Nissan LEAF Beats Chevy Volt to Win Eco-Friendly Car of the Year Award


“The Nissan LEAF wins “Eco-Friendly Car of the Year” by”

Which of the Three Would You Choose as the Winner?

Which of the Three Would You Have Chosen as the Winner?

Says Nissan via its LEAF Facebook page. has announced that LEAF beat both the Chevrolet Volt and the Volkswagen Jetta Sportswagen to take home the honor of Eco-Friendly Car of the Year in the Lifestyle Award Category. issued this statement explaining why it selected the LEAF grabbing as the winner:

“It’s a testament both to the Nissan Leaf and electric cars that this model finds itself on top again, three years after its first appearance. Last year, the Toyota Prius reigned for serving the masses even as plug-ins and clean diesels proliferated. Since then the Leaf has unveiled two dramatic improvements: Its starting price is down nearly $6,500, and it now offers the option to recharge twice as fast on a 240-volt, Level 2 charging system. As a result, the excellent Leaf is accessible to more buyers than ever, and the battery can be fully charged at home in about four hours rather than eight — and adds range more quickly when grabbing juice at a public charging point. Greater affordability and faster charging are key to building the EV movement. We welcome the proliferation of clean diesels, hybrids and efficient conventional gasoline-powered vehicles, but electrics still deliver on the promise of zero localized emissions and the ability to operate on power generated by a variety of fuels, including renewable forms. The low cost of operation and maintenance is just as compelling for consumers who care more about a different kind of green.”




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doesn’t beat it in aesthetics

The Leaf does beat the Model S in efficiency, and most importantly, in price… I hope the next refresh cleans up the aesthetics and aero. The recent Nismo and Aero front ends do hint at some aesthetic changes in the near future. *fingers crossed*

Dunno. Kinda like its looks.

And if indeed the next version looks substantially different, then our current babies will eventually become collectors’ items 🙂

Putting the 17″ wheels on the car really improved its looks. The 15″ wheels just exaggerated the already exaggerated headlights and overly-large wheel well flairs. The LEAF is growing on me.

‘How does that work, changing the wheel/tire size? Doesn’t that throw off the speedometer, odometer, computer, range calculations, acceleration rate?

Beats Tesla in efficiency only because it is like a beer can… very cheaply built and light. And of course it beats it in price. It is like comparing an escort to a crown vic in terms of fit/finish with like 3 times more range.

The wording of the statement almost suggests they don’t even realize a Volt is an electric car with extended range. They compare the Leaf to “Diesels and Conventional Hybrids” in the statement. The Volt is not a conventional hybrid in any way, it’s much more than that.

Glad the Leaf won, that or the Volt would’ve made me happy. The Jetta would’ve made me cringe.

Yeah most people don’t know how the Volt works, and this writer for probably doesn’t either.

I’m surprised how many Volt owners don’t know how the Volt works.

Most people don’t know how their typical ICE-based car works.

Most people don’t know how a lever works.

I am surprised how many “LEAF fans” out there still think their stock LEAF can do 0-60mph in 7 seconds…

Biggest lie spreading on the internet today.

I think that rumor came from the 0-60 KMH time being read as 0-60 mph.

KMH -> km/h

No, there was an early blogger who write that. That was the original source. He claimed that “he timed it with his wrist watch” and “felt it was about 7 seconds”…

Ever since then that number has been used by many LEAF supporters and owners across the internet. While just about every auto site and magzines shows that car is about 9.8s to 11 secs in various testing….

It is a wishful thinking by LEAF fans… LEAF is quick off the line in 0-30mph and then midrange power drops off significantly…

I’d agree Aaron. There are some owners that are interested in the details, and some that are not as long as the car just works well. I’ve yet to talk to any Volt owners that are not aware that the Volt can be plugged in to charge. Yet, there are plenty of non Volt owners that don’t even know that!

The justification for some of these awards get stranger and stranger.

But this could be because there is such a limited number of options in each category, so they just bunch them all together as of they are one.

So they end up comparing a plug-in hybrid, a EV and a ICE wagon…lol humm…which is more eco friendly…..just maybe the one that burns no gasoline??

But where is the Focus Electric? It’s available nationwide.

As for Ford’s Retrofitted BEV, “Found Out Retarded Design”. 😉
That lack of cargo space or fast charge, makes it undedirable to me.

Ford sells roughly 100 Focus Electrics a month. I think GM should do more marketing/manufacturing for the Volt. Ford’s marketing/manufacturing for the Focus Electric is much worse.

I am glad that an EV won the award.

But why should anyone care about “” award?