Nissan LEAF Becomes First Electric Car To Hit 400,000 Sales

MAR 5 2019 BY MARK KANE 131

Nissan LEAF is the first EV in history hit 400,000 sales

Nissan happily announced that the cumulative sales of the Nissan LEAF hit 400,000 since market introduction in December 2010. In terms of cumulative sales, LEAF is the best-selling model globally.

The total mileage of LEAFs exceed 10 billion km (6 billion miles). According to Nissan’s estimations, the LEAF fleet saves 3.8 million barrels of oil a year.

The Japanese flagship is produced on three continents – in Oppama, Japan, in Sunderland, England and in Smyrna, Tennessee. LEAF is available in more than 50 markets globally and expanding to six new markets in Latin America in the first half of this year and seven in Asia and Oceania by the end of the year.

In 2018, the LEAF was the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe (over 40,000) and the top-selling car of any kind in Norway.

“Introduced in 2010 as the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF has led the way in making the excitement and convenience of electric driving accessible to non-luxury buyers. Less than a decade ago, electric cars were seen as a niche product, and LEAF customers were mostly “early adopters.”

Today, a growing number of consumers say their next car may be electric. Customers are choosing the LEAF for its powerful, agile performance and advanced technologies, such as the ProPILOT Assist semiautonomous driving system1, in addition to the benefits of sustainable mobility.”

“In launching the first-generation LEAF, Nissan pledged to become a global leader in producing and promoting vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions. The company committed itself to working with governments and utility companies to support the adoption of electric vehicles, make charging them easier and more convenient, and develop second-life uses for electric car batteries.”

Nissan LEAF milestones since December 2010:

  • 100,000 in 2014
  • 200,000 in 2015
  • 300,000 in 2018
  • 400,000 in 2019

Executive Vice President Daniele Schillaci, Nissan’s global head of marketing, sales and electric vehicles said:

“This milestone is a powerful statement that 400,000 customers, and counting, value the Nissan LEAF for the excitement, confidence and connection it delivers. The LEAF remains the icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, our strategy for moving more people to a better world.”

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😀 😀 😀 400000 cars and still jet unable to put a proper 3 phase charging system and a proper battery thermal management in the car

And yet, around here likely 70% of EVs are Leafs. Price is key to adoption, and price means cutting some corners. I think targeting the lower end is not necessarily a mistake

Their volumes are much too low to make a significant impact. VW is going to come in and wipe up the low priced market with their MEB platform making hundreds of thousands per year.

Nissan has spent a lot of money on the Leaf development and has little to show for it. The Leaf is a great vehicle, don’t get me wrong, but inching into the market hasn’t been good for Nissan in the long game. It was good short term. Maybe that will change.

Renault and Nissan are working on a new common more efficient platform, that’s why the new Leaf and new Zoe are not perfect. They didn’t invest much on it because they are temporary refreshes – and not bad ones. Their next platform might very well be something revolutionnary.

I agree a lot with you, but why revolutionary? There’s nothing wrong to make smaller steps, it’s how it worked for a long time.
Nissan just needs to keep doing what they’ve done so far regarding EVs.

“didn’t invest much on it”

In 2014 Nissan had already invested over $5B in EVs. In 2018 I don’t think Tesla has spent much more than $7B cumulative in R&D. I don’t know if these numbers are totally comparable or not, but the point is Nissan has put about as much into EVs as Tesla, and one of them has more promising EV future. Its not Nissan.

Why do you say Tesla has more future than Nissan?
I really don’t know if Nissan is going to have a future in EVs or even a future but Tesla is still in dire straits.

Are they really? Last year this time I would have agreed with you. This year, not at all.

They have stable production of Model 3 going now, Model Y and others are on the way. Revenue stream is stable (well, not totally, if you count 50% revenue growth every year for a few years…). Demand is strong, models have a good margin.

“…Tesla is still in dire straits.”

Wut? Maybe on Earth-2, Tesla is “still in dire straits”.

Here on Earth-1, Tesla is growing rapidly, constructing the Gigafactory 3 in China and apparently installing automobile assembly lines at Gigafactory 1 to make the Model Y.

Tesla is by far the most rapidly growing automobile manufacturer in the world. Outside of China, it’s the only car maker that is significantly expanding its market share every year.

Elon basically said it just weeks ago… but maybe it was the last week and now it’s completely different.
Tesla needs to make profits not once in a while, they need to make profit except once in a while.
Everyone is free to believe what they want…

Elon has said that besides Q1 this year they should make a profit every quarter. Believe him or not. What he said last year was accurate though, that they would be cash flow positive in Q3 and Q4 last year (with the unsaid words they would be negative Q1 2019, by not stating how they would do in Q1)

Tesla way too expensive for the average person to afford. I am not saying that Tesla are no good, quite the opposite in fact, as they are market leaders, but Tesla have a very limited market considering how much they sell for. This why Nissan are doing so well with their Leaf numbers, as they are allowing electric car affordability to the average family.

He’s speaking of the ‘Leaf 1.5’ refresh a little over a year ago. Same basic car made easier to look at with 150 or so miles of range. His assertion is that said refresh was an interim step that didn’t require much in the way of capex compared to a whole new vehicle and a totally new version is likely to appear in a year or two.

And maybe too late…..

VW is all talk and no action

Kenneth Bokor (EV Revolution Show)
Nope no change, Nissan will continue to do well and keep carving out some market space as the pie gets bigger and bigger. Interesting that this article is about the Leaf, yet most of the comments below are about Tesla. Why does every article about and EV have to be turned into talking about Tesla? Can’t people figure out that this market is huge and no one vendor can cover it all? We need every single car manufacturer to get with the program and I for one am very happy when I read good sales numbers for anyone and that another manufacturer launches and EV. That’s potentially one less polluting tailpipe to consider out there. I’ve been commenting on this site for quite some time and so very few of you see the bigger picture and just end up squabbling about one model versus the other, how bad one is, not as good as the other, etc, etc. Please please don’t go talking to non-EV owners with this kind of attitude, you will do more harm than good. If you support EVs, then you support ALL EVs because that is what we need to truly make a difference. OMG.

I’d be glad to talk about Nissan’s contribution to the EV market as soon as they come out with one. The Leaf isn’t a contribution. It’s Nissan’s version of a loss leader, getting people into the showroom where they’re disappointed in the reality of the Leaf, and then sold on an ICE product. That’s why they’ve only sold 400,000 Leaf’s in 9 years. Less than 45K per year, world wide!

Wow. Some people just don’t want the truth. But come on people, face facts: 45K per year wouldn’t be terrible if it were just in the U.S. It still wouldn’t be good, but at least it wouldn’t be awful. The question is, why have Leaf sales been so low for so long? Answer: because Nissan built it as a compliance car, and never really cared about selling an EV. Maybe next year they’ll get serious, but don’t count on it.

So what does that say for everyone else?

At a certain point, you have to look at the scoreboard. Compromised as the Leaf may be, if the goal is to get EVs on the road, the Leaf has been more successful than any other vehicle in history.

Yeah. I had about written off the Leaf, looking at declining sales over the past few years. But looking at the jump from 300,000 cumulative sales in 2018 to, already, 400,000 in 2019, they must be doing something right!

Apparently there is more life left in the Leaf model than I thought, even without any liquid cooling system for the battery pack.

3rd globally (about double that of 2017) at just shy of 90,000 in 2018. Sales increased throughout 2018 as during the first part of 2018 the refreshed wasn’t fully rolled out. Every indication points to 2019 being well north of 100,000. My wild guess is 150,000 because they are on pace to do around 100,000 without the plus/longer range version. Additionally Nissan will pick up a big price advantage in the US this year over the Chevy Bolt. And that price advantage will grow throughout the year and carry over into 2020.

I think Tesla sold more EVs than Nissan and for way higher revenue.

That’s why people talk about it so much.

I thought Tesla Model 3 was the ones that couldn’t charge on 3 phase or CCS?

The TM3 can charge on CCS in Europe. I’m not quite sure why there is more of an obstacle here in the U.S., but my impression is that it’s more of a software issue than a hardware issue. But I’m not an electrical engineer, so I could be wrong about that.

I guess they need to make as big a deal as possible out of this, because the odds are they won’t be the first to hit 500,000.

As of 4-5 months ago, I was expecting it to be extremely close, with the Model 3 hitting 500K 1-2 weeks earlier than the Leaf, with both of them falling between Thanksgiving and before the end of the first week of December.

Tesla was at 160k Model 3 sales at the end of 2018. There is no way Tesla will sell 340k M3s in 2019.

Musk says 350-500k. Which means you’re almost certainly correct 🙂

Lawl best comment of the month!!!

Their current production is at 70,000 per quarter or more, so likely case is 280,000 assuming they don’t ramp at all.

Why would you assume that they don’t ramp up?

Exactly my point… It will be a lot more than 280,000 cars.

That is about 6600 units per week. Not impossible but not a slam dunk either…..

Probably not, without even looking. Tesla must be close to 400k.
Then you could square up and compare production of the two companies and get a good idea of who will hit 500k first and when.

Tesla have sold 160k Model 3 as of last December(Bloomberg). They need to sell 240k this year to reach 400k.

They are making them at a rate of maybe 70,000 per quarter, so should be 3 to 4 quarters to make 240,000. Worst case is they should hit about 250,000, but could be as high as 350,000+ or more if Shanghai GF gets online this year.

The real problem is sales, if they make 70,000 and only sale 20,000 a quarter they have some problems.

They won’t have a problem with sales now that they have full range of models.

Tesla is production constrained, not demand constrained. That’s why they are building not one, but two, new auto assembly plants.

They are pretty much selling everything they can make — and have YET to make the Right Hand Drive version — which will open up even more markets.

I’m talking total vehicles of all models, which is what the Leaf just hit.
I never mentioned the Model 3, so you have no point.

Yeah, if Elon said 350k-500k in 2019, I think he was talking about all Tesla models, not just the Model 3. I don’t think it’s realistic to predict 350k+ sales of just the Model 3 in 2019; there isn’t any way Tesla can increase production that much this year. Building new automobile production facilities takes time, and can’t be done in just a few months.

” if Elon said 350k-500k in 2019, I think he was talking about all Tesla models, ”

No, he said 350-500k Model 3s plus 70-100k S/X. That’s 420-600k total. Official Tesla guidance is 360-400k total.

@ Doggy

“No, he said 350-500k Model 3s plus 70-100k S/X. That’s 420-600k total.”

I do believe that you are right.

But is there a video recording of him saying that?

Did he say that during an interview?

I think that I must have missed that.

Thank you

You’re comparing the entire Tesla range to a single model?

It is pretty certain that the Leaf will hit 500k first. 600k will most likely be hit by the Model 3 first.

Globally Nissan Leaf is around 14,000 to 16,000 sales already and Tesla Model 3 is about 12,000 sales now in 2019. Tesla has some catching up to do. The LEAF is sold in so many markets it has a distinct advantage. We rarely even see the Chinese counts on the LEAFs and Venucias. The Chinese Sylphy ZE is a EV Sentra so it would not be considered a LEAF.

Tesla has gone into panic mode slashing employees and sales centers and prices. It is going to be hard in the States fo because so many people are having to pay extra taxes this year. Its going to kill all car and home sales for the first half of the year.

The Best Tesla news is the excellent performance from the Dragon space capsule. Excellent. Excellent Excellent.

You are comparing global Nissan Leaf sales to U.S.-only Model 3 sales. With that being said, Tesla has sold almost as many Model 3s in the United States as Nissan has sold LEAFs across the entire globe. Now to make it fair, add all of the Tesla Model 3 vehicles sold globally on top of the 12,000. Sadly, we don’t have that number yet, but we can guarantee you that there are a whole lot more than 12,000 Model 3 sold globally this quarter thus far.

Lets hope so. I was under the impression Tesla had only been selling a few 3s mostly in Norway.

Part of the issue is shipping, it takes a month or more to ship a car from SF to Norway and they didn’t start shipping until mid January or so. They didn’t even start European deliveries until February 7th, with a large portion of the production since early January still in transit.

Norway sales will be highest in 2nd or 3rd month every quarter, same with US, early quarter production is shipped longest distances, and late quarter production shipped the shortest distances, meaning most of your vehicles are delivered the 3rd month every quarter.

until today they are around 1000 sales. sales started at mid of february in norway.

They sold close to 1000 Model 3s in Germany in February, mostly in the last two weeks of the month.

They’ve sold about 2-3k Model 3 Europe in January and February.

“Tesla has gone into panic mode slashing employees and sales centers and prices.”

I guess this is the new anti-Tesla pravduh line. Now that y’all can no longer claim Tesla isn’t profitable, you’ve switched to “OMG! Set your hair on fire! Tesla is in panic mode due to collapsing demand!”

Yeah, we can see just how worried Tesla is about “collapsing demand,” because they’re expanding production so fast they are building their 2nd and 3rd automobile assembly plants at the same time!

Tesla isn’t profitable again, they already said Q1 would be a loss. They said Q2 will likely be profitable. We’ll see.

Research request: What’s going on with Tesla in China right now? Bloomberg reporting that the Chinese government has stopped sales of the Model 3. Sounds political to me. Stock is down $10 per share in PMT. —————————— “Tesla hits customs roadblock in China over Model 3 imports: report

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China has suspended customs clearance for Tesla Inc’s Model 3 electric cars, citing various irregularities, including improper labeling of the vehicles, financial publication Caixin reported on Tuesday. ” –

I saw that as well. If something is happening, I expect it to be very short term… Musk is probably in China already and will be working through today and a lot of tomorrow. He’ll be rolling into the Supercharger v3 reveal right off a plane as soon as he has it fixed.

Stock now down 5%. What’s going on?

All car sales are down. Tesla is scrambling to stay alive. All the majors are cutting production. Nissan is down too.

Those cut-ups, the Chinese.

Now resolved. See InsideEVs article for links.

Will it be the first to 500,000, or will it be overtaken by the Model 3?

Interesting question. We will see better after Tesla will have released Q1 report, about how much Model 3 production will have increased this quarter. I would say 50/50. Surely Tesla Model 3 will be the first to reach 600k units.

Nissan Leaf is in the top five cars traded in for a Model 3

Got to love marketing.
Looking at Model 3 it will look something like:
100,000: 2018
200,000: 2019
300,000: 2019
400,000: 2019
500,000: 2020
1,000,000: 2021

I am glad to see Leaf has done well, but Nissan’s idea of a good selling vehicle, and an actually good selling vehicle are very different.

I might have missed it, but i don’t see them mentioning “good selling” anywhere.

You are right, they use “best-selling” 😀

Well globally this year the LEAF has about 14 to 16 thousand sales, that’s a couple thousand more than the Tesla Model 3. They should do well this year. Maybe Tesla can catch up soon, but we really need all EVs to sell as well as the LEAF and Zoe and Tesla.

No, Tesla has sold way more than 12,000 they sold in the US. If you want to compare the way you are, you have to compare US LEAF sales vs US Model 3 sales…

15 RORO ships have picked up cars from SF port in the last month and a half. That is at least 24,000 Model 3 cars if they average about 1,500 per ship (they can carry a lot more than that)…

The only issue Tesla might run into is not getting all those 24,000+ cars delivered before the end of the quarter.

Nissan acts like they are the EV leader, but they set the bar pretty low with the Leaf. If companies want to succeed with EVs they have to set the bar much higher.

The Nissan Rogue sold more units in the US last year (412,000 in 2018) than the Leaf has sold worldwide in almost a decade. Those are the sales levels they need to be aiming for and Tesla will be hitting next year with a similar dollar investment in EVs as Nissan.

Plus, Nissan should have released a CUV/SUV by this time (8 years after the Leaf debuted)! A Rogue EV would be a huge seller.

Yep Nissan is in no hurry to sell EVs. They literally sold millions upon millions of cars last year. But having said that they have been selling LION EVs longer than any other manufacturer too, almost 20- years now.

It doesn’t look like Tesla Model 3 will do well this year.

I assume that was sarcasm? So far 15 RORO ships have been to SF to pickup cars, around 1500-2000 Model 3 cars per load, so that is maybe 24,000 in addition to the 12,000 they have sold in the US plus whatever they have in transit here as well. They are producing at a rate of 70,000/quarter give or take… at worst 60,000 this quarter if they had some down time. Only bad quarter this year is supposed to be Q1, which might have had to due with the 1B cash payment they had to make…

So, for this quarter we have 24k overseas and 12k in the US, plus what they can sell in March in US and Canada? 50-60 k for the quarter?

Well, it won’t if you look only at U.S. sales. But why would you do that?

The Nissan Leaf has been on the market for nearly a decade and the Tesla Model 3 will surpass 400K before Summer of this year!

They will sell 240k Model 3 in half a year?

Summer lasts until September 21. They won’t hit 400k by then, either, but 350k is doable.

Peabrain wrote “before” summer.

before summer is april / may in my mind.

Unusual definition of summer, it’s usually June, July, August in the northern hemisphere and December, January, February in the southern, placing 21 September well in the autumn/spring.

Not at the current rate for Tesla, we hope they will still be in business this summer.

Hmmm, no, from the tone of your comment, it looks like you’re hoping Tesla will fail. O_o

I’m not sure about 400K maybe 250K. But lets hope for the best.

The more evs the better.
I think it’s important that they get into SA and other underserved markets, which the lower production number evs, won’t reach for years. I’m looking forward to some city cars for under 15k, with incentives, that even people on a tight budget can afford. Probably still years away,

Yep I have been wondering about the SA market. Seems wide open, does Nissan already have plants in Brazil?

The Nissan Leaf e+ is already available in Japan.

How many Nissan Leafs have been delivered in Japan in February 2019?

Almost 3000 in Japan, it seems to mirror European sales. Almost 3000 in Europe, 1000 in China? and 1000 in NA. They might have up to 16K sales already this year. We need every brand to sell that well and Nissan needs to introduce more models in NA. And expand market reach of the other EVs they make.

That is very impressive numbers. I hope Nissan sells 3000 a month in the US.

Congrats Nissan! Now it’s time to move on and release an even better EV.

Yep we need some additional models to choose from.

Renault-Nissan have 4 BEVs to chose from, two of those are vans for fleets.

I would love to see the 30kWh original come back with a price tag $15k less. Dump all the electronics and just make a dern inexpensive car.

32 kWh less means only 6.400$ or less saved…. To reduce the price by 15.000$ for the leaf you need to rip out all the battery and the roof.

“the LEAF fleet saves 3.8 million barrels of oil a year.”

It would be nice to have that data for the top 20 selling plug-ins sold world wide.
I think the Bloomberg Opinion article “Oil Demand for Cars Is Already Falling”, posted 11/16/2018 is on to something.

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

The US uses 5,110 million barrels of oil per year for transportation (maybe 3,285 million barrels per year for personal transportation). 3.8 million barrels of oil per year, although a start, is a tiny amount and represents about 10 hours of personal transportation needs of the US. Hard to find worldwide figures, so the worldwide Nissan Leaf fleet savings represents about 10 hours of US needs in a given year.

“the 3 million barrels per day (mb/d) displaced by 300 million electric cars”

The IEA seems to be math challenged or a shill for big oil. One barrel of oil produces about 19 gallons of gas or about one fifth of a gallon per car. If the average per car is 40 miles per day and 24 mpg then each BEV would displace about 1.6 gallons per day or 1 barrel for every 12 BEVs. They figure 1 barrel per day for every 100.

” each BEV would displace about 1.6 gallons per day or 1 barrel for every 12 BEVs.”

That’s not how it works. You have to displace 42 gallons of gasoline to displace 1 barrel of oil. Refinery output will adjust to match the slightly lower gas/diesel/kerosene/etc. ratio.

If you displace massive amounts of gasoline overnight refineries would not be able to adjust and the math would change somewhat. But that’s a fantasy scenario.

“That’s not how it works. You have to displace 42 gallons of gasoline to displace 1 barrel of oil. ”

Sorry but that isn’t how it works. You don’t distill 42 gallons of gas from 42 gallons of oil. Per EIA you can expect 20 gallons of gasoline and 11 gallons of low sulfur distillate. Do the math. Looking at their numbers they expect 42 gallons of oil to yield about 160 gallons of gas!!!

This means 4000K ppl are super boring and should ride the bus

About as boring as your post with to many zeros jerky 👀

Looks like R_slugg0 is trying 0ut his 0wn Boring Company startup.

And not once did it burst into flames….that’s notable.

Moshe, The Electric Israeli

Wow. Loved my Leaf.

“In 2018, the LEAF was the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe (over 40,000)”

This is not likely to be the same result in 2019. not by a long shot.

Which car do you expect to outsell LEAF in 2019, bearing in mind Q1 is almost over already?


Tesla Model 3 obviously. Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe can probably increase to 60,000 units each this year, maybe even more, but I think Model 3 will easily surpass the 100,000 mark, given these 2 points:
1) Mid range deliveries start in May, then Short range comes in September (earlier than expected, there was also the possibility no part of the world aside US and Canada would have seen the SR in 2019)
2) sales still need to start in all of Eastern Europe and UK, lots of potential which needs to be unlocked 🙂

Why I say 100,000? With the average of 3,000 Model 3s per week arriving at the Zeebrugge port from February (around mid February in reality, so 6 weeks not considered) we’d have 3,000 * 46 = 138,000 Model 3s sold in Europe in 2019. Assuming the actual average for the whole 46 weeks will be lower 100,000 is even a safe estimate and not a risky one. Obviously, we have to wait for the first monthly numbers for February and especially March, first full month, to really know.

Tesla does not ship evenly, I don’t think they’ llexport any Model 3the last month of the quarter.

Good for them, and good for EV adoption. The race to 500k is on!!

Probably will get a flat tire before reaching there.

Considering the whole company and not the single veichle, which one will first reach the 1,000,000 goal? Tesla was at around 530,000 after December 2018 (all years combined) and Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance at around 750,000 (but including some PHEVs, while Tesla only sells BEVs). It would be a huge win for Tesla to reach that goal first and with pure electrics only!

Why would that be a huge win?

Simply because 1,000,000 is a round and nice number from a mediatic point of view, but it would also signify a lot for Tesla or another company that achieves that target- it means it has a proved advantage on EVs production versus other manufacturers.

Ok 400k is fine for ten years woelkd wide but the model 3 will get to over 500k sold within 3 years. Nissan won’t be able to sell 400 leafs a month in the states by 2022 if they don’t completely resdesign the leaf for next decade as a lighter, longer range, ccs charging, active thermal management bev that finally gets a telescopic steering wheel.
The “new” leaf is already looks, performs as old compared its competitors today n even more so in a couple years.

the leaf is good and moat sales are generated by price not by features. the VW Käfer (Bug) was so good since it was cheap.

Please… Tesla will sell more Model 3s this year then Nissan Leaf sold in its entire 9 year history.

Not so much but surely Model 3 will scale much faster than Leaf (if Nissan doesn’t make production improvements). There is the possibility, in my opinion, with international sales, leasing, standard battery, Chineese factory coming online in Q4 that Tesla sells 400,000 Model 3 units worldwide in 2019.

Tnx nissan, now please please please allow me to put a 62 with active thermal management in my old 24.

As much as I dislike the LEAF, I have to congratulate Nissan for accomplishing this.

Good Job Nissan!

Well, it’s hard to argue with success! I’ve dissed Nissan plenty of times for its continuing failure to put a liquid cooling sytem into the Leaf’s battery pack. But apparently Leaf sales have picked up quite a bit over the last year or so. I guess there’s some life left in the Leaf brand after all!

However, Nissan shows no sign of expanding its BEV line to more models, as Tesla is doing. Nissan may be the current world leader in selling BEVs, but that’s not going to last long.

Kenneth Bokor (EV Revolution Show)

Yup, another negative comment from you PP. I’m not surprised I wish you would stop comparing the world to Tesla and embrace all EV manufacturers. Look at the bigger picture and not pit one versus the other as you always end up doing, in this website and all the others you post in as well as forums.

Just say thanks Nissan for displacing 400,000 tailpipes and the benefits that from doing that.

For the record, Nissan’s press release claims that the Leaf was “Introduced in 2010 as the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle…” The fact is the Mistubishi launched the i-MiEV in 2009, and despite not selling so good as the Leaf, it has sold over 50,000 units including its European rebadged units, so the i-MiEV was the first mass-produced electric vehicle, not the Leaf.
Perhaps it is more honest if Nissan adjust the wording to say the Leaf was the word’s mass-market electric vehicle produced by a major carmaker, or something in those lines.
Other than that, congrats to Nissan!

Renault effectively owns Nissan and Mitsubishi now, so it is a moot point 😉

This was my general complaint with this press release anyway, that it feels too much like: we are quickly being overtaken in our early dominance in EVs, we better put out a press release. We will announce more gas only hybrids in the meantime…

I really wanted to like the IMX, but lost all interest finding out it is a serial hybrid only (a PHEV might have interested me).

Kenneth Bokor (EV Revolution Show)

Nope you are 100% WRONG. Nissan is just proud of their accomplishment so why are you always Viking79 (I see you in many many posts on this and other sites) and you are always negative to anything not Tesla. If you are going to bash everyone else, then at least do it not behind a fake alias.

However, I know you are very intelligent and understand the EV marketplace very well, so you instead should be acknowledging the fact that Nissan has taken 400,000 tailpipes out of the market and contributed to substantial lowering of GHG emissions and air quality health issues! That is what you should be thanking them for, along with any other manufacturer that does the same thing – whoever that is!

Please use your intellect for promotion of all EVs (its ok to highlight pros and cons and one vendor is not going to be right for everyone’s use case) and to advise potential EV adopters, and not waste it on stupid comments like the one above. Shameful.

Kenneth Bokor (EV Revolution Show)

Nissan was available in more countries and more production was made, so they went after a bigger marketplace therefore mass-market is a very valid statement. Gee wizz you just can’t say thanks Nissan for getting rid of 400,000 tailpipes and be done with it. I really don’t understand you people that continue to just want to say anything negative all the time.

“…so the i-MiEV was the first mass-produced electric vehicle, not the Leaf.”

It depends on your definition of mass production. Tesla and GM et al could claim to predate the I-Miev.

Congratulations Nissan on selling 400,000 Leafs.
Credits to Mr. Carlos Ghosn the architect of EV in the Renault-Nissan Motors.
Luckily he is going to be released on bail. Lets see whether he can prove his innocence.

Leaf will maintain the lead even in 2020 if the Leaf + sells very well.

Its just constant 100 000 each year.. no ramp up in production by Nissan.