Nissan LEAF Aero Style Debuts at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

NOV 21 2013 BY MARK KANE 31

Nissan LEAF aero spec front 2 Tokyo

LEAF Aero Style

At the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan introduced its latest special edition of LEAF: LEAF Aero Style.

This tricked out LEAF not only looks cool, but it will actually go on sale in Japan next month.

What we know of the LEAF Aero Style can be found in our previous post.

This post is dedicated solely to live photos galore.

The Dark Metal Grey paint color found on this example, complete with a special blue accent color, creates a harmonious duet on the LEAF Aero Style..

In these images you’ll see some stylish exterior parts, a unique front bumper with built-in dedicated LED daytime running lights and dedicated 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels.

Now it’s time to check them images out.

Nissan leaf aero spec front

Nissan LEAF Aero Style Front

Nissan LEAF aero spec Tokyo 2013 profile

Nissan LEAF Aero Style Side

Nissan LEAF aero spec

Nissan LEAF Aero Style

Nissan LEAF aero spec wheels

Nissan LEAF Aero Style Wheels

Nissan LEAF aero spec Tokyo 2013 tires

Nissan LEAF Aero Style Wheel Close Up

LEAF Aero Style

LEAF Aero Style


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31 Comments on "Nissan LEAF Aero Style Debuts at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show"

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Did they do anything to make the rear end look better??

Looks good, but if you are going to call something “aero” I’d prefer that you didn’t screw up the aero by embedding running lights into the bumper. At least try to make the lights flush so it looks aero?

The front bumper definitely looks a lot better than the current one. Nissan should simply sell this kit as the stock ’14 and call it a minor face-lift.

Any pics of the rear of the car? The side-skirts and rear skirts improve the look visually at least, but personally I prefer functional improvements over cosmetic improvements that reduce function.

Where can I put my name down on the waiting list? 🙂

I really hope that Nissan has some pleasant surprises in store for us. By doing it right, they can really make next version of the LEAF very successful. Just make the back of the car as stylish as this front end on the concept and I would be on the waiting list too.

Me too. Make that the 2015 body, double the range, and I’d definitely trade up when the current lease is up.

Way to go Nissan.
Thx for the pics: Jay? or Mark?

Actually neither. I’ve got like 200 odd shots from the show and none of the LEAF aero style (not sure how that happened – especially as I am often labelled a “pure EV”/LEAF guy), I had to get these ‘on the fly’ for Mark’s story off Nissan Japan’s guy so we weren’t using stock footage, lol.

I do have this sweet collection of unseen before vehicles powered mostly by electricity from the show to share though:

Way to go Jay! LOL. Nice recovery though.


I like the new front end, not sure about the wheels though. One thing is for sure, I love the new Dark Metal Grey. If I re-up for a new LEAF lease next summer, it will definitely be this color.

Totally agree. nice color but I don’t like the wheels.

Looks much better that the current carp mouth. Significantly better. Any idea if it actually helps aerodynamics?

looks way better but those bug eyed headlights are still not appealing…..

I kind of like the headlights, but I don’t like the nose cone on the S.

Ya you know they do actually look alright in some angles, if they were flat i’d bet they’d look SO much better

No, the headlights need to be even bigger. I’d like some 8-footers that wrap around the side of the car. Or just run them suckers all the way back so they could double as tail-lights. 😉

Is it actually more aerodynamic?

I looks like the front and sides are lower to the ground, which would lower drag. As for the general shape of the front, it does indeed look like a worse aero design.

I think Nissan needs a new designer/stylist for their cars. The Leaf could be very cool looking. those wheels are awful.
I think many in the USA wont even consider a Leaf because of the odd style.

I like the Leaf for what it is, and I’ll probably purchase one. It’s got more usable space than the Volt. And the front is not too bad to look at. But that funny looking butt is funny looking. I wonder if it couldn’t have been both less funny looking and given the vehicle better usable space.

for me my smart ED has way more space than i need so a volt would have absolutely way too much room for me lol but i’d still drive one, love my dads volt

Why don’t they put some real mod in the powertrain and make it faster?

Yeah, put a V-8 in there… powwwwrrrrrr!!!

For about $1400 US, you can get their tweaked “Nismo” motor controller for improved performance.

My question is does this new type of leaf have better range on it or a bigger a battery in that the leaf has been out since 2010 and we are ready to break into 2014 and it still can only 80 miles on a charge.

It would be nice if they had a 32 kilowatt or a 48 kilowatt battery pack coming out soon.

You still can’t polish a Turd. Why do Japanese, electrics and the Hybrids too, look so bad?…..

My personal hypothosis, is most car designers dont know how to establish a bold, balanced automotive “face”, without a prominate grill. It’s like drawing a person without a nose. It just comes off as odd.

Why do ICE cars look so ugly? The AMC Pacer, Datsun F-10, Pontiac Aztec, and others come to mind. 🙂


AMC Pacer, LOL – Rolling Fishbowl!

I actually think the current LEAF looks fine. This one doesn’t look much different. I’d much rather have a functional car than something hideous and unusable like the Cadillac ELR. It may look ok from a distance but its claustrophobic, low ceiling, high dash, giant battery in the middle. I much rather the taller stance of the LEAF with decent visibility. I like having big spread out tail lights. I don’t notice problems with people tailgating.

I like the looks of the Leaf. The Aero Style is acceptible but not necessary. The new wheels are hideous. I would prefer cast alloys with color matched solid disk covers. Please , Nissan , more real aero , lightweight components, more battery, more range. I’m waiting…. And saving.
Gonna jump in ’15 or ’16. Could be a Nissan……