Nissan LEAF Busts Hit And Run Driver – Video


As seen in this dashcam video, a Nissan LEAF owner follows an erratic driver.ย  The LEAF owner discovers that the driver he’s following was involved in a hit and run.

The video is rather uneventful, but as it turns out, one of the officers requested this dashcam footage for use against the driver of the offending vehicle:

I was keeping my distance. The last thing I wanted to do was have to defend myself, although I was equipped for the task.

Right after he did a U-turn he got stuck in traffic and the cops were able to stop him. The camera froze up right when he let out a passenger just before the end of the video. I have a feeling he didn’t want to be caught with drugs so the passenger bailed along with whatever they didn’t want to be caught with- but that’s only speculation. One of the lieutenants called me later for dashcam footage since the driver was being uncooperative and he said the occupant of the vehicle he hit was injured. I don’t want to see anyone go to jail or anything, but I hope this video gave the victim something to work with for a nice lawsuit.

The Chase Is On

The Chase Is On

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You should have probably waited till after the trial to release the video because it might make it harder to get jurors who haven’t seen it.


This video is a couple of months old. I’m not looking for him to go to jail. I just want the injured party to have someone to sue for their medical bills. If I had the guys phone number that got rear ended, I would have called him instead of 911. But unfortunately I had to get the police involved as they typically have a monopoly on being an intermediary in these cases. ๐Ÿ˜‰

the fact that dash cams aren’t standard is one of the dumbest things in this world

lets make rear facing cameras standard (which are shit most of the time) but not dash cams LOL smfh

Yeah, I really don’t get that either. I’ll admit I don’t have one but mostly because I don’t like putting aftermarket stuff in my car. I prefer things that are integrated. I really wish dashcams (along with side cams) could work in conjunction with the rear camera and be recorded to an SD card in the infotainment system. It should automatically create a new file when there is a jolt to the car or the driver pushes a record button.

In Russia dashcams are sorta standard since there’s this weird ass traffic or meteors going on all the time.

One of my fav Russian dash-cam videos

AKA – the “milk shake”

Problem is if manufacturers (excluding Tesla) put dashcams in cars, they would probably suck. XD

I’m OK with just installing my own. It’s easy in the LEAF since the wires can be tucked up the cover that is used by the mirror wiring, then along the inside of the headliner, then under the a-pillar trim and under the dashboard to the 12V socket.

I’ve only watched 90 seconds so far and have spotted at least three instances of erratic driving that the Nissan Leaf driver has done.

Guilty as charged. I’ve therefore sentenced myself to 2 years of not giving a s***. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, I agree.

Even though Kubel doesn’t care about it. The fact is that Kubel broke a traffic law already within the first 8 seconds of the video.

He made a right turn from the left lane of the 2 lane road. That is a traffic violation called “illegal right turn”.

It doesn’t matter if the move is dangerous or NOT, a traffic law doesn’t require the benefit of the doubt. An violation is an violation.

Personally, I wouldn’t submit this video to the traffic court as evidence. The cop and court should NOT charge Kubel for this violation but they certainly can.

If I’m victimizing no one, I don’t see a problem with turning abruptly or breaking an arbitrary speed limit to stay within eyesight of a fleeing hit-and-run driver, especially when I’m helping an injury victim identify the individual who hit him.

The video was submitted to law enforcement at their request. They chose to not ticket me for my infractions while following the driver. Instead, they thanked me for my assistance. But don’t worry, you can sleep sound knowing that they will find some other way to collect revenue from me some day, I’m sure.

What made the Leaf driver start to follow this guy? Was it just because he cut someone off turning?

He had obvious fresh front end damage and there was a white Durango chasing him in the left turn lane which you can barely see on the camera at the start of the video. I admittedly drive a little crazy myself as you can see from my other videos, but I don’t drive crazy and put other people in danger, with front end damage, with other cars chasing me. I made the assumption it was a hit and run in the fraction of a second I had to respond and decided to follow him while I debated with myself as to whether I should call 911. As a Voluntaryist, I prefer to avoid government wherever possible. When the Edge turned left after the school, I pulled off to the side to let the Durango take lead position since he was willing to get very close to the guy, and I wasn’t (as much)- and I dug for my cell phone. The Durango, presumably, got the guys license number and turned left (toward the original accident scene), and I turned right to continue following to relay his license plate to the operator. After the recording stopped, I headed back to work… Read more »

Thanks for the clarification. The damage was hard to see in the video. Just looked like someone cutting somebody off, in which case the chase seemed like road rage. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Given what you clarified, that’s obviously not the case. ๐Ÿ™‚

I still don’t know what motivated the Leaf driver to follow this person. Just because they made a sharp left turn in front of another car? I see that every day.

And it’s statements like these that make me feel this person has a bit of vigilante in them: “The last thing I wanted to do was have to defend myself, although I was equipped for the task”.

If the last thing you wanted to do was defend yourself, then don’t go chasing after someone. I don’t care if you are packing a gun (not impressed). What if someone called the cops on the Leaf driver from all the erratic driving they were doing, like stopping in the middle of an intersection then doing a U-turn, not to mention going over 40mph in a 25mph zone?

Or making that right hand turn to follow the guy from the left hand travel lane. There’s a big risk of getting T-boned there.

There was no one to my right. I’m stupid, but not that stupid.

See my other reply above your comment. It was obviously fresh damage (leaking fluids) and he was being pursued by another SUV in the left-turn lane (can’t see it clearly in this embedded video, but you can see it at 1080 resolution). It was apparent to me he was involved in a hit and run- though in the video, you’re right- it looks like I’m following the guy just because he cut someone off. But I have better things to do than play police. You can see my other videos I get cut off a number of times- once someone drove the wrong way on a one way street at 55PMH in my direction. The most I’ll do is brake, evade, and sigh, then post it on YouTube. Once or twice I’ll beep. I don’t engage people just because they drive like an idiot. I try not interfere with other peoples lives- it’s just not in my nature. My reference about being equipped for the task was to suggest I would rather *avoid* confrontation while armed, which is why I didn’t aggressively pursue him or try to box him in. I didn’t type that to sound macho. I don’t want… Read more »

Thanks for the reply. Had to Google “voluntaryist”. It seems according the the NAP you shouldn’t following any person, and definitely not report them to the State. How do voluntaryists view EVs? A lot of the progress EVs have made has subsidized by the State? And what about the tax credits for EVs?

Missing a “be” and a “been”. It’s late.

Man, you guys are really breaking my balls. But that’s ok, I’ll be happy to try to share my totally insane political philosophy. ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t call the cops right away because I was debating with myself over whether or not I should. I know that sounds silly to a lot of people, but as a voluntaryist/anarchist- the last thing I want to do is get the state involved in someone elses life. If I had the number of the guy that was rear-ended, I would have called him instead of calling 911. But unfortunately, I didn’t have that information, and police maintain a monopoly on being an intermediary in these kind of cases. Does part of me regret calling the police? Yes. If I had to do it all over again knowing what I know now, I would have continued recording, grabbed the license plate number, and if I ever ran across the victim, given him the video. I wouldn’t have called 911. Was it against the NAP to follow him? No. He was the aggressor by causing property damage and personal injury and fleeing the scene without making reparations. Also, it’s not an act of aggression on my… Read more »

Was more curious than anything. From Wiki I read this about NAP; “Specifically, any unsolicited actions of others that physically affect an individualโ€™s property or person, no matter if the result of those actions is damaging, beneficial, or neutral to the owner, are considered violent or aggressive when they are against the owner’s free will and interfere with her or his right to self-determination and the principle of self-ownership.” So it seems like doing anything at all is wrong. Just keep driving and mind your business (according to this).

I have Libertarian friends which is a somewhat similar philosophy. I hear all their complaints but never understand what their version of Utopia would be. The wild west? No thanks. There’s benefits to not living an anarchy.

NAP doesn’t suggest you can’t intervene in situations where someone was victimized. It only means that you shouldn’t be the aggressor. Aggression, as it applies to the NAP, is when someone initiates or begins violence or force in an encounter. Aggression could be something as obvious as murder or rape, but it can also be applied to property, such as theft, fraud, and vandalism. In other words, if someone is robbing an old lady at knife-point, I can legitimately intervene and shoot and kill the robber. That wouldn’t be a violation of the NAP on my part. If a group of people came to me at gun-point and told me they were collecting money to help pay for an old lady’s medical bills, their ends may be noble, but their means are an act of aggression, and thus, a violation of the NAP. Voluntaryism suggests any association between people should be voluntary- meaning there shouldn’t be violence or threats of violence used to coerce people into a certain behavior or action. In this case, the aggressor was the hit-and-run guy. Someone was injured. His property was damaged. He fled. I was not initiating any violence or force by following the… Read more »

It seems like you need a better dashcam…

One that freezes up for whatever reason is of no use to you as shown in this video where it started to act funny at the end. I initially thought there was something wrong with my Internet connection LOL.

Nothing worse than getting into an accident where there’s a dispute and discover that your dashcam didn’t record anything because it froze.

I think it was due to a faulty MicroSD card. I swapped out the old one and it hasn’t froze yet. I guess there’s only so many writes that these things are rated for before they start acting up.

The dashcam itself is almost 4 years old, so who knows.

Nice job, Kubel.

Well, this is certainly the strangest comment thread conversation I’ve ever seen. And I don’t mean just on InsideEVs, either!

“Voluntaryist”?? I’m with Kdawg– I think he means “vigilante”.

And Kubel: the definition of “vigilante” is -not- “wannabe cop”.

I know, I’m a bit of an odd ball, especially in this sort of environment. Most people associate hippies and liberals with electric cars. But I think it’s a good thing that EVs have captured the interest of crazy gun toting anarchists as well. It means the product has a wider appeal. If an anarchist can get together with a big-government liberal and point people to the environmental, economical, and personal benefits of driving EVs- I think we’re off to a good start. Going back to vigilante- the Google definition is “a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.” I don’t think following and reporting a hit and run driver is vigilantism. Respectfully, I think the only reason you are suggesting I’m a vigilante is because of my stated political beliefs and because of what tools I choose to equip myself with for my self defense. I don’t think those are related. I think you may be someone personally offended that anyone would be anti-state and pro-gun, so you choose to call me a vigilante. But I admit I might… Read more »
I forgot to address your question about voluntaryism: Anarchism is a political philosophy of desiring no rulers. That’s all, it doesn’t mean anything else. It doesn’t mean chaos. It doesn’t mean murder and rape and theft is OK. It doesn’t mean no roads. It doesn’t mean no schools. It only means “no rulers”. Voluntaryism, on the other hand, would be a personal lifestyle of that philosophy. The textbook definition is the belief that all human association must be voluntary. In other words, if I reject the concept of authority (or ruling over other people) politically, I’m not going to try to be an authority or rule over other people in my life actions. The non-aggression principle plays a huge role in guiding those actions. I think a few people here got the impression that the only thing I observed was that he cut off someone, and that I followed him and called 911 because I was trying to enforce the law like a vigilante. Me and my gun. Big bad macho Kubel and his cat-fish looking LEAF are going to enforce some law, bitches. No. That’s why my driving was critiqued, and why I was accused of being a vigilante… Read more »

Yup – I carry too (my NRA card), and do avoid political talks with my fellow EVers, b/c usually not productive. I love technology, and it is our best hope as a species. I briefly had a couple of bumper sticks on my EV, but I found it generated aggressive behavior for people on either/both sides of the sticks, so I ride clean now.

(and yes, I did work for Koch Industries)

Good job, kubel, I commend you for your initiative in giving a d*mn and following that guy. The police can’t be everywhere.

After witnessing many odd and interesting things over the years, I’ve put a dashcam on my Leaf as well.