Nissan LEAF Autonomous Drive Tackles New Japan Highway – Video


Nissan Autonomous LEAF

Nissan Autonomous LEAF

Japan has a new 13.4-kilometer long highway, linking Kanagawa Prefecture with Tokyo.

As it turns out, Nissan – which has in Kanagawa its Global Headquarters,  technical and logistic centers, and multiple production plants –  took the opportunity to once again demonstrate its autonomous LEAF.

“Governor Kuroiwa joined Nissan’s Vice Chairman Toshiyuki Shiga in the AD car, traveling the 13.4-kilometer parade stretch in under 20 minutes.”

Here is video presenting highlights of the highway’s opening ceremony, the AD highway trip, and Governor Kuroiwa’s comments on the outlook for Autonomous Drive technology.

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Lindsay Patten

Does “Autonomous Drive” refer to following another car or to navigating from A to B based on maps and sensors?

Micke Larsson

Autonomous drive is driving from A to B based on maps and sensors.

I should not call the car in this video autonomous. Maybe assisted drive. Not impressive to be honest… this should be in all cars in a couple of years as an evolution of existing active cruise control and lane assist.

scott franco
I tend to doubt it (lane assist). Unlike things such as automatic braking, lane assist has no real positive criteria, that is, it is not going to be possible to design a %100 effective lane following program. The lanes are not marked that well, including aging paint and construction issues, etc. Think of it this way: If you have a %99.99 correct lane following algorithm, this is more dangerous than a %90 correct lane following algorithim. The second tends to get people used to the idea of letting the computer follow the lane. The second is unreliable enough that the driver is alert and ready to take over. We have already had experience with fully regulated, fully automated guidance, which is the instrument landing systems in airplanes. The way they handle the %0.00999… risk is that pathways to and from the airport are not approved by the feds unless they are regularly checked, and that is done by an FAA airplane that is loaded with measurement gear, that actually flies all of the arrival and departure procedures at ILS approved airports on a regular basis. How this translates to highways is that you disallow automatic drive outside of approved highways… Read more »

Heh. He looked nervous on that final turn.

The hard part will be to hide the five black bar sensor array into the Leaf, so you don’t know it’s there.

It might be advantageous of Tesla for using black nosecones. It will help hide some of the sensing hardware needed for their AutoPilot option.