Nissan LEAF Ends 2015 With Nearly 90,000 Cumulative Sales In U.S.

JAN 6 2016 BY MARK KANE 16

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

It is no secret that the year 2015 wasn’t strong for the Nissan LEAF in the U.S., as sales were falling year-over-year for 12 consecutive months.

Despite the fact that the 2016 model year has the potential to reverse this trend, reinforcements were too low in supply, and too late to assist in 2015.

With just 17,269 sales (purchases and leases) Nissan can’t be happy with the 2015 result. And the Japanese car was dethroned by the Tesla Model S for 1st position in 2015. (Full 2015 and historical leader boards can be found on our Monthly EV Sales Scorecard)

But perhaps the 2016 LEAF entered the market just one year too late. Surprising consumers in early 2015 with the 30 kWh option could have resulted in much stronger sales for the year.

Anyways, from 17,269 and just over 2% average share in total Nissan car sales (trucks excluded), the only way to go in 2016 is up.

Nissan LEAF sales in U.S. - December 2015

Nissan LEAF sales in U.S. – December 2015

On the positive side, Nissan LEAF is still the most popular plug-in electric car in the U.S. with cumulative sales of 89,591 through the end of December 2015 –  a few hundred above the 88,750 Chevrolet Volts sold to date.

Total LEAF sales worldwide exceeded 200,000 in January, so U.S. sales account for 45% of all LEAFs ever sold.

Nissan LEAF sales in U.S. - December 2015

Nissan LEAF sales in U.S. – December 2015

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It’s pretty hard to get excited about the 30Kwh LEAF, while the 200 mile Bolt is being previewed and the Tesla Model 3 reveal is coming in a few months.

Nissan promised 100 miles of range five years ago and is just now delivering. They definitely should have launched the bigger battery a year ago. If they don’t come up with 200 miles of range by 2017, the LEAF is going to be toast.

Yes, that seems to be the consensus, and also quite likely. You can’t rest on your laurels as the only maker of affordable ev’s forever.

My guess ist, that they will come up with the new Model in late 2016 like the Bolt. Battery options will be 30kWh and 60kWh. Unlike last year with the 30kWh option, they won’t talk much about that until it happens.

So true, I guess people won’t buy the top versions of the Leaf, if they can get a Bolt for almost the same money, maybe even better equipped (who knows), but with twice the range. And if its the cheap base version they are after, that one hasn’t changed. In conclusion, I see the Leaf continuing its miserable performance, maybe even worsen, until the 2. generation.

Will US LEAF sales cross 100,000 before August 2016?

The 2 higher models with 30 KWh should sell well. But people will also have an eye on upcoming models like Model-3, Bolt and so on.

So dealers should do their best and if needed, Nissan should be ready to cut the price. After all battery prices keep coming down every year.

Funny Thing is – in so may ways – working class people are often not even aware of what EV Performance Means, as there are still those who think that an EV – is the one going slow and blocking the flow of traffic, and not the one that just left them at the traffic light – even the less than pretty smart ED can do that to most ICE Cars, not even getting to the Volt, i3, or the Tesla in performance!

Nissan’s best TV add at the moment – is being run by GM, (Getting people stuck in an Elevator – to show them why the should not buy an Electric Vehicle, like the Nissan LEAF {I wonder how they will compare the Bolt to the Volt in it’s adds?], so Nissan is skipping TV Ads right now?

Nissan needs to bump up as fast as possible to a main vehicle with 60 kWh Packs, and low costing the Current 24 and 30 kWh LEAF’s as soon as they can, AND – Make a Dealer serviceable Retro Fit for the 30 kWh battery for older 2010 – 2014 LEAF’s – to salvage THEIR Re-sale Values!

81 comments on the bolt story 5 on the leaf, tells a story. IMO we are moving up a gear there are so many phev versions of regular cars and a whole heap of fairly decent bev’s at the sub 100 mile mark that nissan need to do more to stand out.

Right on J_C

If Nissan made a retrofit 30kwh pack available at $5500 to all 2011-16 cars, they would keep a lot of people in the brand. Many of people would buy their lease returns at residual value, be more confident purchasing new Leafs, and as a result, they could put a hold on the Exodus to the Bolt and Model 3. I own a 2015 S and my plan is to sell it when I can get a Model 3. My commute is only 50 miles round trip, so the current 24kwh leaf will serve me fine for years to come. If I knew that roughly $5K would get me a new 30kwh battery, I’d keep the car rather than dump it in 2 years for a Model 3.

Nissan like most large car makers answer to accountants, they can not quantify good will.

Furthermore, I’m waiting until this time next year when Tesla is taking orders for Model 3, Bolts are shipping, and Nissan has announced a 60kwh car. Then I’m gonna walk into my local Nissan dealer and ask for a 2016 SV for $25K out the door. And my guess is they’ll be happy to sell it to me. With CA rebates and tax credits, that will be a $15K car. 107 mi of range is all that I really need and at that price, I can afford to put a new pack in it and still be better off.

Central Florida Nissan dealerships are not enthusiastic about Leafs they want to sell gas guzzlers. Your strategy would fail here

200 Mile / 60 KWh for $37 K before rebate – The New Baseline.

Nissan needs to seriously update both the battery, and the exterior styling of the LEAF. Tesla has shown the world, that EV´s do not need to look ugly or weird.

Nissan needs to keep their dealers honest and to not push polluting gas guzzlers.