Nissan LEAF Drifts – Video


Drifting a front-wheel-drive car is close to impossible, but with the help of some rear-wheel skids, it’s doable even in the Nissan LEAF:

“So maybe I cheated a little by placing wood planks under the rear tires….”

Yes, that would be cheating, but it’s still entertaining to watch.

Nissan LEAF Drifts

Nissan LEAF Drifts

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Leaf hoonage, love it!

Cool way to sand wood. Who needs sandpaper?

To funny:)

The parking brake must only lock the rear wheels? I didn’t know that!

Well, that’s the most noise I’ve ever heard an electric car make.

Parking brakes almost always lock the rears.

OK! That was different from the normal “milk all the efficiency you can” video. He must be hanging out with Tesla owners!

That hurts me to watch. I would never hurt my little Leaf like that.

my Leaf complains like mad if I have the parking brake on when the car is moving even very slowly… maybe thats when the rear wheels are moving, so I guess if they are stopped on a piece of wood….. whatever works. Always wondered what happened to the “emergency brake” function of a handbrake.

We used to do that in the snow with Ford Aspires at the dealership I worked at. Except no wood planks needed. What fun!