Nissan LEAF Ad: Thanks To “No Charge to Charge”, Charging Has Never Been Easier

SEP 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 41

Nissan LEAF “No Charge to Charge”

Nissan LEAF “No Charge to Charge”

Nissan recently released two new ads on the charging of its all-electric LEAF.

The first highlights the company’s “No Charge to Charge” program, which is now available in 50 markets.  With the purchase of a new LEAF makes the first two years of charging from participating networks free.

And yes, note Nissan’s repeated use of the word “2017” in referencing the LEAF in these spots. Mistake or intentional? As the 2017 model year has yet to debut.

UPDATE: Nissan has removed these videos from its corporate feed and have yet to replace them.

“Enjoy two years of complimentary 30-minute fast charges at participating No Charge To Charge stations with the 2017 Nissan LEAF. Take on the miles ahead.”

The second video states that LEAFs can utilize the “largest metro-area fast charging network“, and with the EZ-Charge access card, charging will be the easiest part of your day.

“With access to the largest metro-area fast charging network, charging up the 2017 Nissan LEAF on the go has never been easier. Take on the miles ahead. “

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Seems like its exterior is unchanged.

Maybe no change at all for 2017, or at the most some interior or capacity changes?

Id say its official no exterior styling changes for 2017 which means there are probably no interior changes either…
Hopefuly they are planning a battery upgrade??
If not the Leaf is drasticaly over priced compared to the Bolt…
Heck… It is still over priced comoartively even with a battery upgrade…

As pointed out below the CCS on a Nissan branded DCQC is interesting… maybe for the Zoe?? Or an admitance that they are the only one using the non CCS standard…

2017 is the same.
2018 model year might introduce the Gen 2.

Is the same thing that seems to be said every year.

Look for LEAF 2 around April next year. That’s the best info out there.

That’s OK.

I won’t be looking for it.


JP, you should send your battery degradation story into Jay and the team here. I think it would be good for a wider audience to hear about your experience attempting to get a replacement.

I wonder what discounts the’ll be offering on the 2017 LEAF? If the same as 2016 we can expect monthly sales to continue to decline, maybe below 100.

Easy is right. You plug in whether the car has 50% or 99% and take full 30 minutes each time. Meanwhile, other people are waiting to use the charger! Unless you really need to use it (ie, low battery for long travel), it really is easy to piss off other people.

Free charging SUCKS!

But you’re not bitter or anything.

Meanwhile, I’m rooting for the NCTC program. It has already encouraged the installation of QCs in Albany NY. They wouldn’t be there at all if it weren’t for this program. If I have to wait in a queue to use them, it will still be faster than the L2 that I would have had to use otherwise.

You assume NCTC was the only motivation. I say NCTC is poor way to setup DCFC. When 2 years are up, will those people continue to charge as frequently? I doubt it. Then the overcapacity will be sitting idle, draining money from companies. Then they may be forced to raise prices and reduce services (ie, broken chargers). It’ll be like Blink.

Better is to accurately gauge demand. As I mentioned in other posts, just the membership fee could’ve been covered for 3 to 8 years, which is about 1/3 to 1/2 of charging cost. People will still pay to charge, abuse prevented, and Nissan drivers will get 1/3 to 1/2 off and for far longer time, maybe for the entire duration of the lease or warranty period.

I would say that Tesla’s Supercharger makes it even easier

Not if you want to own/lease an affordable BEV :wave:

It’s a little curious that they’re showing a Nissan-branded DCQC with a CCS handle.

5$ says 2nd Gen Leaf gets both Chademo and CCS.

I’d Go for that! I said some few years back, they could bump up the current J1772 Socket up to CCS and Keep the CHAdeMO – for Full Versatility! (Might need a small rework on the charging access door or the Pocket, but not too much to deal with there!)

Generally Nissan finances the installation for evGo, ChargePoint etc., but does not own/maintain the NC2C equipment. Nissan seems to be trying to encourage commercial charging network growth.

If I am EVGo, ChargePoint, etc, it makes more sense and costs very little more to install dual charging unit.

Even at dealerships it makes sense to have both, as eventually there will be a used car market with CCS adapters.

If you watch the video, you’ll see the the charger is a BTC power unit with NRG/eVgo software. Some graphic artist forgot to change that. Obviously, this is NOT one of the chargers that Nissan did develop with Sumitomo, which have long since been discontinued.

The consumer won’t even know that the other plug is “some other brand”, or care. The folks doing the advertising missed several clues.

No, the next LEAF won’t have CCS when they spent a fortune deploying CHAdeMO, which is a WORLD leader. That would be about as dumb as it gets if they did, eh?

Tony, as smart as your JDapter is – I think it would be an equally smart thing for Nissan to have Both the CHAdeMO that THEY invest in, as well as CCS on the car so owners can use what BMW and VW are investing in! That – and a JDapter, and your LEAF is now more versatile to charge up almost anywhere! With the Jdapter and a Tesla Mobile Cord – you would just about have it covered, except for Supercharger Access!

Having access to more choices – gives more solutions to avoid lineups that SparkEV Hates!

Well that’s why i’m only betting $5! I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s not totally out of the question. I would do it if i were them, but I’m not as emotionally invested in Chademo as others.

2017 will get 192 LG cells like the Bolt, so 40 kWh usable and this could reach for 155-160 miles.
And 2018 should come in first half 2017 like also mentionend on insideevs.

InsideEVs (Jay, specifically) also predicted that there would be no 2017 Leaf. They would run the 2016 into CY 2017 and jump to MY 2018 because it would be “sexier” than a short run of 2017s.

Of course, all that was before we even knew about the Bolt. Certainly Nissan’s game plan must have changed since then. So could their plan about an early 2017 roll out of Leaf 2. If what they had planned doesn’t measure up to the Bolt, they may want to delay until it can.

Well, just to be fair (hehe, to me), that was a long, long time again (April 2015). Even before the 30 kWh 2016 was announced…so we were trying to go a prediction past a prediction at the time.

We had suggested that Nissan would introduce a longer range car in MY 2016 (around 110 miles)….so that call worked out pretty well. And then building on that thought, figured Nissan would opt to not do a short run before the next gen in 2017 debut.

Here was the piece (if it is of interest):
Longer Range 2016 Nissan LEAF Coming This Fall? We Think So, Here Is Why

/good memory Brian

“/good memory Brian”

They’re out there Jay… keep your head on a swivel 🙂

St Louis recently became a No Charge to Charge market with the installation of 12 EVgo fast chargers at Commerce Banks. Nissan financed it.

From what I’ve seen Nissan has done a lot of this type of thing, and they deserve credit where credit is due. Here’s to hoping they will also be a player as next gen fast charge networks are rolled out, particularly in the US.

Agree. At least this shows they are still invested in EVs even though the LEAF is getting very long in the tooth.

Thanks for the link. I’ll have to check out one of these and give it a try. I’ve never used the DC connection on my Leaf.

What kind of Nissan DCQC station is shown in the video? I like that it has CCS AND ChaDeMO. Anyone seen this station before?

If you watch the video, you’ll see the the charger is a BTC power unit with NRG/eVgo software. Some graphic artist forgot to change that. Obviously, this is NOT one of the chargers that Nissan did develop with Sumitomo, which have long since been discontinued.

The consumer won’t even know that the other plug is “some other brand”, or care.

Are those BTC fast chargers 25 or 50 kW? If 50 kW, then what’s the difference to the ones EVgo typically installs?

They sure look slick and compact unlike the giant bulky cubes we usually get at L3 stations.

Reminds me of a Tesla Supercharger.

Yup, like the Trituim Veefill fast chargers, only about 10″ thick.
To be fair tho, Tesla SCs (the part that’s visible at the parking space) are not the actual charger. Those are typically in the enclosure nearby.

This covers one charger in Knoxville. Thanks Nissan.

I have been less than pleased with the charging situation in and around Phoenix. Few chargers and many don’t work for months at a time. I recently relied on there being fast charging available at ABC Nissan (arguably Aizona’s largest dealer) in Phoenix. The charger was there, but wouldn’t work. When I asked for help I was told “Oh, that thing? It hasn’t worked for 6 months. Sigh…

Nissan Leaf model is unique and original and better stay that way. Building another model is okay but never change this original model for it is the first and very nice one. Only the battery can be modified for a stronger one in the same original model so people can keep their same car longer.

My first reaction to this was the aesthetic of the charger. It looks like a cross between a white Tesla supercharger (height, dimensions, shiny, white plastic, red letters at the top) and a gas station pump (colored plugs/nozzles, black facing, long cable/hoses on the side, payment interface directly above the nozzle holsters).
My second reaction was “this guy needs to not leave garbage all over his car” and then I realized “this is the 2017 Nissan Leaf, too.” Why is there no aesthetic difference on the exterior? That is probably the one thing they could have spent a little to go a long way.

Why is the charging station screen configured for two cables but in front of a parallel parking scenario, curbside? You’ll get a ticket if you face your car the wrong way on a road.

You wouldn’t get a ticket for facing ‘wrong away’ in the UK, it’s perfectly acceptable to drive on either side of the road as long as it’s not into the face of incoming traffic!
As for the facelift. A whole new style of LEAF with sportier, lower (in terms of height) styling is on the way. I’ve heard spring 2017 bandied about.

Whats aggravating me is that nissan will not let us older car owners upgrade to a new battery.

I am down to 70 miles summer in max range milking it. I am more than willing to drop $6k to get a 30kw battery that will physically fit but they refuse to allow it.

Really makes me angry. Would be a 50% range increase for me.

I feel that way also. our 2011 leaf needed a new battery. had no problem dumping $6500 into a new battery but could not get the 30 KWH battery and the copy we had did NOT have a DCFC port. I really feel that Nissan is short sighted when it comes to keeping their customers happy. We picked up a 2016 Volt and I am glad we dumped our Leaf.

Nissan has taken down the videos, I think they were to early online :-D.