Nissan LEAF Hits All-Time Sales Record In Japan For February – 2,819

MAR 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 16

Nissan LEAF in Japan

Nissan LEAF in Japan

Nissan LEAF astonishes again in Japan! After strong January with 2,503 sales and 28th place on the top sellers list, February brings new all-time record!

2,819 LEAFs were sold in Japan last month, which again allowed to break into 28th place!

Looking at the last two month’s result onthe sales graphs shows how well the new 30 kWh version of the LEAF has been received in its home market.

We noted that 5,322 LEAFs have now been sold in the first two months of 2016, which is more than the 5,212 sold in the previous nine months (April to December 2015) – no further comment needed.

The question now of course is how long Nissan can maintain this pace?  Are the 2016 results so far a backlog of new model anticipation for the upgraded LEAF  (aprx. 7 month lead time), or a new baseline for ongoing sales.

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It would be interesting to know, what % of those sales are 30KWh models and % of sales to fleet/corporate buyers.

I’d also like to know what percentage of all plug-ins are Leafs in Japan, and what percentage plug-ins are of all cars sold in Japan.


That’s pretty sad that they only sold 930 in the USA during the same time period. The USA is a much larger market.

USA is still in the lead with total sales at 89,591 cars.

Japan is following closely at 57,699.

Norway, UK, and France are behind them.

More significant number is the percentage of vehicle sales, or percentage of newly registered vehicles!

Japanese own 588 vehicles per 1000 people, vs United States having 809 vehicles per 1000 people. Based on LEAFs sold this indicates not so similar market penetration rates.

If including total population size United States lags Japan in LEAF sales … US population being ~322 million vs. 127 million in Japan. Ie: US should have ~3.5x more LEAFs than US (809/588 * 322/127).

The much more advance DC charging infrastructure and lower average daily driving miles are likely reasons LEAF sales are doing much better in Japan vs. U.S. Markets.

eg: to match Japan’s LEAF market penetration, U.S. would need to have ~3.5x the ~58,000 LEAFs Japan has … ie: ~205,000 LEAFs!

Also, I don’t think the Japanese care as much if a car looks good. The Leaf is still an ugly, dorky car. Given the choice between a Leaf and Mustang, the vast majority of American’s will choose a Mustang.

The present population of Japan is 126 million. So 57,000 Leafs is about one Leaf for every 2,210 persons. That is not as high as expected.

But ironically, here in Puerto Rico our population is 3.6 million. Yet in three years, Nissan has sold only TWO Leafs!!

To have these kind of sales in the USA and Europe Nissan should sell the same 30 kWh model there as in Japan, since the Japan model has more options and colors included.

It doesn’t matter what the numbers are, it’s the 28th place that is so distressing.

January sales in Japan had the Leaf also in 28th place. The Toyota Landcruiser was in 26th place. The Nissan X-Trail was in 11th place.

EVs need to have much more diverse models, otherwise we are just celebrating very little.

Go Leaf! Did insideevs expect a 2018 Leaf in first half 2017 ? Think it could be end of 2017… until now no spy photos.
If Nissan could introduce a 2017 Leaf based on first generation with 45 kWh in October without a leak before sales would explode in Japan, also in Europe would make sense because Bolt will arrive later in 2017 in Europe.

The Bolt isn’t going to be sold in Japan, right?

So nobody in Japan would be waiting for a 200+ mile Bolt.

You’re right, no Bolt in Japan and its CCS quick-charge would be relatively useless there anyway.

Bolt is also not sold right hand drive in UK or Irland.

Nothing to do with it, Japan has the best long distance mass transport system in the world by a consierable margin! Nobody drives 200 miles there unless they are absolutely forced to!

GM hasn’t publically posted any possible Bolt sales outside of the U.S., but I bet some will be sold in Japan.