Nissan LEAF Lands in Guam (w/video)


Guam’s first Nissan LEAF was unveiled yesterday at the Nissan Guam Showroom in Upper Tumon with much fanfare.

Nissan LEAF in Guam

Nissan LEAF in Guam

Van Shelly, President and CEO of Nissan Guam was on hand for the media event:

With the current incentives now, we’re talking for a very, very nicely equipped car in the $25,000 dollar range. You’re not driving around in a golf cart. People need to come, see, feel, test drive this car. They really need to do that.

Residents of Guam are eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit, a tax credit for installation of a charging station, and Guam’s legislature is considering implementing additional tax incentives.

Service Manager Dan Aponik was also effusive in his praise of the LEAF:

They’re exciting to drive and the technology, we’re at that stage now where the technology is ready for Guam and Guam is ready this car.

With gas prices hovering between $4.50 and $5.00 per gallon, it’s easy to make the case that Guam is ready for EVs. And on a 30 mile long island, range anxiety is a foreign concept.

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Big Solar

It seems to me that Leafs and I Mievs are perfect for all the Islands. Solar too!