Nissan LEAF Is Best-Selling Electric Car In Europe For Fourth Straight Year (Numbers For Top 6 in 2014 Included)

JAN 19 2015 BY MARK KANE 14

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Nissan began this week with a bold announcement that LEAF was the best selling all-electric car in Europe for the fourth year in a row.

In total, 14,658 LEAFs were registered in 2014, according to official national sources (though Nissan recorded retail sales of 15,096).

Anyways, sales increased 33% year-over-year and LEAF held 26% of the market for all passenger BEV registrations in Europe last year (56,393).

“This year the Nissan LEAF has been joined by an unprecedented number of new entrants into the EV market and has emerged as the leader on a global, US and European basis. Last year was the fourth year in a row that the electric family car has topped the zero-emission sales charts in Europe.”

“The Nissan LEAF was launched in early 2011 in the European market, followed by a revised version introduced in mid-2013 with over 100 improvements led by customer feedback. The Nissan LEAF is built in Sunderland, UK, with batteries constructed in a new purpose-built facility on the same site. In June 2014 the 100 percent electric Nissan e-NV200 light commercial vehicle was launched, built at Nissan’s Barcelona factory, with batteries from Sunderland.”

Buy 1 Or 100 - The Price Remains The Same

Tesla Model S

Nissan Europe senior vice president of sales and marketing, Guillaume Cartier explains the increase in sales, commenting:

“We can now see the impact that word of mouth is having on our sales, with 95 percent of our customers happy to recommend their car to a friend and 50 percent saying they would never go back to diesel or petrol. This kind of powerful advocacy, combined with an increasing awareness of the massive running cost savings electric car drivers experience, is why our Nissan LEAF sales continue to grow.”

The big thing in the press release is the table with number of registrations for five other all-electric cars. Renault ZOE, with over 11,000, is not far behind LEAF, while Tesla Model S secured a solid third place. 5,804 i3 sales probably doesn’t include the REx version.

Ranking January-December 2014


EV Passenger Car Segment share

Total  Pure EV Passenger Car Volume

56 393



Nissan LEAF

14 658



Renault Zoe

11 227



Tesla Model S

8 734



BMW i3

5 804



Volkswagen e- Up!

5 365



Volkswagen e-Golf

3 328


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Probably Leafs last year on the throne in Europe, I believe it will be succeeded by Zoe next year.

That is unlikely. The Leaf will surely take the top spot again. And just as someone else will start to threaten it we will surely see the upgraded battery capacity on the market.

The much smaller Renault-Nissan alliance punshed giant Volkswagen right into the face.

I estimate, that the sales this year will look very similar.

Well Renault Nissan was the first major player in EV market.
BTW, Renault Nissan isn’t that much smaller than VAG (8 millions vs 10 millions vehicles).

The difference in much larger in revenue, because R-N sale much more smaller and cheaper vehicles, about 150 billion $ to 250 billion dollar.

The Zoe is a very attractive car. The Leaf is looking a little dated in comparison.

The Zoé has much potential but until recently the battery rental (only) option has hampered sales.

Too bad to Zoé is not offered in some of the larger PEV markets. Can see it doing well in Japan where smaller vehicles are popular. Also, in France the larger number of restricted access fast charger locations, and non-staandard fast charging could have some effect on adoption.

Being picky, the best selling plug-in electric vehicle is actually a plug-in hybrid, the Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV, with 19,980 unit sold in Europe in 2014, beating the Leaf with a confortable + 5K margin.

Check Mitsu sales here:

And according to Renault’s figures published today, for 2014 Kango Z.E. sales reached 4,197 units in Europe, thus ranking ahead of the VW-Golf, and beating the Nissan e-NV200, which InsideEVs reported sold 2,300 units in 2014.

Check here: and

And also according to Just-Auto figures, the Mitsu PHEV also beat the Leaf in the UK, with 5,370 units sold in 2014 vs 4,051 Leafs previously reported by InsideEvs.

over 2500 Zoes in december! I hope this momentum continues 🙂

on the last 4 months, ZOE is the most sold vehicle.

Tesla 3rd brand, but VW very close.
Tesla needs to launch in UK to get some distance from the Germans

Outlander PHEV numbers are heavily pushed by preorders from Netherlands. This sales will be missing this year.

Has anyone ever wondered what the love child of the Zoe and Leaf would be like?

What I would love to see is a car as big as the Leaf but had the Zoe’s battery power density, the Zoe’s motor/charger in the front, the leaf motor in the back, leaf 3.3kW high efficiency charger and a Chademo port in the nose.

That would give you 22 kW (or maybe 43kW if they used the earlier design) fast ac charge, 3.3kW slow but efficient charge, AWD, perhaps 30% more range, AW regen and Chademo fast charge. If they could get the battery pack to 48 kWh and keep the cost about the same as a Leaf is today we would have a serious rival to the tesla 3, if it looked as good as some of the earlier infinti concepts then we may even have some cross shopping of the model S for those who don’t need the full range or a car the size of a small house.

The growth and maturing of DCFC (DC Fast Charging) networks across Europe over 2014 deserves some credit for the jump in LEAF sales. As networks continue to expand and grow in 2015, we should see even better growth of LEAF sales.

The number of locations with multiple-charging units, and dual-standards units at a station location has greatly improved reliability and access to infrastructure. While far from ideal, the networks are rapidly improving in many regions.