Nissan LEAF US Sales Soar in July – Over 3,000 EVs Sold Again!

AUG 1 2014 BY JAY COLE 37

In July Nissan Debuted The LEAF With "Self-Cleaning Paint" - Which Sounds Pretty Swell To Us!

In July Nissan Debuted The LEAF With “Self-Cleaning Paint” – Which Sounds Pretty Swell To Us! (details here)

Going up against last July’s numbers, Nissan got a bit of a break on the comparables this month, but it turns out they really didn’t need it…as the company “crushed it” this month.

Nissan Closes In On 1 Billion Electric Kilometers Reported Driven

Nissan Closes In On 1 Billion Electric Kilometers Reported Driven

For July Nissan sold an impressive 3,019 LEAFs, good for a 62% improvement over the 1,864 sold a year ago.

Overall, Nissan has now sold 15,758 LEAFs in 2014, a 34.6% improvement over the 11,703 sold last year – easily outpacing the field for the top spot.

July’s figures also gives Nissan an astounding 17th consecutive monthly record for year-over-year sales.

“Since we launched the No Charge to Charge promotion in the first 10 markets, we’ve seen a surge in LEAF sales in those areas,” said Brendan Jones, Nissan’s director of LEAF Sales and Infrastructure. “LEAF sales in the northeastern U.S. are also picking up with new tax incentives for Massachusetts and Maryland residents.”

Looking into the ‘why’ such a record has been set past the company’s “No Charge to Charge” program, and why Nissan has taken such a strangle hold on plug-in sales in the United States, one only has to look at their market share.

While both the number of plug-in vehicles, and the amount of sales have risen dramatically since the first LEAF was sold in December of 2010, in the face of no real competition in the “affordable purpose-built EV” category, the 84 mile LEAF has solidly held its own.

  • 2012 – 18.7% (9,819s of 52,581 sales – 9 total plugs-ins available)
  • 2013 – 23.2% (22,610 of 97,507 sales – 15 total plugs-ins available)
  • 2014 – 23.4% (12,736 of 54,463 sales heading into July – 18 total plugs-ins available)
Nissan LEAF Sales In US Through June 2014 (Cumulative Sales Based On Estimated Data Of Original/Mass Produced Plug-Ins)

Nissan LEAF Sales In US Through June 2014 (Cumulative Sales Based On Estimated Data Of Original/Mass Produced Plug-Ins)

Also of interest, production of the recently introduced 2015 model year LEAF (priced from $29,010 – full details here) has seemingly gone into overdrive; as what was next to nothing in June has ballooned to north of 3,000 copies to end the month.

Separately this month, Nissan also announced that their “No Charge to Charge Program” that gives new LEAF owners 2 years of free public charging at participating networks had kicked off in 11 cities.  (If interested, we had a chance to talk with Brendan Jones, director of EV Sales and Infrastructure at Nissan about the program earlier this month)

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hopefully the bad crash report dosent hurt august sales.

That and Consumer Reports pulling the LEAF off their Recommended list.

I doubt it will make much difference. Sales are driven primarily by the various incentives. Reduce the tax incentives and watch sales crater.

I don’t think anyone cares about crash tests or what CR has to say about a car.

Or cheryl G

Electric Car Guest Drive

Jeez Cheryl, your just a font of good cheer.

Maybe people actually like paying the equivalent of paying $1 per gallon equivalent, saving enough money to cover their car payments.

Maybe they like driving a car that runs on clean, domestic fuel. Powered by sunshine if they own solar.

Maybe they like driving a car that will never need an oil change, or a tuneup.

Maybe they like being part of the solution.

Good cheer?
Maybe they don’t like driving a BEV that has no active cooling system.
maybe they don’t like loosing 15% of their battery capacity in the first year of ownership.
Maybe they don’t like watching a $30,000 car drop in value to $12,000 in just 26 months.
Maybe they don’t like having to hire a lawyer to sue Nissan every time there is a warranty claim on their car.
Not all Nissan LEAF owners are “enjoying” their cars. The benefits of going electric is not exclusive to the Nissan LEAF.

I don’t care about the tax incentives. I wish they would pull the incentives and let the market work on its own. I think you would find the price of the car would immediately be cut by an equal amount.

Agree but let’s compare pulling incentives all around, not just on EV’s. Let’s end the billions of government supplied big oil incentives… then let’s see how the market shakes out. Gas will skyrocket to double the price; EV’s will become even more popular.

I would like for the wars and military expenditure needed to protect our access to oil to end. That has added up to trillions in added cost.

Here is a real-life, front offset, quite serious crash with a Nissan Leaf: All four passengers survived with minor injuries. The owner of the other vehicle, a Mitsubishi, was killed.

I’m having a hard time finding Nissan Leaf fatalities. I have found only one so far, a man ejected from his Leaf because in a rollover he was not wearing a seat belt. I don’t think this counts as the crash was considered survivable if he had been belted.

So, LEAF did well against a CRAPPY Mitsubishi (probably a Mirage) small car?

Geez, just about any car would win that battle. How about holdind the LEAF to a higher standard for once…

My point being, that for a car like the Leaf that has been out for three years, statistics speak louder than synthetic tests.

In real life, this is a very, very safe car.

Not compared to the Chevy Volt it isn’t close. The Chevy Volt is much safer and more reliable.

Please introduce a sock to your mouth.

While you celebrate Leaf sales in the US … what about sales of the Chevy Volt in Japan.. or Germany .. or Korea? While those countries celebrate sales here and we give them $7500 for each car… they put huge tariffs on our Chevy Volt and any car we try to sell there!! Why is nothing said about this unfair playing field?

I wonder how many were waiting for the new battery announcement. Probably less than 10% of sales.. but I still bet that played some role in July’s numbers.

The proof of that should show in the numbers from Arizona.

I think August sales will tell a lot too.

I’m guessing that a small added incentive for buyers was the announced $5.5k price for a battery replacement. The world was in the dark about what that would cost — would it be $10K? More? Less?

I feared it would be around $10k, so I was very happy to hear the actual price. A lot of people, I suspect, are looking at that Nissan announcement, doing the math, and figuring out that even if you have to replace the battery after the warranty expires you’ve likely saved enough in fuel expense to (nearly) pay for the battery. (Not counting the other savings from reduced maintenance.) Plus, the odds are pretty good that the cost of a new battery will only go down over the next five years, while the price of gasoline will continue to rise, further reducing the payback period of a new pack.

The brute force economics of EVs, the basic “value proposition”, continues to improve, and more and more people are figuring it out.

Electric Car Guest Drive


I think most Leafs are leased, so not sure how much concern there was about battery replacement in those cases.

It might be an issue when the 3 year lease is up and the leasing company resells the car. The second buyer might have to consider a battery replacement.

Nice numbers for Nissan. It really comes down to price, I think. Nissan has hit a price point that combined with the incentives, makes the Leaf a great deal.

Yes, it’s magical when the price starts with a “2”. GM, make it happen w/the Volt.

Great, but only thing limiting Leaf is production. If they double the production every single piece will be sold / leased.

Same goes true with Volt,its a great car, they are not producing enough.period.

I own a Leaf, most satisfying purchase ever.

GM dealers are the primary problem with Volt sales. Nissan dealers too but seems more of them are selling them nationally “on purpose” than Chevy shops who really don’t seem to try to sell the Volt to someone – they talk people down from Volts and over to Cruze or otherwise.

Every car produced by a manufacture will get sold, eventually.

The issue is how long it will take,at what percentage of MSRP,and possibly with how many incentives.

OEMs monitor sales and profitability and produce accordingly.

I don’t know if LEAF is still constrained by supplies of battery components.

Why is it so hard to believe that Nissan has balanced supply and demand pretty well? These guys are not stupid, and they make plenty of other cars, including the Versa, which comes off the same line.

Glad to know i was part or the July sales #s… on my second Leaf.

I’m surprised they don’t mention GA sales – is the $5000 state tax credit still in effect?

only because its cheap

This promotion is so dum.You only charge away form home once here and there .so rare .buy 30 000 car and over 2 YEARS WILL GIVE YOU $40 OFF ! Come quick while this offer last .any body how has a leaf already must laughing there heads off ! I have a leaf and charge twice in one years away from home.

I agree. “New” customers to the LEAF must not realize that it only cost what $2 to charge the battery. Most are still thinking $40 a fill up.

It’s also interesting to note that US customers are continuing to favour the big battery Leaf over the small-battery-and-gas-backup Volt. It’s almost like they have confidence in the infrastructure for charging outside their homes or something.

It is ONLY b/c the incentives ALL OVER the nations on average are favoring the LEAF over the Volt.

If they even the Playing field, then just watch the LEAF drops…

Also, your analysis is incomplete at best. If you look at the overall “small battery with gas back up” cars, they outsells the entire “big battery BEVs”…

LEAF has very little or none in tersm of competition outside of CA/OR where Volt has at least 3-4 potential competitors outside of CA.

Majority of the difference in sales between Volt and LEAF are due to the state of GA alone where LEAF gets $5000 more discount than the Volt which pays for 2 years out of the 3 years lease.

Volt can’t beat a “free car”…

Love my 12 Leaf with 45,000 miles and all capacity bars, but Nissan dealers still suck when it comes to offering charging to it’s customers.