Nissan LEAF e-Plus Orders Pouring In: Europe

FEB 11 2019 BY MARK KANE 74

Two-thirds of 3.ZERO Limited Edition LEAFs e+ already pre-ordered in Europe

Nissan has received more than 3,000 pre-orders for 3.ZERO Limited Edition of the latest LEAF e+ in Europe, since its unveiling about a month ago. That’s almost two-thirds of the planned run of 5,000 units of the exclusively well-equipped trim version.

Nearly half of those pre-orders come from… Norway, where the Nissan LEAF was the best-selling car of any kind or type in 2018.

The LEAF e+ 3.ZERO Limited Edition starts from €45,500 and deliveries will begin this summer.

“The new Nissan LEAF e+ 3.ZERO Limited Edition, which is fitted with a 62kWh battery, has proven to be a very attractive proposition on the continent. Pre-orders of the new model currently total more than 3,000, which puts the Nissan LEAF in prime position to achieve record sales once again in 2019 after a very successful 2018.”

Ken Ramirez, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nissan Europe said:

“The overwhelmingly positive response to the Nissan LEAF e+ 3.ZERO Limited Edition shows just how appealing it is to own a Nissan EV. It’s no wonder the Nissan LEAF is the best-selling EV in Europe and the number one selling car overall in Norway.

“The Nissan LEAF combines leading environmental credentials with outstanding driving dynamics, performance and an enviable roster of technology. The Nissan LEAF e+ 3.ZERO Limited Edition is the highest expression of our record-breaking EVs and we look forward to starting deliveries to customers in the coming months.”

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“Orders pouring in”

What? This isn’t some kind of super/hyper car we’re talking about. The Model S had more orders than that when nobody had ever heard of Tesla, nevermind the 3 that had 150x as many orders.

I find it bizarre that downvotes pour in when you point out that Nissan’s performance is nothing short of abysmal. Nissan had an extremely strong lead in BEVs once-upon-a-time. They have managed to completely squander their lead. They went from being a generation ahead of everyone else to a generation behind.

I did not up or down vote your comment, but I would point out that there’s a decent chance that the negative responses are due, in part, to Tesla being injected into the conversation yet again on this site. It gets quite tiresome after a while, even when the comment is factually correct, which I assume yours was re:Model S orders.

How could Tesla not be “injected” in every EV comment? Tesla invented and is the industry.

Why so negative dude, Nissan has been making EVs for 20 or 30 years now. Excellent cars.

How about because the 3000 orders is of a limited 5000 special model production run that is a limited edition and isn’t all the trims. It appears that a 214 HP motor is used for instance and it is all decked out with all the goodies. But the commenters don’t seem to notice the odd name and wonder ‘hmm….what’s all this now?’

I think the 150 kW motor is standard on the e+? The premium trim is probably just about various options — though I agree that it’s probably the reason for the limited amount of orders. €45,500 is a pretty steep price for a Leaf…

Why so negative dude? Nissan makes the most reliable EVs ever made. Excellent cars, not a performance machine, but very reliable. Not everyone cares about performance, families all over Europe will love these cars for generations.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

This is a special “sucker born every minute” version of the Leaf+.

Customers buying a Leaf does not engage in this stupid pre-order game. They wait until it is on the lot, go see/touch/try it and then maybe buy.
I am patiently waiting myself….

Not in Europe. No dealer’s lots with many unsold cars, special order only.
Limited edition trims are always sold out before first delivery.

Why so negative dude? This is good news. we want everyone to drive EVs.

Aside from these orders being just for the extra-expensive trim of the e+, the Model 3 had advance reservations, not orders. Quite a different thing.

I received a letter from ma Nissan dealer that only 5000 of the e+ 3.ZERO will be available for all of Europe for all of 2019.

That does not sound right at all

The 3.ZERO is a limited edition of the 60kWh e-plus Leaf. There should be more that are the standard S, SV, and SL trims.

Probably Accenta, N-Connecta and Tekna trims in European branding.

At €45K they are not far from €~50K I expect to pay for Tesla Model 3 (Standard range + Premium upgrade + Autopilot).

One is a hatchback the other a sedan

…and the stick is buying anything else.

The expected price point he mentioned is actually more than what Tesla asks for the medium range variant (+EAP) right now. Which is an apt comparison, since it has similar range etc. specs as the e+…

The Nissan Leaf e+ 3.ZERO Limited Edition, is the more affordable EV, and EU Lack Luster Leader!

EU Leaf Lovers like “Innovation That Excites”.

Goshen is Gone,
Now it’s Nissan…
“Intelligent MOB Boss Ability!

Check out Tesla prices in the EU, then you’ll see why leaf has done well. We probably won’t see a model 3 till autumn in UK and price will be £50k+ (You can covert that to dollars – it’s loads) so what can we do? Look at prices for Model S – it’s just funny. This year will be rubbish waiting for VW etc to get geared up to sell EV’s, maybe next year to.
Hope Tesla can find a way to sell cars cheaper over here soon.

Check used Model S… They have very good prices now, at least in The Netherlands where I live

Left hand drive!

Check their totaled car prices. Even better

Not everyone can afford a Tesla, or a LEAF for that matter. we need everyone to drive an EV sooner than later. Nissan is helping to make that happen. I hope all the brands do well this year.

i wouldn’t buy another LEAF if it was the only EV on the market.

The €30k-€35k leaf is a reasonable price EV, is still a car like a traditional car that costs around €25k or less… but that is electric with some advantages.
For €45k we are entering luxury price levels, and even very well equipped I doubt leaf will ever be close to anything luxury.
I believe the car will be very fast from 0-100km/h but I still think it’s too much money.

Your trolling has taken a more subtle tone – interesting..

What useful information are you expecting to bring with that post? I’m very curious.

Do you want to discuss EVs and useful stuff? I don’t think so… But if you want to discuss the usefulness of my posts compared with yours, we can do it, but if you keep that trend it’s going to be a bloodbath for you :).

Ha Ha – a bloodbath? Threats now – nice. It is your thinly veiled troll. It is a different style than usual. You in a compliment which is standard for when someone has something critical to say, a standard tactic. “I believe the car will be very fast from 0-100km/h but I still think it’s too much money.” Very fast? not so much my Russian friend. The Leaf isn’t a particularly fast EV and is fact one of the slower one 0-100 6.3 meh – slower than the Bolt and Model 3. I overall agree with your statement though. However what I take exception with is that the overall post in camouflage is that EVs are more expensive than ICE and not worth the money. Again a standard but false claim often sited by trolls of our site. “is still a car like a traditional car that costs around €25k or less… but that is electric with some advantages.” I agree kind of, this iteration is particularly expensive for this class of car true. Nice try and thanks for not being as obvious with your trolling efforts. We actually agree in some small part about this one.
So you basically agree with some things I said… But it would be perfectly ok if you didn’t. If I don’t agree with you, will that make you a troll?! It’s perfectly normal to agree and disagree to some extent. Do you live in the same world as me? Is disagreeing a terrible thing where you live?! Obviously the “bloodbath” was just a figure of speech, and it has already started… but wait there’s more, a lot more :). Do you know if I’m Russian? Show me you have solid proofs of that. You know you invent stuff using unpleasant stereotypes, very normal with rude people. But you end up being nothing but a liar and unlike you I would be very careful before saying this without being 100% sure of what I’m saying. So I’ll say it again – you are a liar! I’m not your friend either… I understand it’s also a figure of speech, but please don’t use it anymore, I don’t want to be even close of that, so I’ll ask you politely – stop that, friendship is a two way feeling, I’m not your friend, I respect and I’ll be polite with you – just… Read more »
I understand the simple head to head economic argument. What you must consider is not just the entry price but the long term costs and of course the impact to the environment. What do you think of this head to head comparison of the Ford Focus Electric. I own 2 EVs one of them is a Focus. It sites that the Electric version is cheaper overall per mile even though its’ initial price was more. Just as a matter of curiosity – Russian Jabs aside – what is your nationality? If you are really interested in a debate about EVs – it would be interesting to understand the cultural contexts of your comments. Surely there is a slight breakdown of communication due to differences in language. I was born in Greece but have lived in the US most of my adult life. I have dual citizenship. I know when I am in Greece I rarely see any EVs: It costs 500 a year less to run an EV vs Electric per year from another article on inside EVs: This Forbes article outlines the cost advantage of owning evs pretty well: Personally the cost isn’t the driver for me.… Read more »

He’s always been first and foremost an anti-Tesla troll. Nothing new here.

To clarify, I think his opinions expressed when not related to Tesla are often reasonable. I actually upvoted the original comment.

As a first gen Leaf owner down to 8 bars in ~60k miles, I’m extremely wary of Nissan. I wish them the best of luck, but their cavalier attitude to battery degeneration has likely cost them quite a few future customers, which is a shame considering the current Leaf design is pretty nice.

I am another early Leaf owner that is not happy with how they acted like losing lots of range is normal. It really kills resale value to have a 50 mile car.

After you get your return on the car give it to a family member and upgrade to a new LEAF. Help them get into the zero emission lifestyle. The New LEAF models should easily last over 200K if you take care of the batteries. very well built cars.

That was the warranty, that should have been your expectations. The new batteries will last 200K miles if you take care of them. Thousands of Tesla and other EV owners have massive battery degradation too. We need to educate owners on proper battery care.

Well the new Leaf is better in just about every way and the lack of active battery cooling isn’t as big a deal in Northern Europe. I am glad to see there being some enthusiasm for the car.

Who would buy an EV that will lose 20 – 30% or more of it’s battery capacity in the first 2 or 3 years? Proof? Go see how far a 2013 Leaf goes on it’s original battery. Leaf gives all EV’s a bad name by providing justification for those EV deniers that think they’ll have to pay for a new battery after a few years. Nissan, listen to your engineers and make active liquid cooling for your batteries. Other responsible manufacturers already have: GM, Ford, Telsa … etc.

Guess what it’s 2019, your 2013 sad sack story is totally irrelevant to today.

Actually, my 2013 has over 80k miles and is sitting on all but one bar. Doing well, but obviously not in a “hot state.” I’m going to grab another one soon and double my EV miles/ day with the wife. That isn’t sad at all, is it? /s

@ Keith S.,

We’ve got three 2013 Leafs that don’t conform to your profile above, here amongst the neighbors in So. Cal.

One SV with 70k + mi. and 18% battery degradation (03/13 build month), one S with 40k + mi. and 19% degradation (09/13 B.M., and charges up to 100% often), another SV in the middle of the first two, in miles and % of degradation. All three 2013 Leafs are on their first capacity bar loss.

Yes Keith was exaggerating or at least pointing out the edge cases. My 2015 Leaf lost 10% in 3.5 years and 35k miles, so not terrible.

Still, compared to many other EVs (with active liquid cooling) that’s pretty bad. A more reasonable degradation profile might be 5% at 100k miles, something Leaf can’t hope to accomplish in a hot climate. Since I live in GA I won’t consider another Leaf. In cooler climates it could be a very good car.

Actually that compres very favorable with all other EVs. Are you referring to the Tesla degradation vs mileage charts with the all the replacement battery data removed?

I live in Alabama and I take care of my LEAF batteries, they might last a lifetime. Did you read the instructions?

It more a function of your charging behavior and lifestyle than mileage or active cooling. According to the Tesla forums you need to minimize the time the car sits at 100% charge, set the timers to 80%, keep it out of the red. Store it for extended periods at 50% charge. Do not park in the sun or try to park in Air conditioned garages. If Tesla batteries last longer it is because they are bigger batteries and Tesla owners are better educated on battery care and perhaps they have air conditioned garages.

That’s excellent. fifteen to twenty percent of 2012 Tesla had to have their batteries replaced already.

The Leaf will cost 46000 in Spain. The e-Niro (64 Kwh) with the Luxury package right now costs 41.250. I know where I’d put my money.

How is availability, though?…

Sure, takes a while before you get the car. But with 5000 3.zeroes for Europe don’t hold your breath either

The leaf e+ will be a big success in the US. Why? Because you can’t get any other EV readily other than Tesla unless you live in CA. The Kona and Niro look like great cars; but I don’t think I will ever be able to buy one here in Ohio.

You can only buy Tesla in about half the states. Wake up.

You can buy Tesla in any US state – just in some, you can only buy it via the internet, instead of buying at their store – no big deal.

Not convinced it will be a great success. The price range will likely be dangerously close to base Model 3 (assuming that actually become available in a not too distant future), while being a considerably less premium offering — and hatchbacks generally do worse than sedans in the US…

Let’s hope it does better than the 2018 Leaf — but I don’t expect huge volumes.

Excellent news, Hopefully Tesla and Hyndai and VW and other EV orders will come in too in outstanding numbers. The LEAF has exceptional reliability and proven cold weather performance. They will enjoy those cars for years to come.

Cold weather performance? What do you mean?
Of all EV, the Leaf has the badest heating of all.
I know that from owning one since 2012 and when temperature fall below -12c°, a very common thing aroud here in Québec winter, you can set heating to whatever you wish, but you’ll only get mild confort.
Just don’t try it under -25c°, it’s just good to clear the fog out some part of the windows.

Just receive my TM3 last wesnesday, and there a universe of difference between them.
Any setting you choose is setting you get, in a Leaf, not at all.

Well true the Leaf heater is no blast furnace but as long as it clears the window fog I’m happy. Both my Leaf’s have proven extremely reliable in the dead of winter. Yeah I’d love an M3 but it’s a lot more $$$

As a southerner, I just don’t know how you stand those winters. I suppose one can get used to anything, but MAN THAT’S REALLY COLD!

“The LEAF e+ 3.ZERO Limited Edition starts from €45,500”

that is way more than what I can afford. That is $50K+!

Yeah – You can get supposedly a Model 3 for 42K now – You make the choice…

$42900 + $1200 destination = $44100
…but, yes….this new Leaf is way too expensive.

Thanks – so yeah pretty much the same as a Model 3. It just seems so long in the tooth comparatively even though it is the refreshed design. The over the software updates, the better performance, autopilot, supercharger capability -a nicer design. It just seems like there are too many things in the 3s favor if they are the same price.

$44100 + taxes.
Meanwhile prices in Europe include all taxes. That changes everything.

You can’t raw convert the currency to have an idea of the price in the USA.
But I agree it’s very expensive, Nissan is probably trying to have bigger profits with those willing to pay more and slowly decrease the price with time – just guessing (apparently people are ordering it).

Note it’s a “limited edition”.
Those are _always_ (no matter whether ICE or BEV, no matter model or brand) really bad deals, since you’re paying hundreds or thousands extra for mostly some plastic trim pieces, maybe a different color interior, and just possible a single improved component (here the motor).
You can tell by the very name “limited edition” that it’s a pure snob-appeal play. The proof is that two years after the sale, the market value of that car will be $0 more than the equivalent non-limited-edition model. Just check any used-car pricelist.

I agree. I think they are production constrained this year and decided that as they could only spare 5000 in total for Europe they would try and go for the ‘limited edition’ branding to try and pass this off and make some extra money at the same time. The way I see it you are basically paying extra to get a car this year rather than waiting until 2020. All the recent long range cars are in short supply so it will probably work, at least until the model 3 mid range arrives.

European prices include ~20% VAT — so no, it’s not $50,000.

Hopefully they will increase production, Hopefully all brands will sale well if we re ever going to put fossil fuels to rest. Families will love those car for generations.

I hope, and think the e-Plus will prove a really capable car, but $51K+ feels like way too much even for its limited edition, and these 3,000 orders are hardly “pouring”, given that Europeans are buying EV’s at a rate of 40K/month.

It seems some more great news brewing. I thought Nissan had sold 10,000 eNV200 vans last year but it appears they may have about 10,000 on order instead. If it was sold in the US it would make for great little camper van for me. I imagine in Europe they will sell everyone they make as soon as it rolls off the line. Hopefully with 10 different models and brands of EV vans now available in Europe all diesel and gas van sales are headed towards ZERO.