Nissan LEAF Improved Its Sales Record In Japan – 3,768 Sold In January

FEB 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – January 2018

The new Nissan LEAF is already very well received in Japan as another monthly sales record was smashed in January – 3,768 deliveries made the LEAF the #19 best selling model overall, non plug-ins included.

2018 Nissan LEAF

The growth year over year is a whooping 163%!

Nissan began this year with a big splash as the Note is now the best selling model in Japan (12,444) ahead of the Toyota Prius, thanks to its e-POWER version (with LEAF electric powertrain and ICE range-extender).

Technically, Note e-POWER isn’t a plug-in, but it’s clear that consumers prefer its electrification.

Following the recent LEAF surge, total LEAF sales in Japan now exceed 93,000.


Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – January 2018

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – January 2018

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It has the RHD market to itself for now. Sales should be pretty good.

Another Euro point of view

I also saw that for its first month of sale in Norway (thus February) it is already on top of the EV sales chart. Here the link:

Euro sales are going to smash, no so much here in the us since its the middle of winter. Wait till 2020 Olympics refreash

I’ve got a question. When I lease a Leaf the government credit goes to me. When I tried to lease a Bolt I find the credit goes to the lender. In my case the lender (GMAC?) wanted $9,000.00 in interest for a 3 year lease along with the $7,500.00 credit. It seemed like usury to me. Why would anyone lease a Bolt with these terms?

Look at this:

It should help you understand how the lease works.

Thanks Adam.
I guess what I’m really asking is “is it legal for the leasing company to keep the $7500.00”.

The tax credit goes to whoever owns the car. In a lease the lease company owns the car.

Thanks Texas. Then the question becomes why Nissan doesn’t keep the government credit.

It’s up to the car dealership to pass on that savings to you or not.

Thanks Prsnep

Finally got that cleared up. If you are in the Seattle area and want to lease a Leaf then I recommend that you shop around because I know of a dealer (in
Everett) who will pass the $7,500 on to you.

Some manufacturers take advantage of these credits and just steal them by reducing residuals or inflating msrp. Also different dealers will have different offers. Keep trying, you will eventually get a deal. Look at for leasing info in general and for top lease deals in the country.

Nissan distribution for Leaf this year is completely different than GM distribution of the Bolt EV last year. Inventories of the Leaf are still low but the Leaf is available all over the country already. Production of the Bolt EV appears to be constrained right now I think, if Nissan cranks up production, we will see high sales numbers of the Leaf in the US very soon.

It is entirely probable that (excluding China) worldwide sales will be led by Toyota PP and Nissan Leaf (perhaps is the other order) for 2018 and not the Model 3. Leaf is ramping up quickly with the 3 factories and PP is in full swing. Model 3 has some catch up work ahead of it.

I think they will move some metal with the Leaf. The last half of last year sales were just abysmal. Of course the Model 3 will just kick ass and take names, out producing the Bolt 7 Leaf combined.
I think around 22k Bolt again, in 2019 as GM has no interest in producing more, and maybe the same for the Leaf, which should pick up in the Fall, with the introduction of longer-range version.

that was 2018, but it might as well be 2019 too.

In your dreams. I see the model S selling more then the 3

You need to see your eye doctor…pronto!

There are more than 7,100 Chademo chargers in Japan.

The Nissan Leaf should be regularly in the top 10 of the monthly sales charts in Japan.

There is not much EV competition for the Nissan Leaf in Japan.

Excellent achievement and probably this is the highest sales for Leaf in a single country in a single month. 3,768 units. And just the Leaf-2 alone should have sold this much since all Leaf-1 would have been sold. Neither Model-S nor Model-3 can catch up with Leaf in many years. Nissan Note capturing #1 sales in Japan is another feat as Prius has been the long time leader. Significant feature in Note e-power version is that the motor alone powers the battery with engine acting as a generator and still getting very high mileage. 34.5 km/l translates to 81.5 MPG and this is in Japan’s testing, in USA it may turn out to be around 55 MPG which is still very high. Note e-power has 1.5 KWh battery which is used by the powertrain to charge and also capture regenerative energy. It should be very easy for Nissan to provie a plugin version of Note e-power. Just add a plug and a bigger battery with no change to motor/drive system. Hope they are working on it. And adding a small battery in another axle will provide AWD and this model can be classified as a crossover. While Note has only… Read more »