Nissan LEAF Black Edition Guaranteed To Make You Cool Launches In UK

MAR 16 2017 BY MARK KANE 16

Nissan has to do what it can to pass the time until the 2nd generation LEAF debuts this September – and for the UK, that means releasing the “Black Edition LEAF“, a color scientifically proven to make the driver cooler according to our Editor-in-Chief…and to Batman.

Nissan LEAF Black Edition

The Japanese company’s first generation flagship comes on the market after netting some 250,000 sales, and will be offered (not surprisingly) only from March to August 2017.

In the UK, the Black Edition LEAF is priced from £26,890 ($32,800), after £4,500 government plug-in vehicle grant.

The Nissan LEAF Black Edition is based on Acenta trim with set of additional features like:

  • exclusive black 16” alloy wheels
  • black door mirror caps
  • black roof spoiler

The first 200 customers in UK (1,000 in Europe) also receive a free Wi-Fi hotspot – capable of pairing with up to eight devices.

“The world’s best-selling electric vehicle is now even more attractive with 0% APR representative finance from £207 per month with no minimum deposit, free insurance in the first year, free servicing in the first two years and a £1,000 Nissan deposit contribution.

Based on the Acenta grade, the Nissan LEAF Black Edition offers cutting-edge design to enhance the LEAF’s smooth and near silent ride with an exclusive new look.

Nissan LEAF Black Edition

Stylish exterior features include 16” black alloy wheels, LED headlamps, black door mirror caps and black rear roof spoiler. In addition, the Black Edition is completed with blue-stitched mats to give the interior a premium finish.

The Nissan LEAF Black Edition is equipped with Nissan’s latest innovative technology as standard with each model, including the NissanConnect EV telematics system and Intelligent Around View Monitor.

With instantaneous torque, optimised ride and handling and a chassis engineered specifically for UK drivers, the Nissan LEAF delivers a fun and exciting drive every time, but the Black Edition takes it one step further with a stylish new look.”

“The limited edition model is on sale in the UK from March for a restricted production run up until August 2017, with the first 200 customers receiving a free Wi-Fi hotspot – capable of pairing with up to eight devices.”

Gareth Dunsmore, Director of Electric Vehicles at Nissan Europe, said:

The new LEAF Black Edition perfectly showcases Nissan’s commitment to making smart, premium quality products accessible for all. This stylish black number combines dynamic styling, with Nissan’s innovative zero-emission technology to offer customers a city-savvy intelligent mobility solution. Its sleek design compliments an exciting drive, delivered through high-class engineering, demonstrating that you don’t have to compromise on style or performance when purchasing an electric car.”

Batman said:

Nissan LEAF Black Edition

Nissan LEAF Black Edition

Nissan LEAF Black Edition

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I don’t think anyone buys a Leaf to be cool in the first place (and I say this as a former Leaf lessee), so I’m not sure who they are going to sell this to.

It’s pretty clear Nissan is trying desperately hard to keep a long-in-the-tooth model going until version 2.0, which they are probably scrambling to extend the range and features on so they can at least pretend to compete with the Bolt.

They’ve lost their EV edge, and it’s going to take more than bling to get it back.

Anybody that drives a BEV is about as cool as it gets.

Driving ICE is where cool goes out the window!

Chill out !

More like a car that’s designed to make you look like a twat as everyone will know you have bought it knowing the 2.0 is only 6 months away !

Don’t be jelly.

Comes in white – really! Black is extra!

Ooh! The “long awaited” Black Edition (also available in white) is here at last!

I think I’m going to swoon.

Led’s lights back and front stay cold and get icy under freezing rain. It can become a problem and I’ve already noticed it. I had to spray liquid de-icer on them.

At least the wheels are cool.

Not as cool as the ones that had the Blue Centers!

Super cheap looking without.

I have the matte black Juke 17″ wheels on my LEAF and they look great. (My LEAF has the dark grey paint.)

Nissan Leaf InsideEVs Edition

I have white leaf what a great savings. Went from a truck to this

Nice move Gregg!

I’m waiting for the nismo edition

Nissan don’t really have a clue about this. Look at other manufacturers who have their special editions department. Now they really add some nice touches to cars. Maybe putting some skirts on, changing the rear spoiler and a damper on the front, those things can make your car stand out.

Didn’t they do a black edition a year or so ago? Apart from the wheels and maybe the stitching, isn’t the black Leaf already got colour coded mirrors and spoiler?

I’m pretty sure all the features are actually standard. Seems a bit lame, makes me a bit sad, actually. Sort of like to see the Leaf go out gracefully rather than like this.