Nissan LEAF Pulls Italy To Record Plug-In Car Sales Result

AUG 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

Sales of plug-in in Italy more than tripled in July

Nissan sold some 389 LEAFs in Italy last month, taking the lead after the first seven months of 2018 (846 copies) from the electric smart fortwo (701 YTD) followed by Renault ZOE (493 YTD).

The strong result from the LEAF translated into the third consecutive overall sales record in July, as a total of 1,352 plug-in cars were sold – 231% more than a year ago.

The average market share of plug-ins doubled so far this year to 0.5%. It’s not that much as in many other European countries, but it’s encouraging that smaller markets are catching up.

The only question is how well the new LEAF will do in relatively hot Italian climate, at least in the south part of the country.

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the smart fortwo was number one Italy!
Market is almost non existent in North America.
Funny how things are different in other countries

Different markets, different needs.

Frankly, with numbers like this, Italy sucks a lot. Almost every other European countries have far better EV sales.

The sales are currently tiny in all European countries, except Norway (which is an oil state). Hopefully things change in the next 10 years, and EVs can account for 50% of new car sales by then.