Nissan Launches “LEAF to Home” (Video)

5 years ago by Inside EVs Staff 7

Nissan has teamed with the Nichicon Corporation to allow the LEAF to supply electricity from its 24 kWh battery pack to residential homes, when used in conjunction with the “EV Power Station” unit.

This unit also doubles as a 6 kW charger for charging the LEAF, giving the nod to the upcoming 240v charging upgrade for 2013 models. This means of course that charging times have been cut in half for new LEAF owners, with a “empty to full” charge coming in about 4 hours.

Nissan will be showcasing these multi-function stations in dealerships starting this June, in an efforr “to help promote efficient electricity management and demonstrate the features built into electric vehicles”, but unlike other manufacturers, this is not all for show.  Nissan says they plan to sell 10,000 units this fiscal year.

The Nichicon EV Power Station sends power to a residence by connecting the car to the home’s electrical panel with a connector linked to the LEAF’s quick charging port.  The system itself is a little bulky, so some may find difficulty mounting it in the garage if space is at a premium.

Once again, Nissan is stressing the CHAdeMO protocol is at play again with this charging station.

For now, the unit is only available in Japan, where daily residential consumption is a lot lower (aprox 12-14 kWh per day).  Nissan does say that it is open to partnering with other countries/companies to provide the charger wherever there is demand for it.  The Nichicon/Nissan charger carries a sticker price of about ¥330,000 (US$4,100 USD) + installation.


(Nod to Green Car Congress for this below stat sheet)

EV Power Station: Specifications
When charging the LEAF
Input voltage: Single-phase, AC 200V (±15%), 50 Hz/60 Hz (±5%)
Input current range: AC 0-36A
Output voltage range: DC 50-500V (CHAdeMO Protocol)
Peak power output: 6kW
Conversion efficiency: 90% or more (at rated output)
Power factor: 99% or more (at rated output)
When supplying power to households (V2H)
Input voltage range: DC 150V-450V
Input current range: DC 0-30A (Limited by cable specifications) Single-phase three-wire system (AC 100V x two-phase)
Output voltage: AC100V (±6%), 50Hz / 60Hz AC 200V (±6%), 50Hz / 60Hz (Max.±2%)
Output current range: AC 0 – 30A
Peak power output: 6kW (Single-phased, AC 100V·3kW x two-phase)
Conversion efficiency: 90% or more (at rated output)
External dimensions: 650 mm (W) x 350 mm (D) x 781 mm (H) (excluding projecting parts)
Mass: Approx. 60 kg



7 responses to "Nissan Launches “LEAF to Home” (Video)"

  1. NRGTom says:

    Fantastic! Love It, sell it to me!

    Japanese have much smaller residences and use less power but if there is a major outage in the US I would think that most people would cut down on their usage and not have all 4 plasma screens going

    1. MrEnergyCzar says:

      The problem is one plasma TV uses so much, that would be the only thing you could use for 2 days when the power is out….


  2. MrEnergyCzar says:

    My all electric net-zero solar home uses 8 KWH per day…. no oil, no gas…


    1. Jay Cole says:

      Thats a really low usage…is that after consuming solar energy, or you use 8 kWh total? I didn’t know it was even possible to go that low, lol.

  3. jstack6 says:

    Mine is also 5-7 KwH a day in Fall and Spring with no AC or heat pump. Even in summer my 4 Kw solar system runs my home and LEAF and I still made 1,200 extra for the year.
    I’d love to be able to get the LEAF home unit for V2G .

    1. staff says:

      Good to hear stories like this. 5-7 kWh is extremely low, you must be very thrifty.

  4. Lindsay says:

    I really don’t care if the power goes out as long as I have plenty of batteries for my flashlight and vibrator.