Nissan LEAF To Launch In Puerto Rico This Month


Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Sometime this month, a Nissan LEAF will delivered to the first Puerto Rican buyer, marking the first time ever that a mass-produced electric vehicle found a buyer in Puerto Rico.

Leave it to Nissan to obtain to honor of one more first in the electric vehicle world.

As Hybrid Cars reports:

“Orders are being taken by Nissan dealer, Adriel Auto in the town of Toa Baja…”

“The entry level S trim level Leaf starts at a higher-than-mainland-U.S.-price of $33,480.”

“A new law, 81-2014, was approved July 2 to reimburse 100-percent of the import tariffs for every eligible new-tech vehicle. For the Leaf, this is estimated at $7,070.76, or approximately 21 percent.”

So, with incentives in place, Nissan immediately took action to begin selling to LEAF in Puerto Rico.  Generally, this seems to fit Nissan’s stance that once the infrastructure and incentives are in place, the automaker will sell the LEAF there.

Hybrid Cars adds:

“…there is an agreement between power utility company PREPA and Nissan to install more stations, including a Level 3 station. These will use the CHAdeMO connector standard Nissan has adopted.”

Source: Hybrid Cars

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Alonso Perez

I’ve wondered why islands such as PR don’t get more attention from EV makers. While these are small markets they are also ideal for EV’s.

A Model S in Puerto Rico would never require a supercharger. You would run out of island before you ran out of juice, even if you drove a complete circuit around it. Even a Leaf can reach 80% of the island from San Juan on a single charge.


Will it sell?
I did a google search for this:
puerto rico average salary
and got this:
Puerto Rico, about 1,000 miles from Miami, has long been poor. Its per capita income is around $15,200, half that of Mississippi, the poorest state.

Rob Stark

Very stable automotive market in Puerto Rico in 2013: up 0.1% on 2012 to 102,641 registrations, and we have a change in leadership: the Toyota Corolla snaps the pole position away from its lil sis the Toyota Yaris thanks to sales up a fantastic 26% to 8,365 and 8.1% share vs. 5,821 and 5.7% (-34%) for the Yaris. The Hyundai Accent remains third with 4,056 sales and 4% while the Kia Rio is up 38% and 3 spots to #4 and 3.6% share. Very impressive progressions of the Toyota RAV4 at #5 (+82%) and the Nissan Sentra at #6 (+150%). Notice also the Mitsubishi Mirage landing directly at #12 with 2,021 sales and 2% share, the Honda Accord up 78% to #17, Nissan Pathfinder up 196% to #31 and the Chevrolet Sonic up 254% to #39. There are only 3 US models in the Top 20 (vs. 4 in 2012): the Jeep Wrangler at #8 (-12%), Ford Fiesta at #14 (-1%) and Jeep Grand Cherokee at #18 (-7%).


It is quiet strange it wasn’t available there up to now.


They must have hushed it up! 😉


I am the original source of this news, since I posted the information to Jeff Cobb and he copied it to Hybrid News. Puerto Ricans have enough income to buy Mercedes Benz (my sister has one), Lexus, and Infinity cars, so a $30,000 Leaf is easy to pay. What happened is that a new law excludes EVs from paying import taxes, which prevented the dealers from making money selling them against gas vehicles that cost less. According to PlugShare, there are eleven public Level 2 EVSEs, and a few more Level 1, but every home can charge an EV. I have an installed 8kW Level 2 EVSE waiting for a Volt or a Spark EV.


If Nissan doesn’t have their battery degradation problem fixed, they are going to be replacing a lot of Puerto Rico LEAF batteries in just a few years. Tropical heat will kill them off, fast.


That has already been fixed.