Nissan Launches Used LEAF Campaign In UK To Move Metal

OCT 20 2016 BY MARK KANE 13

Nissan is trying to electrify its used LEAF market in the UK (pun intended), announcing a special campaign to move metal.  Strong lease terms and a £1000 kickback on pricing.

A base 24 kWh LEAF in Acenta trim is cited as an example:  a used 6,000 mile car, made available on 3-year PCP with £175 customer deposit, £1000 dealer deposit contribution and a £175 ($215) monthly payment (37x) via a 3.9% finance rate APR Representative.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Why could Nissan be offering such a rare incentive program on a used car?

Perhaps because the base 24 kWh LEAF is now being discontinued, or perhaps it the fact that model is about to get a big upgrade (shh, don’t tell anyone)…which will make those older inventory cars at dealers a bit less palatable to consumers in the short term anyway..

“Nissan is offering an attractive customer offer on used Nissan LEAF models with deposit and monthly payments from just £175 on select versions of the all-electric vehicle.

Since launching the Nissan LEAF in the UK in 2011, the model has become the best-selling 100% electric car, triggering an accelerated uptake in EV ownership. As a result the number of examples entering the used car market has been increasing recently to meaningful levels making it more accessible than ever before.

With the model’s low maintenance needs and running costs around four times cheaper than that of a conventional combustion engine, buyers are waking up to the attractive proposition of a used electric car as their primary or secondary household vehicle.

As an example offer, a used Nissan LEAF 24kWh Acenta is currently available on a 3-year PCP finance deal for just £175 customer deposit, £1000 dealer deposit contribution and monthly payments of just £175 with 3.9% representative APR.

Buyers also benefit from a minimum 12 month warranty, free Home Charging Unit (worth £390), and Nissan’s Electric Vehicle Customer Promise which includes a Battery Quality Guarantee, free Rapid Charging, EV Roadside Assistance and use of a petrol or diesel car, free of charge, for up to 14 days during the first three years of ownership.”

See details (here).

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That would even be a good price in Ontario – even with No Rebates on a Used EV, as things currently stand!

It would be nice if they had put a bit of effort in the rebate program to consider the second EV User too! Like maybe 15% of the Value of the New Car Rebate, or maybe 25% – even better!

They should give them away…

Seems like kind of a lot for a used lease although I have to say I’m comparing it to US prices.

Who made this? It is so bad. Why shall I buy this and not another Vauxhall Astra?
They shall argument with:
– Zero Deposit
– Save up to £80 per month on fuel
– Free Charge box at home included
– Fix £185 per month including all services
– Drive now!

It shall be Low hurdle if i wanna change. No worries, all included, I safe money every day
Only have spend money on some tires.

What is after I have payed 37x £175? Is the car mine? Or a rest deposit? Not clear

The mileage allowance (?) is very important if you are compairing, and cross shopping vehicles. You can turn the car back over to the dealer at the end of the 3 years, with no extra payment. Extra non-typical wear and tear will incur additional fees. Purchase option as well, at the pre determined depreciation value, at the outset of PCP contract.

Off-topic . Chevy bolt configurator on the Chevy web is active

No my Mistake it is not

Darn you got me excited for a minute.

A real Used car campaign would be if they would maje it available at reasonable prices, batery upgrades and replacements for used cars.
This is what is missing to revamp the electric car market, and also to conquer more potential new car buyers, since they would be more confident of getting a good used priced later for the car they would buy new today.

They continue denying the obvious…

I will say please transfer these cars to India. I am ready to buy in India even a discounted model like LEAF 24kWh Acenta.

Have just bought a “used” 2014 Leaf here in Denmark – 9.000km – for 14.000 £ less than price were a year ago !

not good enough. I’m currently paying £129/m with 0 deposit. will be returning the leaf next year unless I can get a similar deal.

This is why I leased a 2015 , here in Canada.
I figured either vast improvement or new designs might drop the bottom out of the Leaf value. 3 yr. lease up next August.
I can buy it out or return it. I figure it might be cheaper to return car and then buy it back at low, low price.