Nissan LEAF Gets Tesla-Inspired Remote Charge Door – Video


Tesla envy?


But this Tesla-inspired Nissan LEAF modification sure seems like a practical solution to what’s likely not viewed as a problem to current LEAF owners.

Regardless of whether or not such a mod would be considered worthy of the expense/time etc., we think that this LEAF owner’s mod to his J1772 handle is rather trick and thus worth sharing.

Just watch what happens when he clicks the trigger…

Nissan LEAF Charge Door Pops Open At The Push Of A Button

Nissan LEAF Charge Door Pops Open At The Push Of A Button

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16 responses to "Nissan LEAF Gets Tesla-Inspired Remote Charge Door – Video"
  1. ggpa says:

    “Now I am going to show you some magic, but pay no attention to my assistant sitting inside the car …”


    1. Big Solar says:

      Haha +10

    2. David Murray says:

      I was thinking the EXACT same thing.. Or using the keyfob in their other hand, since it also has a button for that.

  2. ClarksonCote says:

    What about this is Tesla inspired? Do they have a button on the charge cable as well?

    1. GoBlue88 says:

      Yep. Press a button on the Tesla charging cable and the charge door pops open.

  3. kdawg says:

    Fake or not, I’m not a fan of remotely opening the door on my Volt. The solenoid freezes up in the winter. GM changed this for the 2014 Volt, and made it manual. Wish I had that.

    1. Mark H says:

      I agree. So funny. Volt drivers who have it want to get rid of it. LEAF drivers that don’t have it would like the upgrade.

    2. David Murray says:

      I agree. There really isn’t much benefit to having the door motorized. How many people have a motorized gas door? And at least with gas you have to worry about somebody stealing gas, so there is some potential reason.

    3. scottf200 says:

      I’m a fan of the auto opening feature. It is slick and I don’t want some goofball (anti-EV) putting gum in there or something. I typically only charge in my garage so freezing is not an issue. I think I did ‘oil’ (graphite) it once tho.

  4. Kosh says:

    The only thing my wife hates about her leaf is having to open and close that door manually.

    Something about bug guts……

    Would be nice to have a little motor to open and close it from inside… 😉

    1. Foo says:

      I never understood the Leaf’s front-mounted charging point. You’re one small fender bender away from (perhaps) having the charge door jammed shut and/or the charging port need (undoubtably) expensive repairs. That, and the last thing you’d need after the aggravation of a fender bender is not being able to charge your car to get home!

      1. Steve says:

        Makes perfect sense, especially when the charging station is nearest the front of the car, like in many garages or pull-in parking spots.

        I never understood having the charge port on the side of the car… Especially if it’s on the wrong side for a given charge station or parking spot.

        1. Francisco says:

          Yes. I think the i3 , and especially the Outlander (not that we’ll ever be able to get one) are totally whacked in this regard. The Volt has the best location, IMO.

      2. Kaleb says:

        What’s not to understand about the front charge port? Where are most public EVSE’s? Oh yea, in front of the car. Getting the charging station behind your car would quite a trick in a public environment. EVSE’s mounted on a flexible pole you drive over–a Tesla and PiP owner’s dream!

        1. Kosh says:

          Or you just back into the spot – which I prefer to do anyway. Makes leaving less risky, you can see better.

          1. Francisco says:

            It’s riskier to back into a tight, constrained spot than it is to back out into a wide open thru-way. For me the chargeport issue relates also to how far the driver has to walk. That why I like the Volt. The Leaf makes you walk farther. It’s less convenient to have to walk around the car.