even if they weren’t voluntary.