Nissan LEAF In Deep, Deep Snow – Video


Nissan LEAF In Deep Snow

Nissan LEAF In Deep Snow

If possible, we suggest staying off the roads when conditions are like what you’ll see in the videos above and below, but it’s comforting to know that a Nissan LEAF, equipped with proper snow tires, is capable of driving in such treacherous conditions.

Description for video posted above:

“Was leaving my parents house. Their driveway was covered in very deep snow drifts. LEAF did well, thanks to snow tires.”

And description for video posted below:

“My area got slammed with 14″ of snow. I cleared the driveway after the first 3″, and then a few hours later when I was coming home, there were huge snow drifts. I made it to the garage and only stopped there because I had to run in and…”

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It’s spring here in AZ. 82 F for the high and the desert is blooming with flowers.

George, you’ll be happy to know your Volt can handle snow like this w/factory tires. I had a few days like this in Jan/Feb in Michigan.

kdawg, I was cussin my Volt out this winter. Just 13,500 miles on the tires and they had gone from very good to rather poor in snowy or hard pack conditions. I noticed worse traction for a month before it dawned on me. I had increased my tire pressure from 36 to 42 psi over the summer and had kept it there even after the temps plummeted.

So I drop back to 36 psi, and voila! Great traction again. LOL! But I am back up to 42 psi this week for the better AER. Snow is melting fast here in Virginia.

You know, I was thinking about this recently. I got stuck on a hill a year ago in an ice storm. I simply couldn’t make it up the hill. After the fact, I wonder if I had just let some air out of the tires if that would have helped me make it up the hill.

David, it makes a noticeable difference going from 42 to 36. I don’t know if it would make as MUCH of a difference dropping from 36 to 30, but I imagine it would be a bit better at 30 rather than 36.

I typically keep them inflated to 40 psi. So I could have easily dropped it to 30.

Another option is turn around! Last year we had a couple of really icy days and I found the Leaf was unable to climb the hill leaving my house, turned around and backed up it. This often works on FWD cars as more weight is tranferred to the driving wheels.

That’s all nice but with the Southwest in a drought for 5 years, hows your water supply?

Here in Canada, these are recurrent ordinary conditions. I never tought of any special issues with a leaf or any EV that should be different from another car in winter weather.
The weight of the batteries is an advantage in deep snow (on the road of course 😉

The lower air-dam on the Volt acts somewhat like a plow when it’s really deep. Not sure what the clearance is on the Leaf.

Snow is fluffy you know. I got a Prius and live in the country. I get around pretty easily but I admit I have to be a little more careful than with my other cars. Leafs and Volts behave like other cars. It’s a mostly ancestral bi-annual ritual (and a law) to change winter-summer tires.
We have good cars, only bad drivers…

We see as many SUVs/4×4 stuck on the side than other cars.
The drivers get over confident.
The center of gravity is too high.
We don’t “feel” the road as much as in smaller cars.

We learn to “cruise” on the snowy highway, in many different weather conditions when we like driving as I do… Some other drivers are very scared and never learn. They stay home.

The Leaf has quite a bit of clearance, far more than any other car I have owned (I have never owned an SUV, of course). It does exceptionally well in deep snow with proper snow tires. The stock tires are terrible in any condition.

I tried the Leaf this winter and yes, I never bothered about his handling in the snow. It is quite good.

Clearance is actually really good on the LEAF, but even so, I was still plowing quite a bit of snow that night.

What snow tires do you have? I’m on OEMs all winter, and I don’t think you should have this much trouble with snow tires.

Michelin X-Ice Xi2. They don’t perform so well in snow because they are fairly wide. They were actually pulled from my 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (7″x7.5″). Wide tires don’t do as well as skinny tires in the snow, but they perform well on compacted snow and ice.

But even with the drawback of the wide tire, there’s no way I would be going anywhere on my all seasons. The dashcam gives the illusion that the snow isn’t that deep, but it was crazy deep that night, especially where snow had been drifting up.

So I think the LEAF did well that night, but not as well as it could have with the right tires.

Yes the Leaf is good in snow.
Have done some trip with much more snow than these video.
Front wheel drive help a lot but the precise traction control that electric motor give you, provide an much easyer way of controlling traction than with a jumping, clutching, gasping, coughing, reving, gasser.
Smoooooooth all the way.

I see what you guys did there with the Frozen reference….