Nissan LEAF e-Pedal On A Slope And Auto Parking Tested – Video


The new Nissan LEAF flawlessly passed Bjørn Nyland’s e-Pedal challenge on a slope and did well in parking itself.

Nissan Leaf e-Pedal challenge: Don’t touch brake pedal! (source: Bjørn Nyland)

The first video shows that the 2018 LEAF is able to stop and hold its place on a slope in both directions, without touching the brakes.

Moreover, the start is soft and easy mode. This hold feature should be a new standard for all future cars, EVs included

The second video presents automatic parking tests – both perpendicular and parallel.

LEAF enables you to easily choose a parking spot and does everything else itself (even changing driving directions), but braking is a little bit too intense.

The around view monitor also makes it super easy to park manually.

In the case of parallel parking, sometimes there was trouble with detecting the right spot between the cars (it works when the spot is selected manually though).

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This is exactly what I wanted to see, thanks for this post!
In my commute to work through city streets I often get there (10 miles) braking maybe onece or twice in my eGolf. The strong regen stops he car quickly but sometimes there is that stupid crawl which really is useless. This is much better and would love to have this functionality in my next ev.

Love his passion.

Yes, it is a nice feature.

Now the only thing missin is a DCFC test to show the rate of charge of the car.

If it’s good as all other point, it would be a killer.

M3 - reserved -- Niro/Leaf 2.0/Outlander - TBD

I think autopark is NOT available in the USA version — yet.

Great car and I am seeing more of them available (here in the US) on Autotrader everyday.

Me. Nyland and the inclined Leaf, for the Win!