Nissan LEAF Kick Gas – Video & Savings Calculator

NOV 5 2014 BY MARK KANE 14

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Nissan again released its Kick Gas ad, which is focused on the lower energy costs of the LEAF, as compared to fuel costs for conventional cars.

The video description leads us to calculator—based on zip code, current car mpg value and daily mileage—which will determine how much the Nissan LEAF costs, including incentives and the differences in energy/fuel costs.

There’s a bonus showing the number of charging points available in the area too (in some local markets they are free of charge thanks to Nissan’s “No Charge To Charge” program).

 “Watch as Nissan gives drivers of gas-powered cars a taste of what it feels like to go 100% electric. Then find out how much you could save when you kick gas by using the Nissan LEAF savings calculator at”

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Well, at least they can legitimately claim “America’s best selling electric car” now. Because it’s true, even if you count PHEVs.

Nissan does not make ANY PHEV, so the claim of the LEAF being the #1 BEV sold in the USA and around the globe is 100% TRUE. Unlike Toyota.

Woot! Go LEAF Go! That’s a smart ad. Basically pay for people’s gas and get to tell them about going electric, shoot a commercial, and then they will spread the word further with family and friends saying “Nissan bought me free gas and I might be in their commercial!” Brilliant!

Amazing how excited people get when they don’t have to pay for gas.

I’m excited that the only reasons I’ve visited a gas station in the past 2 years was to fill up my wife’s car. I can count the number of times I did that on one hand. So nice… 🙂

The only times during the last 12 months of having switched over to driving 100% EV is twice, 1 time to fill up the rental car from vacation in Hawaii (tried to rent a LEAF but they were out of them) and for 5 gallons of petrol for the lawn mower and garden equipment. No way for electric mower there, have nearly 3 acres to cut.

Yes, they’re *very* excited, so long as they don’t have to give up anything.

But people aren’t completely stupid. Once you tell them “but you can’t drive more than 100 miles at a time”, that really drives home the point.

I guess someday soonish that problem will be solved, I hope. Then we’ll totally get more people into EVs.

Now they need to visit people’s driveways and add 2 gallons of gas to the tank while they are sleeping every night to show them how convenient an EV is!

I have had people take gas from my car while I’m sleeping. Not nearly as convienent…

Ouch. I have never had gas siphoned from my car, but that has to suck. Who will be the first to have electrons siphoned from them through reversing the CHAdeMO port?

That… I can’t imagine that happening, since a fully charged Leaf holds all of about $1.50 of electricity. You might as well just plug your car into someone’s unauthorized 120v plug, or hack into some ChaDeMo charger to give you free juice. Especially considering that none of them are supervised overnight.

Or smash in the window to steal the $3 in coins sitting in the cupholder.

The calculator won’t take gas price more than 5$/gal so i can’t use it to calculate my savings in Europe, were premium gas is for 7.63$/gal.

Heh. The price of gas here in Vancouver regularly tops $5.50 USD per US gallon. This is a terrible oversight.