Nissan LEAF Crushed By Mighty Oak – Driver Okay – Video

JUN 2 2014 BY JAY COLE 18

Now THIS Is Some Bad TIming!

Now THIS Is Some Bad TIming!

Look out below!

In a truly freak accident, a Nissan LEAF was obliterated by an Oak tree while DRIVING to downtown Duluth in Georgia on Friday.

According to reports the tree “spontaneously” fell over, crushing the LEAF and trapping his owner inside for more than an hour – as powerlines made recovery difficult.  The 50 year old driver survived the accident and was able to call for help, but is currently in hospital.

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Firefighter: He appeared to have only cuts and bruises.

Hospital: He’s in surgery in critical condition.

Quite the discrepany haha. I find it funny how much of the focus is on the fact that it was a Nissan Leaf because it’s an electric vehicle. I guarantee you if it was a Ford Focus the headline wouldn’t have said “Ford Focus Crushed by Oak Tree” across the television. Now imagine if it was a Tesla, the media really would have gone nuts lol. Of course we all know that the Oak Tree would have fallen on a Model S it would have bounced off and the car would have continued driving with the driver wondering what the noise was 🙂

All jokes aside this is a horrible accident and this guy is lucky to be alive.

I’m glad he was able to reach his cell phone to call 911, but if it had a system like GM’s OnStar that call would have been made automatically. Seems like all cars should have something like that built in.

Do you think OnStar would still work with this kind of accident? No airbags were deployed.

Yes, they monitor much more than airbags.

“Automatic Crash Response
The moment a crash is detected, a specially-trained Emergency Advisor is connected to your vehicle. If you request help, or can’t answer, emergency responders are sent to your precise GPS location. Advisors monitor the OnStar network 24 hours a day, so there’s always someone to help when you need it most.

Your vehicle also transmits important crash data to OnStar, including direction and number of impacts, rollover status, and a maximum velocity at impact. This measures the impact, and helps first responders gauge severity. An Advisor shares this potentially life-saving information with responders before they even arrive.

After a crash, an invisible countdown begins. Emergency professionals call it “the Golden Hour:” it’s the best time to minimize injury and maximize outcomes. Automatic Crash Response helps medical workers get to you faster, armed with information about your emergency.”

I saw this a few days ago.. and I was also confused how the firefighter said he had no major injuries, yet he was in critical condition. I also found it ironic that a “tree hugger” car was attacked by a tree. (disclaimer, we have a Leaf in our household)

It’s sad to see leaf on Leaf violence.


I wonder how badly the tree would have failed if it had fallen on a Model S…

Oh, you’re bad…

Must have been internal injuries…

Extreme natural selection?;)
Sorry bout that one, glad all survived.

The tree appears to be testing on the SEATS… How that’s survivable, is beyond me. 🙁

a leaf crushed by a tree lol

Hard to believe he survived that…the tree looks like it landed on the driver’s seat…

Since there was no indication of any major electrical issues due to this almost total destruction — makes me feel better about my Leaf.

The tree tried to hug back? Too soon? Sorry. Seriously, though… luck and engineering win. Oh… notice… no fire, either. I thought those ‘lectrics were supposed to spark from a stiff nudge?

One thing to keep in mind, is that all these pictures are taken post-extraction. So the Leaf looks like in incurred much greater damage than it actually did from the tree. Rescue crews most likely lifted the tree off the car, used the jaws of life on the car to remove the roof, and then just dropped the tree back down for the cleanup crews.
Oh yea, Subuaru – beat that for the “He Lived” commercial!

on a tesla it would just bounce off oand whats with the steelies

All good wishes from a Leaf driver!