Nissan LEAF Crash Caught On Video


LEAF Prior To Accident

LEAF Prior To Accident

It pains us to watch as a Nissan LEAF and two other vehicles get tied up in a wreck created by one careless driver.

Video description:

“LEAF was OK. Was still driveable after the accident. Bodyshop repair was ~$2000. New front bumper, new grill, new license plate holder, new bumper shock absorber and repainting of several areas.”

The video uploader states that all parties were okay and that’s what matters most.

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what was that dude thinking?

Seriously, wtf. I mean how do you miss 2 sets of headlights coming right at you. Horrible drivers out there.

I’m not going to call Uber. My house is just down the road and one left hand turn from the bar. :-\

Looks like a left turn on red.

Likely a distracted or inexperienced driver. Glad everyone is safe.

I’m so ready for self driving cars. 🙂

Pity there are no photos of the Leaf’s damage.

Looks like it wasn’t severe enough to trigger the airbags. All parties pretty lucky in this one!

For the Leaf maybe. It looks like the white SUV took the brunt of the impact.

I like how the Pickup driver backed away quick like “Oh CRAP!”

With repairs only $2K, that’s damn inexpensive!

Yup, even one modern headlight can cost $2000.00

Shouldn’t the title be: “Nissan Leaf saves driver from certain death?”

Why? It wasn’t a high-speed impact; the driver had dumped most of their speed at the point of impact, so almost any car can easily save someone’s life at such a low speed. Heck, the airbag didn’t even deploy.

The LEAF isn’t particularly special in this regard. As I said, any car would have save the occupant in this scenario. Even a motorbiker would more than likely survive.

What amazes me is that the white car on the left did not appear to slow down more before the impact, it was already pretty obvious at the accident causing car was turning early on, just because you have the green does not mean you allow it to result in an accident. Always drive defensive, always factor in mistakes of others.

Better watch again. The white SUV began hard braking BEFORE the intersection just as the idiot began the illegal turn. You can see the right front wheel locking/unlocking due to ABS activation.

Yup, I think it’s 20:20 hindsight plus the fact that when we watch passively (rather than having to react), we don’t figure the ~0.7 seconds it takes for the body to react, so it all looks in slo-motion.

Yes and also the lens on dash cams and rear view cams are of the ultrawide angle variety. These can decompress distances and make things appear further away than they actually are. A telephoto lens does the opposite.

And just as the Leaf stop, you hear the radio say ” and there you are in a blink of an eye..”
Everything shut down at that moment.
Who say coincidence don’t exist?

Still a minor hit or the airbag did malfunction.

No-one says coincidence doesn’t exist. If they do, they’re fools. I’ve seen an audi start skidding at high speed just as the radio starts to say something along the lines of ‘get ready’ and tense music starts playing.

Oh and the ‘blink in the eye’ comment came a good 5-7 sec after the vehicles had come to a complete stop, so that doesn’t count as ‘just as’.

Yes, but the phrase was in present indicative, so still good.
I’m wasn’t saying that coincidence never happen, but obviously the contrary

It’s a good one… 😛

I wonder if a Model S would have stopped in time in this situation, similar to the video we saw of it stopping.

Crossroads on high speed roads are just plain stupid and it boggles my mind that Americans don’t do what every other country is doing and build more roundabouts.

Yes, there are a ton of them here in California too. My pulse always increases when I pass through one. They’re scary!

Roundabouts are slowly and surely coming into use. There are a couple up by Truckee and a couple near where I live (I’m talking the really good Euro style ones, not the stupid, crappy traffic circles that are only a few feet in diameter and still need stop signs).

this is why i have dash cams on both of my cars.

I’m starting to think they’re a good idea. What types of camera’s do you use?

There was a wreck (I don’t call them accidents) similar to this one where I live a few months back. In that case, the individual who made that mistake paid for it with her life and left her kids motherless. Fortunately her kids lived and the folks in the other two cars only got minor injuries. It would suck if someone had to die because someone else f**ked up.

Why is this newsworthy?

I crashed my former Leaf head-on into a coworker’s car at the office (don’t ask). $4k damage to my car, $2k to his.
The replacement headlight for the Leaf was $650 alone, and the old one still worked.

Wanna know the brand of that dash cam.. wow its nice and clear