Nissan Launches New LEAF In Thailand

DEC 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

Thailand finally sees a Nissan LEAF

Nissan, as promised one year ago, introduced the Nissan LEAF in Thailand, presenting its flagship EV at the Thailand International Motor Expo 2018.

Interested customers can place a pre-order/reserve the LEAF, which starts from 1,990,000 Thai baht (over $60,670), but deliveries will start in April 2019.

Thailand is one of several additional markets that joins the initial list of countries where you can buy a LEAF around the world.

“Interested customers can reserve their all-new Nissan LEAF starting today at the cost of 1,990,000 million Thai baht for delivery in April 2019, and will receive a vehicle warranty for 3 years or 100,000 kilometers, an EV system warranty for 5 years or 100,000 km and a battery deterioration warranty for 8 years or 160,000 km. Currently, 33 certified dealers across the kingdom will also offer product information, skilled engineers and aftersales services.”

Antoine Barthes, president, Nissan Thailand said:

“Bringing the all-new LEAF to Thailand further underscores Nissan’s vision for the future of mobility, which we believe will help move people to a better world, a world that is more electric, more connected and more autonomous. And we believe that the all-new Nissan LEAF will transform the way you drive and live,”.

“With this all-new LEAF, our valued Thai customers will be able to own a piece of the future through the most advanced and accessible EV on earth. As the company pioneering breakthrough solutions to fundamentally enhance the city of the future, Nissan is re-thinking the car to be more than just a car. That vision includes our commitment to helping electrify Thailand. The launch here today is a core milestone of that joint effort between Nissan, the auto industry, the Thai government, and related agencies.”

“The all-new LEAF is built upon over 70 years of electric vehicle heritage. This includes the 1947 Tama, Nissan’s first EV model. It is a total rethink of the driving experience, making a car more than just a car, and creating an exciting and more sustainable future for all,”

“But this is only the beginning. The Royal Thai government, as part of its ‘Thailand 4.0’ initiative, is also pushing for smarter, stronger, more efficient mobility solutions and reliable electric systems to power the vehicles of tomorrow. Nissan will continue partnering with them on the electrification of the Kingdom,”

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Is this the 60 kWh one??

It look like. At this outrageous price.:-(

So it is not the 60 kWh version. In the original news it says: “It has a driving range of more than 311 km according to the NEDC standard”, so it has to be 40 kWh version. IMHO. The price is ridiculous. Go VW with your ID.

For 60 000 USD? Even if it`s the Leaf Plus (60 kWh) version, the price is a bad joke. Bye Nissan.

Nooooooo…… In Thailand, all import cars are very expensive. Tesla Model 3 would be $100000
You would be saying bye to all import car brands. and you would be saying bye tesla, bye chevy, bye hyundai, bye kia ….etc

Probably some taxes. . I was setting up some equipment at a Proton factory in Asia quite a few years ago. In cooperation with Mitsubishi of some kind. Fairly heavy taxes was a reason they had a lot of local production. They bought engineering know how from a European company, and production tech from Mitsubishi. Imported cars were expensive.

There is a huge tax on all cars that are not made in Thailand directly

Do Not Read Between The Lines

See “Table of Tax and Duty Rates”

No active battery cooling and Thailand. Is this a joke?

Yes it is the 40kWh version as stated on the Nissan Thailand website. So that is a bit of a disappointment. Most of thailand is flat though and Nissan is setting up charging points. I have lived here the last 17 years so this is the first non-grey market EV to be sold here. The Price is not outrageous as a Toyota camry is about the same price and it is made here. Most of this is a luxury tax. To put some perspective on this, last year the first Model X P100D to be imported cost $382K after it was all done and licensed to drive here. The base price he paid was about the same in he USA as he purchased it tax free in hong kong for export to thailand.

The problem for the slow EV’s arrival has been the heat, as it is 90 to 95 year around and I have to replace my car battery yearly and the long warranty for a 12V battery is 6 months.

You pay Leaf’s bar fine??

60.000$ ???
Go burn, Nissan.

There’s a typo in the price, methinks: “1,990,000 million Thai baht” would be 1,990,000,000,000 baht, or over US $62 BILLION (-:. Presumably it should be ~2M baht, or ~us$62K.

Why TF is it so expensive there? Does Thailand have huge car import duties?

Excellent news, I hope they sell a million of them. The sooner we can all divest from fossil fuels the better. In Thailand those cars will easily last a lifetime if they can use them in the 20-80% charge range. Hopefully they will open up the market for Australia and New Zealand as well.

It’s high time Nissan stopped calling this crate “new”. New would be a step ahead of everyone else’s 2019 models, not still banging on this year’s inadequacy.

Nissan Note sells for 568,000 Thai Baht which is = 17,385 USD. This is 11% more than the Note price in USA.
By the same means, Leaf should sell for around $34,000 there, but why $60,000 which is 100% more.
This clearly shows that they are not interested in selling EVs.

Why would a Thai spend $60,000 when only 1,200 Americans / month buy a Leaf for just $30,000. Guess how many Leafs will they be able to sell there. with their population being 1/5 as here, it works to just 1/5 * 1,200 = 240. But their purchasing power is much lower, so reduce this by 50%.
Their appetite for a $60,000 car combined with many living in apartments/condos will further shrink and I guess they may buy just 20 units / month. In 1 year, Leaf will be dropped.

Hey there is new management which is petro friendly.

@ Milfan, “Leaf will be dropped”,

Time to read into the article, that Nissan’s lack of EV commitment results with the fact EVentually, that this Thai tea Leaves.

Nissan is fishing in Thailand for some near term EV eco-friendly Halo car Street cred, to offset their “Petro Friendly” Carlos Goshen incarceration.