Nissan LEAF Adopted By Law Enforcement In Switzerland


Law enforcement Nissan LEAF in Switzerland

Law enforcement Nissan LEAF in Switzerland

Switzerland is the latest country after Portugal, France and the UK where the Nissan LEAF can be seen as law enforcement, firefighter or medic vehicles.

In the UK cities of Birmingham and Coventry, a total of 30 LEAFs were incorporated into the police fleet.

In Switzerland, for now, it is only one LEAF that will be used by the Police Municipal in the town of Meyri, 10 km north of Geneva.

Maire, Monsieur Pierre-Alain Tschudi, stated:

“The commune of Meyrin recently set a goal, as part of its political agenda, to reduce its carbon footprint. In support of this initiative we decided to incorporate electric vehicles into our patrol fleet, thus not only reducing our CO2 emissions, but equally our noise pollution. Their presence has created a discussion point in and around the community, raising awareness of the importance of zero emissions.”

Law enforcement Nissan LEAF in Switzerland

Law enforcement Nissan LEAF in Switzerland

Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Nissan Director of Electric Vehicles for Europe is saying that the LEAF is well suited for such applications:

“Emergency first responders and law enforcement communities rely heavily on their vehicles. The fact that so many forces across Europe are choosing Nissan LEAF for urban-based community support roles shows how significant zero emissions and low running costs – fuel and maintenance – have become. As well as helping to save the environment, vastly reduced fuel bills mean a fleet of Nissan LEAFs can make a serious contribution to a bottom line, making budget savings that can be reinvested in supporting the communities in which they serve.”

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Factory wheels? I like those better than my US version wheels!

“Well chief, we chased the bank robbers for about 80 miles, but then they got away….”

“… so you know I think we need a car with a little more speed. If you really want us to have electric cars I’m told the Tesla Model S Performance Plus is quite good.”

“Then you are ready for desk duty; if you couldn’t catch them by then, and at a speed which allowed you to 80 miles, then you suck at driving!”

“So certainly no Model S either!”

You realize we’re talking about Switzerland, right?
FYI, it’s not exactly like the US — the country is 238 times smaller (or, 0.4% the size).

The state of Geneva is only roughly 25 km / 15 miles wide at its largest point. Driving a few miles in pretty much any direction will get you outside the country or into lake Leman.

EVs there make ton of sense.