Nissan LEAF Aero Style To Go On Sale in Japan This December

NOV 8 2013 BY MARK KANE 17

Nissan LEAF Aero Style

Nissan LEAF Aero Style

After introducing in Japan a Nismo-tuned version of the LEAF, Nissan is now announcing that a LEAF Aero Style in Dark Metal Grey will launch in Japan next month.

Nismo Spec 2013 Nissan LEAF

Nismo Spec 2013 Nissan LEAF

LEAF Aero Style, which is a special version with a sportier shape that “offers a special feel and enhanced attractiveness,” will officially debut later this month at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

This is not a concept. Sales of the LEAF Aero Style in Japan will start sometime in December.

There’s no word from Nissan on changes in drivetrain or battery, which indicates to us that performance will be close to the same of the standard LEAF.

“Nissan LEAF Aero Style is a new model offering a special feel with an enhanced appearance created by the addition of stylish exterior parts. The car has stylish aero form design provided by exclusively designed front bumper with built-in dedicated LED daytime running lights, side sill protector and rear under-protector. Additionally, this model is equipped with dedicated 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels with a special blue accent color to offer a unique feel.”

Executive Vice President Takao Katagiri, responsible for Nissan’s global sales and domestic sales and marketing, stated:

“Since the release of the Nissan LEAF in the year 2010, Nissan has brought no tailpipe emissions, pure electric vehicles to the general public, and in the process, contributed to a cleaner and more efficient society. The car’s popularity has been extraordinary, with global sales already reaching 83,000 units (TBC) and counting. We hope you look forward to the introduction of the Nissan LEAF Aero Style that will retain all the important virtues of the cutting-edge LEAF, but adds a high level of excitement that will surely satisfy all of our customers.”

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Looks silly, but then the Leaf has always looked a little silly. Hate the current design languages at Nissan, Toyota, Kia and Hyundai. Mazda looks best right now, but don’t expect an EV from them anytime soon.

Mazda is on the California Air Resources Board – Zero Emissions Vehicle hit list. You will see a Mazda EV in California, starting in the 2015 model year. Here’s what the manufacturers will be offering then:

1. Honda – Fit EV and future hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV)
2. Toyota – Rav4 EV, future FCEV
3. Chrysler/Fiat – Fiat 500e
4. GM – Spark EV
5. Ford – Focus EV
6. Daimler – Smart ED, B-Class ED, future FCEV
7. BMW – i3, future FCEV
8. Nissan – LEAF, future FCEV
9. VW – eGolf
10. Hyundai – future FCEV
11. Kia – Soul EV
12. Mazda – Demio EV

Four additional manufacturers would also be required to comply with the ZEV requirements, but would be allowed to meet their obligation with PHEVs (so they aren’t included, since they won’t make a true ZEV). Note that neither Mitsubishi, nor Tesla are on the list… yet.

How about instead of offering an “Aero Style” package which appears to be all fluff and minimal function, offering a fully functional “Aero Performance” package which actually reduces aerodynamic drag?

You beat me to it. Exactly!!

Me too.

Does it actually lower the C/D or is it just an aero scam?

Since the C/D wasn’t disclosed in the article, I suspect the latter.

But it does reduce CD – by charging more for the “style”, you have to withdraw more out of your CD to pay for it.

So basically they just got rid of the catfish mouth?

Catfish mouth… 😀

Enhanced attractiveness? Or reduced repulsiveness?

Nismo has a performance ECM also. Why not include it?

The Leaf needs a ground up refresh. Use the Note as a starting point, and stay away from bulging headlights, carp mouth and “diaper bottom”, and they’ll break sales records.

I expect that refresh to come in 2015 or 2016. Maybe they’ll even throw in a few extra miles of range to boot!

About the same level of difference as between the Volt and the Ampera – plastic interchangeable lower body parts, lights, and wheels. GM could call the Ampera “Euro style”.

I think everyone knows what i think about leafs lol but that honestly looks better, i like it. Now if it had tinted headlights then it might be worth purchasing, that would look really good.

Looks more like a @#$%^& Prius.

Long live the cartoon bat look…

but at least better than the fish look…

Still waiting for the 150 mile range though in 2015 !!!

The Leaf is an insanely ugly little transportation device. It definitely has its attributes being such a technical wonder and all electric, but….. Then I look at the Tesla Model S. Wow! There hasn’t been an American car as attractive and utterly stunning as the Tesla Model S in decades. Many cars built today have a lot to criticize regarding their styling. Nissan has been guilty of some serious styling strike outs in recent years, the most offensive being the Juke and Leaf; Hyundai’s atrocious Veloster which reminds me of a modern day interpretation of the hideous mid ’70s Datsun F-10. Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Kia/Hyundai and Volkswagen should really examine the Tesla’s beauty inside and out, the technology too, and then give it a go and build some truly stunning automobiles for a change, not the current crop of blaaahhhhh (me too) vehicles that’s being pooped out of the factories.