Nissan LEAF Is #1 Selling Car In Norway In June & YTD

JUL 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 16

Norway almost broke its own record for passenger plug-in electric car sales in June.

The nation noted its 3rd best monthly result (within 1% of the previous two records).

In total, 7,973 new passenger plug-in electric cars were registered last month (up 32.7%) and that’s more than half of all car registrations nationwide. The market share stands at 50.3% (second best ever result and the third time the figure has been above 50%).

The average share for the first six months of this year stands at nearly 47% and 35,766 registrations translate to average growth of 32.6%.

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – June 2018

Here are the details:

  • BEVs 3,970 (+0.6%, 25.1% market share) + 1,073 ‘used’ + 171 vans (158 new and 13 used) + 3 FCVs
  • PHEVs 4,003 (+94%, 25.3% market share)

As you can see, all-electric car sales didn’t grow much, but everything could change as customers are eager to purchase many new models – Hyundai Kona Electric alone have 7,000 orders while Audi received 3,700 reservations for the e-tron electric SUV from Norway alone in March (by now, that figure could be even more).

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – June 2018

In Norway, the best selling model of any type (gas, electric, diesel, etc.) in June and in the first six months of 2018 is the Nissan LEAF. TheJapanese compact hatchback noted 1,152 new registrations last month (7.3% of all) and 5,791 total (7,5% market share).

The LEAF was even able to beat the Volkswagen Golf (ICE, e-Golf BEV and Golf GTE PHEV), which is second for the year.

The BMW i3 is doing well in Norway too with 335 registrations in June and 4,810 YTD (third best-selling model), but the biggest surprise is a strong 4th place for the all-electric SUV Tesla Model X.

Tesla delivered 1,112 cars in June and 4,046 YTD (compared to just 2,360 year ago)

  • Tesla Model S: 467 and 1,853 YTD (up 117%)
  • Tesla Model X: 645 and 2,193 YTD (up 46%)

New passenger car registrations in Norway – June 2018, source: Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken AS (OFV AS)

The last thing we’ll look at is the progressive death of the diesel cars – just 14.6% share in June compared to more than half of the market five years ago. That says it all. Even the gasoline cars are decreasing significantly and now are below all-electrics (below 24%).

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – June 2018

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I am not fluent in Norwegian but it seems you got Model X and Model X backward.

You mean Model X and Model S.

Yes, thanks.

And that despite no Tesla model 3, no Audi e-tron or Jaguar I-Pace. Does anyone dare guess what the market will look like when these begin to reach customers? Then these will be followed by VW Neo, Volvo XC40 and and and… The sun is setting on the ICE.

Norway have set 2025 as the time they will start to face out ICE cars. They will still be used by some people in special places/situations, the military and probably also ambulances and police..

As from 2025 no more ICE cars will be sold and delivered in Norway.

As from 2025 all cars sold and delivered in Norway must be Plug-In EV’s.

Is that correct?

Looks like Bjorn Nyland might get caught behind some of these new Leafs out on the highway, on his next Nimber Task delivery.

Slow Norwegian Leaf drivers should keep a look out behind them, there may be a Tesla Model X in the rear view mirror, that is getting ready to “Hammer It”!

I assume you have never been driving in Norway. Most of the time you basically follow each other at 80 km/h without any overtaking no matter if you are a Tesla or a Leaf or a Toyota.

Indeed, the average speed is not much above 60 km/h when driving in Norway.

Isn’t Optimus back in the service center again? Nearly 100 days in the service center, and 3 times stranded along the side of the road in the last 12months, I think the Leaf’s will be OK… Its like the tortoise and the hare… :)~

Actually you are right about the fable if you are referring about the Leaf since it’s introduction in Norway in 2011 (?), as the Tesla X only came there in 2016, but the sales of this “monster” (by its weight and size) always had astonished me as for a car that can be five fold more expansive than a Leaf, the comparison of sales numbers between each over are not a shame for the X, at all!

No taxes, and other EV benefits = a price that is competetive to ICE cars.
It is probably the only EV that can tow, and in Norway people love to towe a trailer.

If you “hammer it” with a fast car, or a motorcycle in Norway – be prepared for bad times. You can loose your licence, get a fat ticket (over $1.000) and you may do time for speeding as well. If you loose your license for a certain period, you have to take the drivers license again, which will set you back maybe $3.000 in Norway.. If you had a job that required you to have a licence, you will loose your job. A job may be harder to get with no license. If you loose the job, it is your own fault, and you will not get unemployment benefits for the first 3 months. If you had a licence to drive a motorcycle, a truck and a bus – you will loose all of these as well – and you have to take those again too. Talking $10.000 for licences at least.. maybe much more. How will you pay for that if you first have to live 3 month with no income, and then live with a reduced income for maybe 18-24 month, at the same time save enough money to take the license again.. In other words, people better… Read more »

Seriously heavy penalties for speeding.

Even if you are a tourist, the Norwegen Police will not take dumb ass ignorance over there laws as an excuse and will empty your wallet and then some!

One fact that’s missing here to compete the picture: PHEVs were boosted by the new WLTP norm, which will soon replace NECD as the basis for import tax calculation. This change will, because average speeds are higher and emissions more realistic, lead to a considerable increase in PHEV prices. So everyone that has any to sell are running as campaigns, and people interested in one hurry to buy them now, because they’ll be much more expensive soon. I expect PHEV market share to fall quite a lot before the year is over. Many of those now picking a PHEV will probably opt for BEVs instead, but only when the delivery situation improves. Unfortunately it is very difficult to get most BEVs unless you’re willing to wait six months. There are a few cars here and there, but even the LEAF, which has a pretty good delivery situation compared to most models, has about two months delivery time if you don’t want one of the few cars in inventory. Kia Soul (30 kWh useable) actually is one exception, and in my opinion the best buy currently available if you don’t want to wait. Hyundai KONA on the other hand might not… Read more »