Nissan LEAF Driving New Jersey Assemblyman Hit By Rolling Coal


Tim Eustace Speaking At Grand Opening Of Tesla's 100th U.S. Supercharger

Tim Eustace Speaking At Grand Opening Of Tesla’s 100th U.S. Supercharger

Tim's Nissan LEAF

Tim’s Nissan LEAF

Tim Eustace, a strong supporter of electric vehicles and New Jersey assemblyman, had the unpleasant experience of a lifted diesel truck “rolling coal” all over his Nissan LEAF.

The term “Rolling Coal” is a rising trend. It basically means when a diesel truck spews out a large amount of black smoke (diesel soot) into the atmosphere.  This “rolling coal” requires the vehicle to be modified, which involves tampering with emissions (highly illegal) and computer tuning.

We are dumbfounded on why anyone would desire to do this. Except for the driver of the diesel truck, mostly everyone does not enjoy seeing or experiencing this act. There is an endless amount of videos, mainly on YouTube, of diesel trucks performing this shameful act.

All it precisely proves is an individuals arrogance.  The individual must enjoy wasting money on diesel fuel because that’s what happens when you “roll coal, not to mention the fines involved with emissions tampering, which is well up into the 5 figure range and possibly involving jail time from laws that currently exist.

Eustace wants to ban this “rolling coal” and we do not blame him. We can all agree that this act of indecency is unneeded and something should absolutely be done to put an end to it. Who says diesel trucks are above the law?

A comment from Eustace on this issue:

“People had been telling this has been going on, but I hadn’t seen it.”

“I was surprised to experience it myself.”

Eustace was already going to announce a bill on this issue a week before his experience, whether or not this “rolling coal” event happened to him. Ironic isn’t it?

The (A3583) bill forbids “retrofitting diesel-powered vehicles to increase particulate emissions for the purpose of “coal rolling” and ban the practice of “coal rolling”

Rolling Coal

Rolling Coal

This act of “rolling coal” is already a violation of the Clean Air Act as DEP regulations states “shall not emit visible smoke, whether from crankcase emissions or from tailpipe exhaust, for a period in excess of three consecutive seconds.

Eustace adds:

“I wish it was that thought out.”

“I think it’s just youthful ignorance.”

So, will Eustace really accomplish much with his bill? We think yes. His bill might further enforce the law, as we believe that not a whole lot is being done to curb the issue currently.

Not only are there still tons of “rolling coal” videos continuing to be uploaded, but many companies and retailers are still somehow allowed to sell these components that tamper with the emissions controls on diesel trucks.

It’s easy for the retailers/manufacturers to get away with it too as they claim something like “The product(s) is strictly for off-road use only,” meaning the product is not meant to be used on public roads.  However, that does not stop anyone from using it on the road.

Maybe this bill by Eustace (though limited to New Jersey) would prompt the rest of the U.S. to act against “rolling coal” and to find a way to forever ban it from use.   At least that’s our hope.


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“off road use” …

Is this kind of modification legal for off road use? Does anyone know if off road use gets a waiver from Clean Air Act? I hope not!

I remember the days of “purple” gasoline when they’d add a dye to gas that wasn’t being taxed for highway improvement. As such, this is probably a bit like that. You’re probably not required to have a catalytic converter on farm vehicles, for example, that are for use only on private land. Likewise, private roads would be similarly exempt.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of fuel used in the US is used on the highways.

The whole point of the “for use only on off-road vehicles” boilerplate on the other hand, is just to keep the manufacturers from legal liability for the illegal actions of the consumers. It’s a load of crap though, and probably wouldn’t stand up in court if challenged.

I’m into ‘off roading’. I always run diesels because I like to go in water. Deep water. Up to your windows deep water. With a petrol engine the spark tends to get wet and go out, which leaves the driver getting his feet, arse and often tits wet!
Diesel has no spark…
To get more power out of a turbo diesel engine, the easiest and cheapest way is to stick a bloody enormous intercooler on the front and turn up the boost. To save the mixture from getting weak you then turn up the fuel mixture. General rule of thumb is turn it up, drive it, turn it up a bit more, drive it. When you put your foot down and you get black smoke out of the exhaust, you are over fuelling. The excess unburnt diesel comes out as black smoke. So you back it off a little until the smoke goes away.
These numbnuts are running with the fuel mixture way too rich, and then blowing it in people’s faces. I don’t approve!
I neither condone or promote violence, but sometimes a gunshot to the face is justified for the greater good!

Diesels are getting screwed by Exxon.
He’s paying a fortune for diesel. But, of course, he blames “Obama”.

Huh? Obama is not mentioned anywhere. Plus he doesn’t have time to manipulate fuel prices, since he’s busy with his new war in the Mideast.

Where you been? Fox News blames Obama for cloudy days now.

Which are clearly his fault! 😉

Obviously, it all ties back to Benghazi.

Diesel owners need to take a 5th grade math refresher, nationally.

The economics have nothing to do with it. They know it costs money. It’s an emotional reaction to the stark reality that they don’t live in their own universe anymore. We are part of a global community, and a substantial percentage of our fellow human beings truly cannot handle that fact.

And the propaganda machine of the ruling class preys on that – gives them enemies to focus their fear and anger and frustration – redirecting their frustration of their economic entrapment, for example (rich people aren’t rolling coal).

It isn’t a matter of responsibility, it’s somehow magically turned into “other people telling me what I can and cannot do”. The propaganda makes it personal, as a personal affront or attack, rather than focusing on the issue at hand.

I see this same thing in my area Fauquier county, Virginia. Its got to be the most moronic modification I have ever seen. I had one joker try to smoke me up at a traffic light, I pulled away quickly in the Leaf as his truck spewed $3 worth of fuel into the air behind me. I keep checking to see if they are ticketed , they should be its a wastes of fuel and obviously bad for everyones health.

Did you make a complaint?

It’s easy for the retailers/manufacturers to get away with it too as they claim something like “The product(s) is strictly for off-road use only,”

And why is it legal to do this off road? Does it somehow impact the globe less if it is done off of a public road?
Does anybody know if these modifications have any reasonable application? or are they only useable so that a person can do this?

I’ve seen a lot of dumb YouTube memes, but this is one of the dumbest. It takes a particular stupid mindset to think this is cool, or even acceptable. Some people really need to grow up.

Couldn’t they just be charged with assault?

Blinding drivers while deliberately spraying them with known carcinogens… yes that should absolutely qualify.

Accomplish much? I think not. The removal of filters for greater power/efficiency has been around for a long time. These trucks waste fuel “for fun”, running rich. This is like cars that remove catalytic converters, like people who clear codes to pass inspection, like not having to pass a sniff test because you faked your OBD II, with a “tune”……

You can regulate all you want. Enforcement is abysmal. Mike, this kind of thing is everywhere. “Rolling coal” is just a more visible version. Imagine how much more these things put out, relative to the new car, whose price bakes in ~2-5% added costs for the latest greatest marginal benefit?

Yes enforcement will be difficult if not impossible.

You can’t really legislate people from doing stupid things. Shaming by peers or family is much more effective.

Not quite true. I’m sure there’s at least a half-dozen laws you can throw at this, starting with air pollution laws, via dangerous behavior on the highway (smoke obstructs the view of other drivers), etc. etc.

And how will you enforce those laws? Unless someone does it to a cop, you’ll never catch them.

This is such a small subset of the population, it really doesn’t warrant much thought.

in california at least, you can go to the carb web page and file a complaint against the car by license plate.

Yes, I have done that. This was for a tractor-trailer, not a coal roller, but all they do is send a letter to the owner. Not a big fat help at all since most people ignore such letters (and it also presumes that they gave a genuine address that is current).

I honestly think (in California anyway) reporting a**holes like this to the CHP is more effective. They’ll at least track them down, pull them over and lecture/shame them, even if they don’t cite them.

Another illusion dies ;-(

It’s already illegal. It would be better to step up enforcement both of offenders and vendors selling the products. The people doing this risk an assault charge, as well.

And no, it wouldn’t be legal for “off-road use” in any case. The act of modifying the emissions system of a highway vehicle is illegal regardless of the intended use. It’s similar to selling HID kits or non-DOT bulbs to retrofit vehicle lighting systems, which is also illegal.

If this happened to me, I’d do my best to remain calm, record the licence and any particulars of the vehicle and driver that I could, and report it to police. The owner of the vehicle can be fined for the emissions modification even if they can’t determine who was driving.

Yeah, but local police and local prosecutors don’t know how to deal with some Clean Air Act violation. Give them a local criminal law that covers it.

“Legal for off-road use” means it cannot be used on a highway vehicle (or any vehicle that travels on public roads).

I don’t know of any emissions regulation on vehicles that operate strictly on private roads/property, which is what “off-road use” means.

Seems to me that this is simply a case of simply enforcing the existing laws to solve the problem, but the new bill might give the matter some attention which might help.

You are correct. The new bill will give local/state police state law to cite the offenders which would be easier to prosecute.

It’s illegal? Nobody gives a crap about it in shocking green California.

The Sacramento suburbs have more pickup trucks than Texas. As in the example picture above, the trucks doing this are usually modified with extra tall shocks and extra wide tires.

“Youthful ignorance”?
I’d say it’s more of “cowboy arrogance”.

I’ve even seen one with a large sticker on the back of his truck that says “IT’S NOT POLLUTION, IT’S HORSEPOWER!”

Yep, I’ve seen an annoyingly large number of trucks here. There are supposed to be height limits for how far off the ground your bumper is. No one enforces it though. No one enforces noise ordinance for both obnoxiously loud music or modified mufflers that wake the entire neighborhood. Honestly, I think the biggest problem is not the need for new laws, its the lax or lacking of enforcement on existing laws.

People need to catch videos of the coal-rollers and report them. Getting prosecuted should curtail the practice.

Is it a “rising trend”? I was hoping it was a brief fad …

What Moron does: Rolls coal on Nissan Leaf and goes around bragging to anyone who will listen.

What Moron says: I just rolled coal on a Nissan Leaf.

What people hear: I’m a Moron, and Nissan Leaf sales are starting to take off

What people think: I gotta get away from this moron, and maybe I should look into buying a Leaf.

I think everyone is jealous that Moron is going to do more for EV sales than they ever could

You do realize that most morons brag to other morons right?

Yea but they are aloud out in public, some are even smart enough to work a camera. In the local bars pictures do get past around.

We the regular readers of inside EVs. All know these are great cars. Any publicity that doesn’t involve a car catching fire is a good thing.

Woman says: Coal rollers are morons.

Man says: I take offense to that remark!

Woman says: Why? Are you a coal roller?

Man says: No. I’m a moron.

I watched a couple of those videos on youtube. It’s pretty much like the article says, arrogant diesel drivers.

While it seems harmless, I saw them do this to people riding bicycles and pedestrians “for the lulz”. Can’t imagine it’s very healthy to be forced to breathe this stuff.

I also saw one video where they did it to a police car. Though they didn’t show what happened, the cop car did end up following them, and they probably got ticketed for it.

So let me get this straight: It’s already illegal to modify your truck to do this, you can already get some significant fines… so how can we solve this problem? Let’s make another law. Right, that should work.

Yeah, you know, politicians need to look like they’re doing something. Even if they really aren’t.

If I were a politician, I’d go out of my way to make the life of the guy who “rolled” me a living hell. Just because I can.

The solution is to get video and sue them. That way people who aren’t bothered don’t have to sue. And people that are bothered, feel it poses a safety hazard or health concern, can sue the crap out of them. $500 per lawsuit might change people’s minds. And instead of lining the pockets of the politicians and bureaucrats, it can go to the actual victims.

To counter rolling coal, EV’s should be equipped with the equivalent of tasers. A pair of leads that shoot out of the nose and fry the roller’s electrical and gives the roller a jolt as well.

ZZZzzot! :^)

+1 🙂

Nah. To put a scare into rolling-coal-fox-news watchers, EVs should shoot flames from their battery pack back at the rolling-coal pickup truck. 😉


It’s just part of the bigger picture: selfishness and ignorance are all the rage. It’s a natural cultural reaction to immigration increases and particularly globalization. We here in the USA are particularly good at it, though it is a global problem that is being intensified by national and global redistributions of wealth (upwards, a.k.a. concentration).

Since blasting your politics on bumper stickers isn’t enough for some this is taking the crazy to the next level. This is the equivalent to filling muni swimming pools full of concrete since “different’ people decide to use it. The last time I checked, everyone breathes the same air regardless of ideology so what could harm me will harm you as well. Rolling coal does not mean sticking it to the man, it means you are a fuel wasting derp

It is a political act:
“I run into a lot of people that really don’t like Obama at all,” said one seller of stack kits from Wisconsin. “If he’s into the environment, if he’s into this or that, we’re not. I hear a lot of that. To get a single stack on my truck—that’s my way of giving them the finger. You want clean air and a tiny carbon footprint? Well, screw you.”

Simplest solution: The exhaust from the coal rollers should be re-routed directly into the cabin allowing them to personally enjoy what they are doing.

Natural selection! The people doing this would quickly die off due to natural selection and it would no longer be a problem!

Similarly – come the year 2020 – all new cars manufactured from then forward that still run on ICE should also have all of their exhaust rerouted directly into the cabin – helping natural selection along a step further!

Diesel at $20/gal.

Diesel at $20/gal sounds good. I would also be a fan of Gasoline up at least to $10/gal if not higher.