Nissan LEAF Black Edition Revealed

NOV 9 2016 BY MARK KANE 37

Nissan LEAF Black Edition

Nissan LEAF Black Edition

Nissan just announced a special edition LEAF.

Called Black Edition, it’s based on Acenta trim with some additional equipment and seems to be available only in black, and in limited numbers from March 2017 to August 2017.

LEAF Black Edition highlights:

  • exclusive design accents including black 16” alloy wheels, black door mirror caps and black rear roof spoiler
  • Based on Acenta grade, it features the latest Nissan technologies including Around View Monitor, NissanConnect EV telematics and advanced safety systems
  • First 1,000 customers to purchase the LEAF Black Edition to receive a free in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot
  • The LEAF Black Edition demonstrates Nissan’s commitment to Intelligent Mobility, combining cutting edge EV technology with sleek, high end design

There was no pricing announced, but Autocar noted a £3,500 ($4,300) difference between the Note (Acenta) and Note Black Edition in UK, so perhaps the LEAF will see a similar increase in price.

Editor’s Note:  While one might note this model introducted specific to the Acenta trim, and as such  there is a promotion tied to specific kWh options (24 kWh/30 kWh) in the UK, it should not be taken as a sign that another battery option is not on the imminent horizon.  Because it is.

LEAF Ascenta pricing in the UK is listed as follows:



The disclaimer for pricing is posted below:

¹On the road price includes VAT 2011 rate of 20% and £4,500 government incentive. For LEAF Flex models, the battery is not included in the vehicle price, a separate and additional battery hire agreement is required. Excess mileage charges apply. Please contact your dealer for information.

Some additional info via Nissan’s press release:

“Today, Nissan has unveiled the special version LEAF Black Edition, setting the standard for sleek, premium styling in the mass-market electric vehicle (EV) sector.

Based on Nissan’s existing Acenta grade, the Nissan LEAF Black Edition offers cutting-edge design and a number of dynamic styling enhancements. Stylish exterior additions include 16” black alloy wheels, LED headlamps, illuminated entry guards, privacy glass, black door mirror caps and black rear roof spoiler. Blue-stitched mats give the interior a premium finish.

The Black Edition also comes with the latest evolution of the advanced NissanConnect EV telematics system and its innovative Around View Monitor technology as standard.”

“The limited edition model is on sale in Europe for a restricted production run from March 2017 up until August 2017, with the first 1,000 customers in Europe receiving a free Wi-Fi hotspot – capable of powering up to eight devices.”

Gareth Dunsmore, Director of Electric Vehicles at Nissan Europe, said:

“The Nissan LEAF Black Edition offers our customers stylish, premium design in an affordable mass-market 100 percent electric vehicle. We are committed to delivering innovation that excites and this vehicle does just that, with our leading Around View Monitor technology offering customers a more confident drive – embodying Nissan Intelligent Mobility.”

Nissan LEAF Black Edition

Nissan LEAF Black Edition

Nissan LEAF Black Edition

Nissan LEAF Black Edition

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Wow and they could not smoke those huge headlights !

And they couldn’t smoke the rear design either … the rear window wiper is a dead giveaway of a poor aerodynamic design i.e. a partial vacuum on the rear window pulling the car back. The best aero design is a sloped rear window. It can still be a hatchback if desired e.g. Tesla Model S.

Many sedans in Japan also have rear wipers. Even the ones with good aerodynamics. Many cars in the 80s (the Ford Capri comes to mind) was also available with a rear wiper.

Rear wiper ≠ bad aerodynamics

When I was considering buying a leaf, tinting the massive taillight was first on the list of things to do…They should do that to this.

[Jay Cole scrambling looking into the EU vehicle import rules for Canada]

You can at least bet on a new image for the Sales Scorecard.

I am surprised Nissan did not tout the scientific benefits of applying more black to an EV…notably being faster with a longer range; not to mention the ‘intangibles’ like coolness of the owner

There’s a reason why “I’ll take mine in black”

They’re more gooder.

I have black Nissan Juke wheels on my Nissan LEAF. Looks cool!

Another reason for the popularity of Black – Tesla made it the one standard color!

Well Jay it should have had Nismo’s ECM and maybe the ZOE’s 40kwh battery

Oh wait! Let me cancel my Model 3 reservation and go buy a Leaf 30kwh BLACK EDITION!… said nobody ever.

LOL! You know, even a 40 kWh Nissan BEV would be kind of interesting if it was better looking than the current Leaf. Even though 60 kWh is now the perceived entry level full utility BEV, 40 kWh would be kind of a step in the right direction.
But Nissan REALLY needs to get a 55-60 kWh BEV on the dealer lots soon. They are kind of getting a rep as having poor pack management AND for building short legged BEV’s.

If they’re offering free unlimited monthly data, not just the hotspot hardware, that could be quite a deal as you could cancel your home’s internet!

This is Europe only correct? Coincidentally we are just finishing up creating a blacked out or “murdered out” 2013 Leaf. The car is black with black wheels, tint, debadged and xenon headlights. Am I allowed to discuss it and post pictures here? We are a dealership focused on EV’s and PHEV’s. I don’t want to run afoul of any forum rules regarding self promotion, etc.


We don’t try to create a “walled garden” here at IEV at all. We source all our stories, and people are free to share links from wherever (including ‘competing’ sites), in fact we encourage that…it is the only way the community really works, if it is an open forum.

That said, it has to be related to/add to the topic the topic at hand.

It is only obvious, repeated self-promotion that we will likely moderate.

I want the “Bettery Option”!

R.e. “Editor’s note: … it should not be taken as a sign that another battery option is not on the imminent horizon. Because it is.”

Heh, first thing I thought when I saw this ‘Black Edition’ was to be available March-Aug 2017 was that I guess the Gen 2 won’t be out until at least Sept 2017. I guess I’ll keep holding my breath we’ll see it sooner rather than later.

Even if gen 2 shows up in september, another battery option will be offered on the current gen before then.

I’m doubtful they do another upgrade of the pack on the current gen. The 30 kwh pack has only been out a little more than a year. I don’t think there’s been enough advancement in cells over the last year to fit in a substantial boost yet.

Maybe they can do another incremental boost, up to 35 or something, but I’m actually still inclined to believe they roll with the 30kwh gen 1 until next September.

Limited to the number of cars they manage to sell

Nissan desperately needs to come up with a:

– Has a 60 KWh Battery Edition
– Doesn’t look Fugly Edition
– 0-60 in < 10 Seconds Edition

Just in reference to this, and offered without commentary from myself.

I was speaking with Nissan today (they are having some personnel changes in US communications in regards to the LEAF/Nissan this week) and I casually mentioned this flyer. This was the response:

“…this is not a reference to any official product announcements from Nissan.”

They claim this in the thread: “Leaf 2017 Los Angeles, Leaf 2018 CES”

I think annoucing a redesigned “leaf 2018” with probably 60kWh six weeks after announcing the current design Leaf for 2017 with the proposed 48kWh would hold off most people from buying that 2017 Leaf.

I don’t see how they could shoe-horn a 48 kwh battery into the existing design. Maybe an incremental bump to 35 kwh from improved cell chemistry is feasible.

Or just as likely to ride it out until next summer with minor tweaks and price cuts on the 30 kwh version?

The IDS concept revealed last year has a 60 kWh battery barely larger than the current LEAF pack.

Just as an update, I guess this flyer is getting around to some places on the Internet, and Nissan has sent us a further statement:

“… that’s referring to the LEAF 48kWh prototype vehicle that our engineers at Nissan Technical Center – Europe built and used to race in the EcoSeries championship in Spain. More info can be found here

It’d be great if “black” meant entirely carbon fiber, light weight everything, 60kWh battery pack, AWD, 4 motor vectored “thrust” and a 0-60 dash in sub 3 sec’s all in a package that looks just like a “normal” leaf but this version of “black” will probably just be a $5000 option that gives you a slightly improved infotainment system and different wheels, which is a shame – I remember when hatch backs used to have a proper hot version that had to be sold to meet obscure rally racing rules.

I think there is room in the market for a few hundred obscure $100k LEAF’s that can out run a Tesla or BMW i8 on a race track. They are necessary to keep the “top end” honest.

But it is “STILL” Ugly, and not improved in any meaningful way.

Hmmm… so now it seems a new battery will be revealed in LA, but the facelift isn’t happening..?

And since there are plenty of black LEAFs around, looking no farther than my own neighbourhood, I don’t see the point in this. Maybe the black wheels??

This is what car companies do when they are near the end of a model run; they offer special additions that are just bling…and this is crap bling in black. Give us a 200 mile battery instead of the bling.

Nissan Leaf battery upgrade for older vehicles…
Higher kWh batteries…
Gen 2 body…

How about a 2018 Nissan Xterra EV. 70kwh battery / 240 mile range

How about 2018 e-power Nissan Armada 42 mpg…

So much potential, so little info

Might have to get a model 3..

“Black cars (black cars) look better in the shade.”

Still ugly

i dont understand what a heck with nissan…. nissan leaf still looks like ugly pig…??

if they truely wanna popular EVs that they should redesign leaf ?

Seems completely pointless to me. And I’m a former Leaf driver.

I’m following the Chevrolet Bolt rollout with great interest. Not even looking at Nissan anymore.

true man…..

bolt 200% better than leaf pig