Nissan LEAF And e-NV200 At Paris Marathon – Video


Nissan LEAFs and e-NV200s As Far As The Eye Can See

Nissan LEAFs and e-NV200s As Far As The Eye Can See

At the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon, a fleet of electric vehicles paced the field of runners.

Nissan LEAFs and Nissan e-NV200s were on hand to support the marathoners in their quest to complete the 26-mile race.

It’s fitting that zero emission vehicles run the route and that Schneider Electric sponsors the event.

This is not the first time that electric vehicles have been used at a marathon and it certainly won’t be the last.

As a marathoner, would you rather run alongside an emissions-free vehicle or one that spews out the nasty stuff?  Electric vehicles belong here.  ICE won’t even attempt to challenge the EVs dominance in this area.

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What a great way to advertise all-electric vehicles! All racing cyclers and runners should demand electric pace and support vehicles.
Now if Nissan could just get that battery range up, they could be the support vehicles at the Tour de France — without the need for a quick charge each day during the race. Tesla is the only vehicle with that kind of charge free range now.