Nissan LEAF Gets Totaled – Occupants Okay

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Nissan LEAF Damaged Beyond Repair - Occupants Okay

Nissan LEAF Damaged Beyond Repair – Occupants Okay

Friend of InsideEVs, Deb Seymour of, relayed to us her story of her Nissan LEAF saving lives in a recent wreck that destroyed the electric car beyond repair.

leaf crash


According to Seymour, the accident was caused by an oncoming driver who failed to yield to right-of-way.

deb 1

The occupants of the LEAF suffered only minor injuries, including bruise and whiplash and are well on their way to full recovery.

deb 2

Electric cars have time and again proven themselves to be safe and this incident further highlights the safety of today’s EVs.

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32 responses to "Nissan LEAF Gets Totaled – Occupants Okay"

  1. Anon says:

    Horrible. Glad they’re OK!! Nice to know the airbags don’t explode and shoot metal shrapnel at the occupants.

    1. manbitesgas says:

      Having done the same at roughly 40-50km/h (got cut off), I have to say it’s a remarkably cushy hit. Bit of a sore neck for 2 days but that’s it. If you look under the hood, there is a lot of empty space in a Leaf, which contributes significantly to the effectiveness of the crumple zone. It’s obviously what saves you in this type of accident: no massive engine block.

      1. Anon says:

        At the risk of sounding insensitive, I feel compelled to mention that I think the car actually looks BETTER without the headlights, in its crumpled state.

        In fact, I think the world’s longest (and ugliest) headlights are probably also crumple / shatter zones, in their own right. 😉 Must have been clear plastic everywhere.

        1. manbitesgas says:

          Well, they ARE ugly… ;oP The whole car is not much of a looker, but I assure you: the entire ownership and driving experience you get from the Leaf, make’s it’s somewhat awkward styling totally grow on you. To me, my Leaf looks 2nd only to a Tesla. ;o)

          1. Anon says:

            Well, after seeing some recent Nissan Prototypes (IDS B) and the company disclosing that a 200ish mile range BEV is in the works– has me eagerly anticipating what they’re working on bringing to market in the next couple years. 🙂

  2. Texas FFE says:

    Okay, who has a bid in on the batteries already. I’ve been looking for a set batteries to build my own ebuggy trailer.

  3. Texas FFE says:

    This looks like the kind of accident autonomous vehicle technology is suppose to prevent.

  4. ffbj says:

    I am not sure if that plate means what I think it means. If so I think it a bad idea to have such a plate. It does read DHMGIRL.

    1. Texas FFE says:

      I think it’s OHMGIRL like in Ohm’s Law.

      1. ffbj says:

        OHM. Right, sorry. I could not determine if that was an O or a D. Oops.

  5. Ct200h says:

    Go get a 2016 with the 30kwh battery

    1. Texas FFE says:

      Just for grins let’s analyze your suggestion. If I trade in my FFE for a 2016 Leaf I’m probably going to be out $20,000 not including finance charges. If I can get a decent price on this junker I might be able to put together an EV battery trailer for around $10,000. With EV battery trailer I would a battery capacity of 47 kWh and could maybe get a range 150+ miles. With the new Leaf I would still have a rated rang of 107 miles. If I was a total cheapskate, which I am sometimes, the EV battery trailer would look like a pretty good deal.

  6. midimal says:

    I had a similar crash with my 20days! old LEaf, it was also not my fault. Nothing happend to me! it didnt make sense anymore to fix it.

  7. Elroy says:

    Would love to see a picture of the other car.

  8. Ken says:

    I also totaled my Nissan Leaf. The airbags cane out and the car saved me. First time ive ever been in a car where the airbags deployed. I was suprised that the ins company totaled the car as i was only going about 15 mph. But they said they always total a car with deployed airbags. Fine by me, but what really sucked is they were only willing to give me $12,600 for a car i paid $36,050 for. I’m happy my 2015 cost so much less so maybe i wont get hammered if this one gets stolen or wrecked. The Leaf saved my body but my butt is still hurting from the insurance company. Make sure you insure your Electric car for an agreed value, not just actual cash value.

    1. Tech01x says:

      Hmmm… they paid you fair cash value. Which means you can go buy another Leaf of roughly the same vintage and mileage for the same money. To insure any higher than that is to spend a lot more in premiums which probably isn’t worth it. It is your choice to then get a newer Leaf than your old one and chip in the difference or do something else.

    2. Mister G says:

      I think you were suckered by your insurance company, how much damage did the car have?

  9. ModernMarvelFan says:

    It doesn’t look all that severe…

    What does the other car look like?

    It appears the LEAF was colliding head on with something. Well, in modern age, just about all cars get at least 4 stars to 5 stars in direct impact collision.

    Luckily she wasn’t in “small overlap frontal offset” situation”.

    1. Martin T. says:

      You must be joking right???

      Yes it was severe and the Leaf did it’s job an older car it would less visible damage but they would have more than bruises and whiplashed neck & may not be here to tell us.

      Even with less damage modern are written off and this is the correct thing to do.

      1. ModernMarvelFan says:

        Have you seen the IIHS’s small overlap crash result on the LEAF?

        1. Martin T says:

          Try it in some of the Prius’s – overlap and see how it goes.
          But the leaf impact was Severe or you still don’t agree LOL!

          1. ModernMarvelFan says:

            I wouldn’t drive either…


  10. Nix says:

    Glad they came out OK, but the Tesla video of it avoiding a similar wreck was even more impressive.

  11. Nichen says:

    That’s the beauty of electric cars…no heavy engine block in the front. REALLY happy she’s alright…it was a frontal impact and those are often deadly.

  12. Nichen says:

    It wasn’t a frontal impact, I just read that..sorry. But still…

  13. Martin T. says:

    Modern cars are so much safer for the occupants than cars of the past.
    That Nissan EV done it’s job extremely well.

  14. vdiv says:

    Glad that Deb who is a big EV proponent and everyone seem to be OK. The Leaf can be replaced.

  15. Speculawyer says:

    OHMGIRL. Nice plate.

    And see . . . no fire.

  16. Deb Seymour says:

    Hi All! I’m loving all the comments! The one about the car looking better without the headlights made me laugh!
    Also the comment about “DHM GIRL” gave a good laugh!) License plate indeed is OHM GIRL as in “ohm”: a unit of electrical resistance. And the license plate frame-which is shattered so you can’t read it- says “Join the Resistance! No More Gas!” Lastly, I do have a 2016 Leaf on order: a white one. Talk about turning over a new leaf…;-)

  17. Texas FFE says:

    There a couple of dozen wrecked Leafs on Most of them are pretty mangled but it looks like the passenger compartments stayed intact. That would be a way to get you a really inexpensive Leaf, buy a couple of these mangled wrecks and assemble the good parts.

  18. Relayer1956 says:

    I have to second all the comments here. My blue 2013 Nissan Leaf SL definitely saved my life. I fell asleep going to work drove under a hay hauling semi, sheering the semi-trailer rear axel off. Then went into a spin and was broadsided by a second semi. [All from witnesses to the accident as I only had fleeting memories of it prior to coming to in the ER.] I was very fortunate to live! It took the paramedics 3 hours to get me out of the car with a jack and “jaws of life”. I’m convinced that had I been driving my wife’s Prius I would be dead. Spent two weeks in Palm Springs Desert Regional. Fortunately, after three surgeries on my right wrist, in which all the bones were dislocated, I have about 60% grip strength and 50% normal range of motion. Given I should be dead that’s not to much to ask. As soon as I was able I bought another Leaf, my 2015 Gunmetal Grey SL.

  19. Relayer1956 says:

    BTW, I’d be happy to send a picture of my poor old “Electic Blue” if Deb wants to post it next to hers…