Nissan LEAF Gets Vandalized


We haven’t been able to obtain details as to why this Nissan LEAF was targeted by vandals, but apparently the story made the news in Atlanta, a hotbed for electric cars.

What we do know is that only this LEAF was vandalized.  The other vehicles in the nearby area were not damaged.

We suspect that someone who’s against electrics targeted the LEAF for reasons unknown to us and, of course, this is far from the first time that hybrid/electrics have been singled out by vandals.

Perhaps the vandals are jealous of our emissions and gas-free cars?  Or maybe someone just didn’t care for the owner.

Hat tip to Eric Hayden!

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Everywhere idiots are running…

Oh wow, what a bunch of weak minded individuals…

I don’t know if I would jump to this particular assumption so quickly. Equally possible, for example, is that someone had an issue with the driver of this particular Leaf. Or this could just be random vandalization.

Agreed. The wide-spread vandalization of Priuses (Priii?) in a previous story here had a pattern. A single data point does not make a trend.

this guy might be jumping another guy’s wife!

Well, I know I wouldn’t make that particular leap. For all we know (which isn’t much), this could be a case of one guy having a beef with another, hearing that he drives a funny-looking red car, and then vandalizing a Leaf he assumes belongs to his nemesis, not knowing the other guy drives a VW Beetle.

“vandalism caught on camera” … presume this was of the vandals caught on video, not just a still frame after the fact?

Question: where is the video from the news cast?

“We suspect that someone who’s against electrics targeted the LEAF for reasons unknown to us”

Why speculate on what happened when there was real news reported with video? Lack of video, or quote from the news report makes me suspicious this single video frame was taken out of context!

My 2nd week of owning a Nissan Leaf, someone scratched it up, causing $2900 in damages. Guess someone was deeply offended I was trying to save the world.

If coal-rollers and the like had half as much brain as brawn, they would know that we, by driving electric, are decreasing the demand for oil and thus reducing the price they must pay for gas. They should be thanking us instead of beating their chests and throwing stones.

San Francisco is having a rash of Prius battery thefts. It seems like the Prius battery is becoming the new auto part to steal, much like catalytic converters and airbags. As the warranties expire on the 2nd gen Prius’, their batteries are starting to need replacement, creating a demand for cheaper stolen batteries. Used Prius batteries are going for “around $900 to a $1,000” on Craigslist.

I wonder if this is a harbinger of things to come for owners of BEVs and PHEVs.

A much larger and heavier job than Prius batteries though, so not likely to happen on the street. And also EVs are nearly impossible to drive away without a key.

EVs, and any late model ICE can be easily hacked. Thieves are now using a $17 “power amplifier” to break into and steal key-less cars. When a owner parks his car but stays nearby with the key fob (ie home/work/store), a thief can stand next to the car and amplify it’s signal searching for the key fob. The power amplifier tricks the car into thinking the key fob is nearby, opening it’s doors and allowing the start button to work. The thief can then drive away if the car is a model that lets you drive without the key fob once it is started.

Auto thieves are also known to use tow trucks to steal cars then tow them to a chop shop. It only takes a couple of seconds to for a tow truck with a t-shaped hydraulic lift to snatch your car.

I always disconnect the battery not as an anti-theft measure but sometimes the radio comes on and drains the battery if the car sits too long. I just pop the hood and a couple of turns with a wrench, takes about a minute. One time I left my lights on and did not notice until I reconnected the battery, an unintended benefit. No one would steal it anyway as it looks not so hot, though it runs like a champ. In high theft areas I would avoid the most popular models thieves like to steal.

You could also remove the battery from the key fob to prevent amplification of the signal when not in use, since the the key fob will not work without the battery. A bit of a hassle but better than being robbed.

insideTMZ on the beat again!

I mean… insideEVs

Shocking story. I hope the vandals will be charged. That would be a positive outcome.

That very same thing happened to my daughter’s Pontiac! Must be somebody who has something against Pontiacs, for reasons unknown to us.

That’s what happens when you find a stranger in the alps.

Every time a leaf gets smashed...

…a “conservative” gets his wings.