Nissan’s KickGas Gives Away Fuel To Promote All-Electric Leaf

2017 Nissan LEAF


2017 Nissan LEAF

KickGas is back, for a limited time.

Nissan wants to hit gas-powered car drivers right where it hurts: in the pocketbook. The company is bringing back its “Kick Gas” promotion to show people as they’re pumping gas into a fossil-fueled car what their life could be like with a plug-in car: no need to pay at the pump.

The First Of Several Teaser Images Promised By Nissan Leading Up To The “New” LEAF’s Full Reveal In September

As it did three years ago, the Kick Gas campaign brings Nissan PR teams to a small number of gas stations this summer (in this case, at locations in five Northeast states: Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey) where they will pay for people’s gas while promoting the Leaf.

The effort is in part to sell down the remaining 2017 model year Nissan LEAF inventory before debuting the next generation LEAF on September 6th at a special event in Tokyo.

It wouldn’t be smart to plan on scoring any of this free gas in the coming months. Even though Nissan will promote the heck out of #KickGas on social media, it admits that Nissan will only hand out “free gas three times in each of the five cities” during the promotion. Maybe that’s the real message here: if you really want to Kick Gas, plugging in is the way to go.

Video bonus: Here is the promo spot cut from the last time Nissan ran the “KickGas” promo in December of 2013:

Press Release:

Nissan LEAF gas station takeover helps consumers “Kick Gas” with free fuel

Nissan is giving away free gas at several fueling locations across the Northeast as part of its summer “Kick Gas” electric-vehicle drive promotion
Locals in five Northeast cities can watch for their chance to partake in Nissan’s “Kick Gas” promotion by following Nissan and #KickGas on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Consumers can “Kick Gas” for good by adopting a fuel-free lifestyle with the all-electric 2017 LEAF, the world’s top-selling all-electric vehicle

NASHVILLE – This summer, Nissan is giving away free fuel at select gas stations in five cities throughout the Northeast to encourage consumers to “Kick Gas” for good and join a growing movement of all-electric vehicle ownership. The promotion demonstrates the freedom of not having to pay for fuel, a feeling that over 100,000 Nissan LEAF owners across the U.S. experience every day.

“Nissan pioneered the mass-market EV moment and is steadily building the EV charging infrastructure across the country. We’re continuing that tradition by encouraging consumers to “Kick Gas” and adopt an all-electric lifestyle,” said Brian Maragno, director, Nissan EV Sales and Marketing. “We’re bringing the freedom of fuel-free driving that LEAF owners throughout the world know so well.”

The gas station takeover will reach five states throughout the Northeast this summer, including;

New York
New Jersey

Consumers will be able to track which gas station Nissan has taken over by following the conversation on Nissan’s social media channels and by watching for the #KickGas hashtag. Nissan will surprise locals with free gas three times in each of the five cities. Consumers who receive “fuel freedom” from Nissan are encouraged to join the conversation by posting socially about their experience with Nissan and using the #KickGas hashtag.”

Nissan is proud to be one of the first automakers dedicated to furthering the adoption of electric vehicles. The 2017 Nissan LEAF offers an EPA-estimated range of 107 miles, and it’s available in dealer showrooms today.

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“Nissan is proud to be one of the first automakers dedicated to furthering the adoption of electric vehicles. The 2017 Nissan LEAF offers an EPA-estimated range of 1071 miles, and it’s available in dealer showrooms today.”

Wait, what?

It does seem a touch high, perhaps we’ll adjust the press copy to 107 miles, (=

I think that last “1” was a footnote item that got turned into a normal number when I cut & pasted the press release. Either that of there are secrets spilling out of Nissan HQ.

1071 miles 1

Put me down for one of those !

Instead of free charging EV, Nissan should give free gasoline for everyone. People will waste gas, and gas stations will run out and have constant long lines like the 70’s. Then people will realize “oh, EV can charge at home, no need to wait for this stupid free crap”.

“The 2017 Nissan LEAF offers an EPA-estimated range of 1071 miles, and it’s available in dealer showrooms today.”, wow, that is news. Where can I get a LEAF with 1071 miles range???

They should have an ad campaign that shows people how they’ll be left with a car that only has 60 miles of usable driving range after 50k miles.

Oh wait, that probably wouldn’t be a good idea 😉

That’s probably not true any more. The 2011-2012 models had real degradation issues. 2013-2014 haven’t shown it to the same degree, and the “lizard battery” of 2015 and later has by all accounts eliminated the problem.

2013 Leaf (production date 3/13) with 42k+ mi./48 mo. of driving. All 12 bars still holding and capacity loss average of between 3-4 % degradation annually. Of original 84 mile factory new spec. on range/ 73 still useable (NOT “60” as DJ stated). Leaf 2015+ are showing even more robust battery life than 2013-2014. 2016+ Leaf, with 30 kWh battery are the toughest yet.

William, that is good news. Unfortunately not all 2013’s have faired so well.

My 2013 SL was assembled in May, 2013 and leased in January 2014. At that time it had 60 miles on it. In March of 2016, with just over 12000 miles, I lost my first bar. I am now at a bit over 19000 miles and am still at 11 bars.

Just make it mandatory that all gas pumps have a second display that says how much you’d be saving if you were driving an EV 😛 It wouldn’t have to be spot on. Just a rough estimate based on how many joules of energy is in a litre of gasoline and current local average electricity prices in kWh. Then every time someone’s filling up, they are being slapped in the face with the knowledge of how much they could be saving 😀

We are expecting Leaf-2 to be a high volume seller. Ideally it should have 150 mile range and a 30K price tag.

It will be nice, if a AWD version is also included since many customers like this option and for this reason, they are moving to CUVs. With an AWD, Leaf will be classified as CUV.

One of the main reasons I love my Model X is the convenience of always having a full tank of electrons from my house. No searching for dirty gas stations. My solar panels juice it up very fast during the day for the most part!