Nissan LEAF Gears Up for Firefighter Duty in UK

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Nissan LEAF Ready for Firefighting Service in UK

Nissan LEAF Ready for Firefighting Service in UK

The days when electric vehicles were uncommon are now behind us.

Self Explanatory

Self Explanatory

Today, plug-ins serve as ambulances, police cruisers, daily drivers and more.  Let’s add firefighter to that list now, too.

Over in the UK, County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service (CDDFRS) have taken delivery of a single Nissan LEAF.

CDDFRS will use LEAF to transport staff between its headquarters and local fire station branches.

Initial feedback from CDDFRS has been positive, says Nissan.  Staff already told the automaker that the LEAF’s range allows them to cover the area on a single charge.

This LEAF is but one of several plug-in vehicles the CDDFRS hopes to own in the future.  Its soon-to-be established headquarters in Belmont will feature 3 charging points, so it would seem rather silly to own just a single plug-in vehicle.

The myth that electric vehicle catch fire should now be put to rest as it’s utterly ridiculous to think that a fire department would assume ownership of a vehicle prone to ignite.



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One response to "Nissan LEAF Gears Up for Firefighter Duty in UK"

  1. Aaron says:

    The LEAF won’t get choked up by fumes and smoke from a fire, too. No air filter trying to filter out all that stuff in the air… except for the cabin air filter that is. 🙂