Nissan LEAF Group Buy In Texas Drives Price Down To $11,500*


There’s been a fair amount of Nissan LEAF group buys to date, some are pulled off successfully, while others have failed to launch.

The latest one with Smart Charge America and Nissan seems to be legit, but it only applies to residents of Texas (actually, the purchase has to be made at a participating Austin-area dealers too – see image below for participating dealers) and the offer expires January 3, 2017.

Only 2 Participating Dealers Listed

Only 2 Participating Dealers Listed

Smart Charge America explains the deal like this:

  • Receive up to $20,500 in discounts and incentives.
  • $7,500 Federal tax credit for the purchase of an electric vehicle
  • $1,000 Federal tax credit of 30% of the cost of a home charging station, including installation (up to $1,ooo)
  • $1,500 Austin Energy rebate of 50% of the cost of a home charging station, including installation (up to $1,500)
  • $500 Smart Charge Residential is offering an additional 15% off the cost of installation of a home charging station (up to $500)

With all the discounts in place, you could walk away with a LEAF S for only $11,510!

Interested in taking advantage of this deal? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download this Group Buy flyer, which is required to show to an Austin area Nissan Dealership to receive the Group Buy pricing
  • Visit an Austin area Nissan dealer to test drive a LEAF
  • Show them the flyer
  • Purchase a LEAF by January 3rd 2017

Source: Smart Charge America via Reddit

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$3,000 are only for the charger, so it isn’t really $11,500 but $14,500 and up to 3000 off on your charger, which has to cost more than $3,333.

So basically $14,833 for a base Leaf and a massively expensive home charger, still a good deal!

Oh since installation is included, $3333 could actually be just a regular $500 home charger and installation.

I had a home charger installed today. I paid $358 for the installation of 2 NEMA 6-50 outlets and $658 for a ChargePoint 32-amp station with a 25-foot cord.

My tax credit should be $305.

Yea, I don’t really think it is fair to include the $3000 into the purchase of the car. It really depends on how cheaply you can install it, or if you even need it.

And it doesn’t really depends on you buying the car after all. You need to buy the charger. One could surely get a substantial rebate at Austin Ikea, if you buy a new kitchen. But that doesn’t make your Leaf cheaper.

That 30 kW S is tempting for that price, but I am not sure I could qualify (since I live in Houston). Getting it home might be an interesting trip also.

Ha, I thought the same thing living in Houston. I assume as long as you buy it from the dealer you get the majority of the discount. You have to stop at least 2 times on the way back from Austin and you have to get the 30 kWh version otherwise you can’t make it. Somewhat tempting for me with more than a year to go waiting for Model 3, but I doubt I’ll do it.

Just have to purchase it through those dealers. We have people from Memphis to Arizona getting in on this

Lol I live in Ohio and I am trying to get in on this

Is it expensive to hire a car trailer for a day ?

*Transporter !

Probably not too much, but it would be some hassle.

From reading the group buy, it is a limited group in Austin and my Houston address on the registration paperwork would definitely make me not qualify.

More sitting and waiting for me.

Wow. We need this offer in PENNSYLVANIA.

I’m not even talking to Pennsylvania for the next 4 years 😉

Oooh! Burn.

Haters just gotta hate! 😉

Worse, I live in Bucks County, PA.

I’m not talking to any of my neighbors for at least four years.

Pity poor “Floriduh.”. First they have “hanging chad” and now this. To accidentally elect a dud is one thing. To intentionally do it is another.

I’m also in Pennsylvania, home of “There’s no such thing as a BEV”.

I would wait a few weeks if I were you !

That is just crazy! If they can offer discounts like that there must be huge margins on the LEAFs so why don’t they just cut the MSRP to boost sales?

I bought a Leaf a year ago for 10k under MSRP by sending a couple of emails…
Phoenix almost alway has at least one Leaf for 10k under MSRP listed on autotrader…
If you are not paying 10k under MSRP for a Leaf you are probably paying too much…
One of Toyotas lead hybrid engineers stated a couple of months ago that 100 mile EVs cost less to produce than hybrids so yes I think the EVs are over priced…

Shame on Nissan that refused a 3000 persons group byy in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) last september saying that they don’t support group buy.

I just want to clarify that was Nissan *CANADA* that declined the group buy. This is Nissan USA. Canada sucks. 🙂

Just add $6,500 for a powerwal 2 and $2,500 solar panels and you will get a new car, free fuel for 25 years and free electricity to run your ac hot and cold, fridge lights etc free for life.

You think the powerwall and solar panels last a lifetime?

not sure what solar panels you’re looking at that will cost $2500 and provide enough power for an EV and a whole house including AC.
Also difficult to see how a single 14kW Powerwall can be expected to charge a 24 or 30 kW battery in said EV.

So it’s a 10k discount. My local Nissan dealer in Houston is advertising 7500 off MSRP on 24kwh models (and that’s before any negotiation). Looks like none of the Austin dealers have anything for less than 34k MSRP, so realistically, you’re looking at about 16.5k after tax credits, which is still pretty good for a 30 kWh EV, but that 11.5k price headline definitely feels like a bait and switch.

Who in Houston did you talk to?

Clear Lake Nissan has a couple listed 7500 under MSRP on autotrader…
If you are interested in buying you might want to see what Nissan reveals at CES first…

Yeah, I am waiting for that. Unless they surprise me with a sport or AWD model, I am probably leaning towards Model 3.

I could be tempted on a cheap 2-year lease while I wait though.

Some states like California give you a CVRP of $ 2,500.00 for a minimum 30 month or more lease. That is a little more than a $80.00 a month savings on the the 30 mo. Lease.

Pretty crazy! The 14,950 version looks like the real thing. Too much is unspecified in the 11,500 version.

What does the asterisk in the title mean?

The math doesn’t really work. It’s applying discounts on one thing to another.

I didn’t realize LEAF Ses were that expensive now. $32K for an S (with 30kWh battery) would be a hard seal for a dealer IMHO.

Guess what the used market will be in 2-3 years? These discounts will flow down directly to the used car dealerships (that’s because they will be buying at $5000 and selling at $8000).

I just arranged to purchase a 2015 S model with 18,000 miles and all its capacity bars for $9000. After the Colorado tax credit, that comes to $6840.00

Is that a new car? I didn’t think you can take the tax credit on used.

Available until 3 January, somebody notice on 4 January Ghosn is on CES ?

Traditional car sales sucks, if they can offer 20k discount in Texas, why not everyone else

Hi everyone!! My name is Jordan and I’m the Leaf Specialist at Town North Nissan in Austin, TX. As you see this is an amazing deal going on! You can still take advantage of this deal even if you live out of state. Just give me a call, text or email at 724.681.9043 or

Crazy prices. If I would live in US, would buy one although I drove a old Japan Leaf and want to wait for the CES reveal.

NC is getting a $10,000 rebate too. So total off will be $17,500. Net price on Leaf S will be $14,045.

“Nissan are committed to environmental sustainability and reducing greenhouse gases”

And yet the pricing is available only in certain areas.

I like to believe in lies, especially the ones that make me feel good.

You just described one candidate’s last election.

11 510$

And now in Kansas:

2016 Leaf

In Kansas City, a New Nissan Leaf is Only $11,510

I got in on the Austin group buy and did not realize until I got home that the one they sold me was mfg on 11/2015. Seems they are clearing out old stock. I got leaf spy a week later and low and behold the battery is only 87%. Town North Austin Nissan looked at it and say the battery is within specs. I would be very careful and take Leaf Spy with you and make sure you get one that is fresh and 100%.